Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Celebrate with me!

Yeah, I know its a little early but I know alot of people are going away for the summer or going for company retreats during this time. If you can make it, come celebrate my birthday this July with me together with the rest of the Awesome people in my Zumba Fitness class and its a potluck again!! Anyone is welcome if you can make the time to come down and celebrate with me. I'll have the drinks, cutlery, a surprise or surprises and a cake. Please see details in the above image - click to enlarge and RSVP please with your confirmation, number of people attending and food item. Thank you!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lolita New York (Test Trial)

My girlfriend Jo who runs Lolita New York at the Esplanade Xchange called me the other day and mentioned she has a new assistant in training for her lash extension services. Her name is Pinky and I took some time off to make my way down to lend my eyes for some lash extension practice work. I feel that it turned out pretty okay! This set is from the older J-curl range and the new B-curl range that I had tried on previously can be found HERE.

Go check that out for more details on when, where, how much you need to get this kind of look where it makes looking naturally pretty easy plus how to get a 20% discount on the various products and services she has available at her shop!! Lash extensions, beauty makeovers, silk proteins, mineral makeup & custom blend foundation, customised specialty soaps, shampoos and more!

Picture above with no mascara needed. Only glittery eyeshadow, eyeliner and lipgloss. Voila!! Easy face to put on on a daily basis without fumbling with too much makeup...

The look from below where you can see that lash extensions if done well with great quality products (Novalash) really do look like its naturally growing out of my lashline for a more "yeah I wish I wake up looking gorgeous like this all the time" kind of simplicity...  hhhhahahaha!~ but its really too easy.. and all you need is just about 90 minutes to lie in her comfortable treatment room while the lash technician works on your lashes (and fall asleep like I always do and snore yourself awake from time to time) and then you can wake up, walk out looking with eyes that u can flutter n wink with confidence..  check it out!

Zumba Fitness Launch at the AC!

Finally after close to a year instructing various classes at the American Club Singapore. We finally get licensed for ZUMBA FITNESS! and officially I get to start donning my Zumbawear with much pride n happiness.

We had an awesome launch party on the 6th of May and 40 other ladies *some not present in this group shot* rocked the Dance floor as Rhomeiny in Orange (my team teach partner for the morning & other Zumba Fitness instructor teaching at the AC). It was a crazy high energy rockin' booty shakin' morning with everyone who attended complete with discoball n spotlight that was specially installed for the launch party.

Rhomeiny is a pretty fantastic Zumba instructor! And it was an honour launching the program at the club together with him. We sizzled the dance floor with the crowd and everyone later adjourned for some complimentary protein juice shakes, cakes, strawberries with cream, viet rolls and vegetables n dips as we mingled in the aftermath of a great class..

So much was the energy output that morning that it had me flat out for the rest of the day! My legs were jelly and I had to reschedule classes and personal training clients while I took the time to rest and get my legs rubbed back to life at the foot reflexologist.... Hahahah!! BUT... it was all worth it as the launch went fantastic! More Zumba to come people!! Check out the Lifestyles schedule at that club if you are a member there for class timings with either Rhomeiny who is taking over my Friday morning slot or with me on Sunday or Monday afternoons. :) Unfortunately however, you can only attend if you are an AC member or if a member signs you in and helps you pay for your class. 

If you're keen on taking Zumba with me, click on that link you see on the left column here on my blog for more details on my publicly available class at the Raffles Town Club. Yep, that big Zumba circle thing on the top left... yep! That one.. click on it.. :) ZUMBA! ZUMBA!! ZUMBA!!!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

The Matriarchs' 80th Birthday

My grandmother turned 80 years old in April. 80 glorious years as Matriarch of the Toh Family celebrating her milestone with a loving gathering of family members at the chinese restaurant at the Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore. Her last birthday celebration can be found HERE.

My grandmama's brother and sister-in-law flew in from Perth to celebrate her birthday with her. It was such a touching scene to see everyone gathered together to celebrate a life where a kind woman named Nancy brought up 2 daughters and 2 sons which in turn gave her 12 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren (mine!)

I find this picture remarkably touching too because not only it shows how tenderly old my grandmother has become with her silver head - which happens to run in the family btw.. heh! heh!! I want a silver head next time too!! And something to note too - My little button nose came from my grandmama! We have the same flat button nose with triangular nostrils.. heh heh... what a thing to inherit but yea...

