Saturday, August 11, 2007

GROw with me.

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Wow! Has it been that long?!

A very tired Berri Werks Team

I have been so busy lately. With time only to catch up on some of my regular blog reads. I absolutely missed out a whole month of any kind of updates!

It was literally a frantic month. First off I had my birthday on the 2nd of July.. a very quiet affair but with alot of food! Had Steamboat at Coca and went for the Buffet at The Rice Table Restaurant.. I love that place! My girls packed THEIR books and gave it to me... *well its the thought that counts right?*, I had a cool shawl from my momma in law, my sis in law got me a huffalump! An original one too! Its ultra adorable and I've been looking for one for the longest time.. my mom & sister gave me a handbag... all very lovely gifts.. some girlfriends call me up and greeting me.. that pleased me alot too.. at least someone remembers!

The month followed on with an extremely hectic schedule.. the heaviest one so far this year! Two intensive weeks prior to the launch of an event saw us through nights and days literally of working around the clock! It was almost inhuman the hours we took and I was amazed at how we still manage to stand the next day break! While it was rewarding, it was truely exhausting!

Having 2 hour power naps on our studio sofa bed when we couldn't take it anymore, we showered, ate and slept at the office for days on end and had everything completed by the week of the big event. I prayed that my girls were fine, they cried over the phone at night missing us for not being at home for days. I cried too. My in laws were a blessing, if not for their support in taking good care of my girls. It would have been almost super human to continue.

Our event eventually started on the 19th of July and marked a 3 week long engagement till the 3rd of August.. early mornings that saw us out of the house by 615am was amazing. For me at least.. I drag myself out of bed at 8am on regular days and that is already hard but for this event, we were hopping into the showers at 530am almost every morning.. For others this may be their usual. But for me this was VERY unusual. We even managed to rent a van to move all our equipment and props and it was so amusing seeing CJ feel his way around Singapore in the rickety old Hyundai van. Our first rental van! We were like proud parents leaving the car park with our temporary one week old "baby".

We had a lovely event crew this time with Diana, Jackie & Joyce and a one day engagement of a guy named Gene.. each day started with a flurry and a little of a fluster, everyone in their positions and then once everything was set up, the day flowed smoothly till set down. Thank God! Most of the participants were cooperative, some were such cassanovas! .. We encountered some very unpleasant co-workers aka b!tchy but we took it all in our stride with each passing day. *why stoop to that level? right?*

Alot was learnt through this experience. Would I do it again? Definitely? But for now, let me sleep... my body is still recovering from shock.

Good night.