Friday, May 01, 2009

Perfect Sisters...

My Youngest Sister, Alexandra and me. One 23 and the other 30. One a Spinning Instructor and the other an Group Aerobic & Aqua Instructor. Both called Momma in their own right. She's been "Momma" to all her friends for the longest time. And I'm "Momma" obviously because I am! I have 2 kids!

Its funny that people at the gym see us so often but don't realise we're sisters till we either say we are or we stand together.

It was even funnier today when we met at the American club for dinner. Our lovely relatives organised a dinner tonight to meet to celebrate Mothers Day and the upcoming 50th Birthday of our DAD.

When we first saw each other, we burst out smiling. Why? We were wearing the same black tube top! Hahaha! Just that she had capris on and I had long blue jeans. She had earlier wanted to wear jeans too if not we would have been identical. Absolutely amusing.

The nicest thing I recall as I look at this picture taken tonight was... I don't remember Alex and I having much sibling rivalry growing up. As a matter a fact, none that I recall at all! I don't remember a time where we fought or argued. I remember times where we would both insult, laugh and make fun of eachother but really always just for the fun of it. I really love Alex alot. :) Yeah.. I know you're reading this. *staring at Lex*.. but yeah, I haven't said that in a long time ... I Love u alot. *hug*

See you for Sunday brunch soon!