Wednesday, August 19, 2009

OMG! Pam Hospitalised?!...

So there I was. Lying in bed at Raffles Hospital earlier this month.. post surgery.. in a little pain.. and in a post operative depression... alone.. and grumpy....

Why was I there and what surgery you may wonder? Filming of course!! Okay.. okay.. so I was not sick.... Don't panic and start calling me before you finish reading this post.

It was a 10 hour filming day which spanned from filming at the hospital, to areas around Collyer Quay and around the Merlion.. to up around Raffles One in the CBD and finally ending at the Raffles place square before the filming was a wrap.

Who was it? A UK Healthcare & Insurance Group doing their new to-be-released internationally corporate video. Who was I? I was the sick post operative wife of a successful businessman who thankfully bought more than enough insurance to ensure I had the best medical care and peace of mind knowing that all our medical bills were fully covered.

It was such an experience filming in the hospital, interacting with real doctors, surgeons and nurses who played parts in certain scenes. Luc, my hubby for the day aka Mr. Successful Businessman, is not only my friend. He was also my core training instructor during my FISAF instructor course! It was easy filming with him because we already knew each other so the chemistry was natural and it helped show that on camera for more realism.

Started the day "sick" around 2pm and as the scenes went by... we shot the more "happy days, I'm not sick" scenes together.. a picture taken together at around 9pm at night already.. feeling quite worn out and quite ready to call it a day which we did around 11pm.

We were told that the film would be edited and the final video would be out sometime in October 09. All healthcare/insurance companies would receive it so if you see it and you're in that industry, let me know!! If I manage to get a copy of the video or it gets posted on youtube.. I'll share it here too... :) Look out for it!

It was a wonderful experience indeed and my talent agent... I'll say it again.. she's absolutely amazing. I am proud to have been part of the Organisations' video. Thank you for the opportunity!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mom in Law 67th Birthday Celebrations

Singapore's National Day on the 9th of August shares the same day as my Mother in Law's Birthday. This year she turns 67 years old! We had lunch at our favourite Hotel... which one? Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel of course! And we had dimsum at Jia Wei Restaurant.

Food was excellent that day and I called the Marketing Manager in the morning prior to our arrival and he kindly arranged for a complimentary Birthday cake for her! It was such a lovely touch and a kind gesture to celebrate the day and a fine end of the meal!! Thanks K! And Thank you GM Roxy Hotel! :) Thoroughly appreciated!!! This hotel really knows how to take care of their guests and make them feel special.. :)

The cake came and it was an ice-cream cake! Strawberry ice-cream with a chocolate sponge base and strawberry jelly topping with fresh fruits & berries! We finished the whole cake!! It was really quite excellent. *slurps*

After lunch, we all head back home for the afternoon of our usual Mahjong game till dinner time and the National Day Parade.

And yes! We all stood and said the pledge in the pledge moment at 8:22pm on National Day! :) Did you?

In the meantime, a subdued Birthday song in the middle of Jia Wei Restaurant during lunch.


Snippets from my Aqua Aerobics Class

One of my clients who sat in one of my Aqua sessions took some shots of the class and me and I thought I'd share 3 with you.

I instruct Aqua Aerobics aka AquaFit to corporate classes. Clients will book the pool - whether it is a private or a Singapore Sports Council public pool. The latter usually is a tad tricky and has alot of red tape and waiting time to getting an SSC location.

I have had enquiries for a public class, however I have yet to manage to source for a location that would allow such public classes if it was not corporate or condo-private. If you know of a pool that I can use, please let me know!

My students go through rounds of warm ups, heart pumping cardio workout, resistance exercises, circuit training, interactive games, sometimes we dance - yes, you can dance in the pool. I call it purposeful movements. Each movement has a purpose to work a certain body part/joint/muscle group. I usually end with some relaxing water therapy and a complete cool down.

I use water resistance and equipment such as Aqua noodles and balls. I may decide to invest in water dumbells and aqua vests at a later time to do deep water classes in the future.

In the meantime, I conduct shallow depth *chest level* classes for my students. There are times that I do have students who are not swimmers or have a certain amount of water fear. We try to ease their anxiety over the course of the program. So far so good! I am very proud of all my participants! I can see the improvement in everyone! *hearts*

Non swimmers usually manage to complete my class too. Options for participants and those who can manage more advance moves are usually provided for different skill and confidence levels.

If you know of an organisation, school or company or a group of at least 15 people or if you are interested and can gather a group of friends and FIND a pool suitable for use. Talk to me at and perhaps we can explore some sessions together. :)

Interested in a Sideline?

