Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Win with Tao Kae Noi!

Recently, I have had some work relations with the very generous people at Tao Kae Noi and they have a real fun promotion running now at your nearest retail outlet selling these favourite crispy seaweed snacks! I love Tao Kae Noi!! And you know what? Its low carb! So it makes for a great low carb snack even if you're on a diet. Click on the image above to read details. :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Post Pink...

With ref. to this Party post. An update before I leave to Philippines till month end..

2 pictures taken that night with my sister,Alexandra and my best buddy, Preetha. And I'll always plug it for her.. listen in to 91.3FM people.. thats Jane Doe on the airwaves over the weekend and one some weekdays too for you! And she's wonderful!! Love them both to insy teeny weeni bits!!! *loves!*

Not much posts coming in these couple of weeks as I'm flying off to Manila wth my girls on Tuesday afternoon! Tata people.. Merry Christmas till I log in again!!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Jackie Chan Returns to Zumba @ Bugis

Do what you like and you'll never have to work a day of your life again...

As of late, I've been instructing a number of mass group ZumFit sessions these past weeks... some with very much larger groups than usual... they were indeed an experience that I have enjoyed each time. For those at certain gyms that I have been covering classes for lately, it has been a PLEASURE to meet you too and I'm pleased to note that some of you have been becoming some familiar faces too!

Some pictures as seen here are provided very kindly by clients who have engaged me lately. I'm always happy when my group students want to take their pictures to commemorate their session with me. :) I know there are two more pictures from 2 other sessions that are due to be sent to me soon.. I'll share those too when I get them! :)

And then there are my own personal workout sessions where I participate at the Zumba classes at California Fitness.... some videos taken by other instructors/public as seen here... there's no doubt that I love having dance to compliment and support an active lifestyle... and hey! there're videos during yet another Jackie Chan appearance at Bugis last month too! The last time Jackie came for a Zumbathon.. you can find that post HERE. Dancing from that event HERE.

Jackie Chan with us doing Zumba at Bugis Junction... to one of my favourite tracks, Fuego... on the 15th of November 2009..

Doing the Bachata with David during Halloween at Novena California Fitness... and *cough* I want a Zumba tee!!... (**pouts** my group that helped out on stage that day didn't get one while all the others did... err.. whats up with that? Still not too happy about that...I'm sensing some bias-ness here... and we're regulars too! *shakes head*)

Doing the Samba at Bugis Junction under the 1pm sun.. Ok.. seriously! It was killing to be dancing under the afternoon sun, not to mention extremely quick draining.. CF management have really got to consider the welfare of the regular dance members who participate in such public demonstrations that they might actually pass out from heatstroke in such crazy heat. Thinking of having another public demonstration? If it was not in a covered area or in an airconditioned building.. I think the next turn out for such an event will be poor. Point to note eh?