Sunday, May 17, 2009

Zumbathon @ Novena with Jackie Chan!

The "other" man in my life. David Velez and me. He's the other man I see more on a weekly basis other than CJ. He's the California Fitness (Singapore) Group X Manager and my rumba dance instructor. Most of those moves in my dance classes? Taught and perfected by him over months and months of practice.

This is part of the Zumbathon team that was selected to lead the 90 minute Zumbathon over at Novena. Why a Zumbathon? Well, it was partly to celebrate Zumba's first year anniversary in Singapore since the launch here in 2008. And California Fitness Novena's 3rd Anniversary which featured Jackie Chan.

Whos in this picture?

In Front - My galpals, Sinyee in red, Elin in black and Me.
At the back (CF Instructors and friends) - Kayla, David, Ruri and Katia.

And of course, da man.. Jackie Chan himself. So he came and did a Zumba set with us before he headed back up to the gym for some PR and Media work.

Before we went in for our 90 minute public stint - some of the girls had cold feet about dancing in public as floor upon floor had onlookers/shoppers watching and video taking the dancing going on but all of us still went on to do it. If you were there and somehow caught me on video - please send a copy to me? I would LOVE to see it. I saw many people flipping their mobile phones and video taking alof of the action so I know some must be floating out there.

My email is Thank you!!! If you feel the video may be too big to send via normal email, use!

I took the chance to take photos with some of my dance pals.. Sinyee and Elin.

Ray and Alvin... :) I love Ray.. she is really like a ray of sunshine each time we meet. I'm going to miss her so much when she leaves in a couple of months as her contract teaching in Singapore had ended.

Marilyn and Esther. :)

And as usual, my usual dance spot. Right smack in the front centre of each and every Zumba session. It was lovely that most of the Zumba instructors today were my friends and I loved them all. And they called out to me during the session. While I was amused, I was thinking "SShhh!! sure!!... tell the WHOLE MALL MY NAME... urgh...sshhhhh!!!"

"Pam! Do it like Pam!" (point point)
"Whos being Lazy? Is it Pam?" (point point)*Snigger Snigger*
"Go Pam!" (point point)

And then the worst thing happened towards the end.. a cramp came creeping up my left calf.. so i lightened my weight on it and used my right leg... 1 dance set later.. another cramp creeped up my right calf.. and I slowed down... praying that I wouldn't aggravate anything before I fall into a screaming ball of fire.

Another half a set later, BOTH slow - not yet fully blown cramp tried creeping to the FRONT of my shin.. Great. Just great.. now both my shins/calves were on the brink of a MAJOR cramp so I slowed down even more.

And just when you think that would be it.. i felt a twitch on my right QUAD- which is my thigh muscle. And I went UH OH!! and stood still and then HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. My left quad decided to twitch too. *horrified*

Immediately, I stepped out of the dance area and squat to ease the thighs to avoid really major castastrophe. My girlfriends offered up all their isotonic drinks which I chugged down in hope that I won't end up writhing and screaming on the ground in agony. And then on stage, we heard...

"That was a great job everyone! We're moving to the cool down now. PAM! COME BACK IN - JOIN THE COOLDOWN - COME - COME ... " and then so many eyes were on me.. and I hobbled back in to complete the class... praying while I did it.. PLEASE.. PLEASE.. PLEASE DON'T CRAMP. Perhaps a cooldown might ease it I thought...

The event ended once that was done and I sat on stage to ease the weight off my legs. 4 locations. Both legs on the brink of a major, major cramp. Twitching as I sat there as I finished off several offered bottles of isotonic drinks and water from various friends waterbottles. *Thank you!*

So here I am now with this entry... with sore sore sore legs... thankful that no part of it went into a full blown cramp if not I would have been quite seriously injured. And I'm teaching on Monday too! *very excited about that and definitely don't want any injuries from making that class any less enjoyable than I planned it to be*

That being said, Esther *pic up there* was there with her family today and her husband took videos of us dancing! So I'll pick that up on Monday and check that out. If it seems okay, I'll put it up here on the blog! :) Alrighty... Goodnight peeps.. Have a lovely lovely Sunday. :) Zumbaaa!!!


Daphne Maia said...

wow this looks really really fun! :)

Aka Pamela S. said...

Yeah it is! And the best part.. I teach this too! So.. wanna come work out with me?