Many do not realise or know that I actually have a professional work life outside of what you read on my blog simply because I rarely mention anything about it here. *laughs* No, I am not a housewife or a tai tai.

When I say this, I do not mean my instructing work which does fill up alot of my time but more of a passion and interest kind of thing I do.

My blog, Dreaming Reality is very much a personal and social avenue for me to pen my thoughts and experiences and I rarely mix this platform together work wise. Business wise, I have two businesses under my care and management.

In the meantime.. I want to open this opportunity for people above the age of 18 years old at least (no upper age limit) to engage with me in a sideline business opportunity. No large upfront capital required. How this works is quite easy, however email me to find out more.

I am looking for distributors working on a commission to one of my product lines. This children wear product is relatively new in the market, innovative and first in asia.

Interested individuals may email me at and I can provide you with further details. Rest assured, I do not work with MLM methods. Only as a direct wholesaler/distributor relationship.

Please leave me with your full contact details and I will be in touch with you.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

What have I been up to Lately?

Ever since that weekend from the Blogathon.. I fell really sick with a bad flu that had me crashed completely knocked out for 2-3 days straight for most part of the day and night. Was it diagnosed as H1N1? Nope, the GP didn't mention anything about that but it did help that I was only running a low grade fever and I had a crazy amount of antibiotics and various pills.

With a really bad throat, body aches, head aches, running nose, loss of voice, lethargy, sneezies and whatever else you would expect from having a bad flu...

I'm fine now though...meanwhile, I was looking into my blog stats and noticed that you.. yes you.. my dear dear blog readers have STILL been faithfully reading me despite such a long absence from my blog.. Thank you!!!! *loves* And on certain days... readership has risen too! I feel so bad for the lack of posts! Hugs to all!

We've been having alot of Yong Tau Foo at home.. and I love topping the soup with half boiled eggs and chicken! Totally the way you should have it... minus the extra gravy... light on the tummy too!

And I have a full day filming for a UK Corporate Healthcare organisation tomorrow so I DIY re-dyed my hair again. Unfortunately, I kinda forgot that I didn't really like this colour and bought the wrong one.. but since I only realised it when it was on my head.. I'm now officially, Miss Orangey Red head.. again....

And last Thursday before I went to teach my Aqua class for the evening, the hubster CJ and I went to Carls Jr at Vivo City! Yep, we're still on a low carb regime and Carls Jr I say? Yeah! Carls Jr!!

DID YOU KNOW? That you can order ANY CARLS JR burger on the menu LOW CARB STYLE? That just means that they omit the bread and they wrap your ordered burger in layers and layers and layers and layers of lettuce.... topped with fresh Salsa... OMG.. heaven!

Why I say layers and layers so many times is because it seemed like there was at least half a head of lettuce wrapping each of our burgers!! Whoa lao!! Lettuce overload but it was SOOOO GOOD!! And for the first time in Carls Jr history for me.. I finished the whole burger without needing to pass it on to anyone to finish. And I didn't feel like I needed to give "birth" after either!! It was so refreshing!!

Those who are watching their carb levels can find Low carb heaven fast food joint in Carls Jr!

Nom! Nom! Nom! Nom!!....

We also tried the new Freddies Burger joint sometime last week, which came highly recommended at the new ION Orchard!

After my ZumFit class on Friday... Lauren and I head down to check out ION Orchard and had dinner there after chugging down some Starbucks Coffee each! ... yeah.. my 9 year old daughter drinks Starbucks Frappucino and still sleeps normally after.. just like me!!

Thats Lauren unveiling her burger... and me assessing it... :) And next, my Freddies burger! .... it wasn't all too bad.. about half the price of a Carls Jr. burger. About 3/4 the size of at CJ burger too.. the patty was about maybe about double the size of a single CJ patty but a little more mushier.. very beefy though... and sets came with a drink and curly fries.

And since we're still on Freddie's Burgers... here's a voucher that you can click on, save as image, print and use at ION Orchard for a $1 Off a combo set! :) Valid till 21st August 09. Happy Burgering!

And on the way home, I noticed something on the MRT walls.. an Ad for Predictor Pregnancy Test kits... watch it and realise why I WOULD NEVER BUY this kit.... simply because its as "accurante" as a doctor's test... *cough cough*.. indeed...

Copywriter, Printer and everybody who let this kind of error pass, specially for THIS KIND OF PRODUCT and get it plastered over the train walls ought to be SHOT. Seriously.