Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lolita New York (Test Trial)

My girlfriend Jo who runs Lolita New York at the Esplanade Xchange called me the other day and mentioned she has a new assistant in training for her lash extension services. Her name is Pinky and I took some time off to make my way down to lend my eyes for some lash extension practice work. I feel that it turned out pretty okay! This set is from the older J-curl range and the new B-curl range that I had tried on previously can be found HERE.

Go check that out for more details on when, where, how much you need to get this kind of look where it makes looking naturally pretty easy plus how to get a 20% discount on the various products and services she has available at her shop!! Lash extensions, beauty makeovers, silk proteins, mineral makeup & custom blend foundation, customised specialty soaps, shampoos and more!

Picture above with no mascara needed. Only glittery eyeshadow, eyeliner and lipgloss. Voila!! Easy face to put on on a daily basis without fumbling with too much makeup...

The look from below where you can see that lash extensions if done well with great quality products (Novalash) really do look like its naturally growing out of my lashline for a more "yeah I wish I wake up looking gorgeous like this all the time" kind of simplicity...  hhhhahahaha!~ but its really too easy.. and all you need is just about 90 minutes to lie in her comfortable treatment room while the lash technician works on your lashes (and fall asleep like I always do and snore yourself awake from time to time) and then you can wake up, walk out looking with eyes that u can flutter n wink with confidence..  check it out!

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