Mama with her brother, sister in law and her 4 chilren. My uncle David, retired Oil trader. My aunty Adeline, PR director of the Four Seasons Hotel. My aunty Irene helps her hubs, uncle Ben run his dentistry practice and my Dad, senior foreman at SIA Engineering.

Mamas' children and their spouses.....

A group photo with Mama and some of her grandchildren (I'm the eldest!)... and her great grandkids...

Rare shot! My mom and 2nd sister was in town from Manila. Group picture of the chikas! Me, my 2nd sister Jacqueline, my baby sister Alexandra and my mom....

La Madre and me... *the mother and me*.... hhhahaa!  

Outdoor Famiy Group shot with most *if not all of the family I think?* by the Poolside fountain... 

And an indoor group shot with mi familia... and a final quirky cute shot of my grandma that I love.. she can be a cheeky one sometimes, she and her giraffe print top... I love you!! Happy Birthday Mama.... *loves*...

Ma Kitteh iz a slob...

My bebe Misty turned 1 on the 1st of April, 2011 so she's now 13 months old.. weighing in around 3kg. Its even a challenge trying to carry her with one arm now and her belly even lies on the floor when she sits on the ground. We sent her in for sterilising some weeks ago thus the shaved belly here in the picture... above is how she spends her time next to my laptop on a daily basis... lounging on her back n waiting for snacks...

Or she will try to take over my chair n sleep there when I step out my chair to get food or watch tv. **snores**.... Diz iz ze lyf of ze catz.... **snort**

And lately she had come up with a name JUST for me! We recognised it when we realise that she used it when she was looking specifically for me or when she wanted my attention. She calls me "yah woh!" ... "yah woh! yah woh!" as she lumbers around the house looking for me.. and since the last time I posted about her... HERE. She had since upped her kitteh tricks training. She can now. "KISS" where she bumps my face with the top of her forehead. "UP" where she jumps up to whichever surface I want her to be. "STAND" where she takes one paw at a time to put it onto my hands and sits up on her hind legs and does a begging action. We are now working on "ROLL" to have her do one roll... I'll record her doing the first 3 to add on to her trick list and when she does "ROLL"... I'll put that up too.. :) Watch out for her videos soon... Miao!!

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Zumba Party Fever VIDEO!!

With reference to this POST. ITS OUT! Motion Live video here. Check it OUT! Lisa gave it so much of a effort to create these videos so do take some time to view everything... and oh.. check out my HIPS at point 6.46 - 6.55... waahahahaha!!! I love that shot! Whoever recorded that...THANK YOU... Enjoy it people!! ZUMBA ZUMBA ZUMBA! Picture Video below...

ZUMBA FITNESS with Pamela!

Its here people!! Zumba Fitness classes in Singapore with me 6 times a week.... click on the image to view. Tues 12pm, Tues 630pm, Wed 730pm, Thurs 1030am, Thurs 730pm and Sat 230pm!

Location at THE RAFFLES TOWN CLUB. Map HERE. Please use THIS LINK to find out how to get from your location to my class.

For now, I have limited space for my classes so each class can only hold a limit of 25 participants for each timeslot.

Rates are SGD$17.12 (incl. GST) for a single trial class and/or SGD$107 (incl. GST) for 8 consecutive classes. How this works is that each day/timeslot runs on separate class registers. For example, if you sign up for Saturday 2:30pm class. You will follow that roster till you complete your 8 sessions or to fulfill the remaining part of that block, whichever comes first. Should you be unable to attend your scheduled dates as per the existing roster, you are allowed to make up up to (2) classes at another timeslot within the following month of the ongoing existing class schedules. 

Fees are charged on a 8 consecutive class system. Should you enter your first block midway through an existing 8 block, you will have a one time pro-rate to your fees till class no. 8. Subsequently, all fees are automatically continued to be billed till you have decided to pull out of the class (which will need to be done in writing to stop the billing). Should you want to come to more than one class a week, each timeslot is paid separately.

For my Zumba Fitness classes, up to 6 participants from each class can claim complimentary parking. (first come first serve) Towels (both small gym & bath towels), water dispenser machines, luxurious shower and steam room facilities are included with your class registration.

Please ask me directly if you have any questions on your class fees. Thank you.

If you were or are one of my students, whether for Personal training, Fitball, Aqua or Dance and can help me spread the word for these classes, I sincerely appreciate it.. Thank you for your support everyone!!

Now.. Lets ZUMBA!!!