Thursday, July 31, 2008


*FAINT* Yes.. that's me. Both of them...

Or should I say.. the left side WAS me. 12 months ago to this date.. and the right side is me now.

Exactly one year ago in 2007... CJ took this picture of me at my office desk. Sitting there at perhaps between 100-104kg? Its like 2 different people altogether. Where the F**K were my eyes?!?!

But... *shudder*...horrible... I think.. this is motivation enough. Not to return to this size.

Ever. *screams! look at those arms!!!!*

Singapore's Future MRT/LRT System Map!

A sneak preview into the Future Singapore MRT/LRT system map. Whoa! We're all totally linked! Who needs cars/bikes when you have our transport system like this.

Time to topup my MRT ezlink card!! :)

Bahloood Baloood! Not Funny!!!

As a parent myself, I feel that there is a sadistic streak in us that love to antagonise our children and laugh at them in sometimes in most in-opportune times.

In this video, the boy was dead serious but he was just so darned cute!! Bahlood! Bahlood!! NOT FUNNEE!! NAWT FUNEEE!!!

We all know its a serious thing but can you help NOT laughing? And then sweep him into your arms and go awwww.... (huggies!!!)

I recall a time some years back, Lauren and I were walking home from a day out at Chinatown and as we walked home, we went past a stretch of walkway where there was absolutely empty save for a SINGLE pole that stuck out of the ground.

It just so happened that it was during the Pre National Day Rehearsals and the fireworks lit up and could be heard really loud and next thing I knew.... which probably shocked her.


She had slammed her face first into the ONLY pole in the area and landed on her butt with a bouncing plop, stunned.

And what did I do?

I burst out laughing.

And I Laughed. And laughed and Laughed somemore till my sides cramped.

Then I picked her up. She was half stunned, half embarrassed, partly amused and partly in pain with a vertical red streak lining her face. Awwww ((hugs)).

Evil.. I know.. but oh gawd. So funny!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm in love with...

BOURSIN CHEESE!! I love love love love cheese and I had a taste of this when Molemole brought me out for a birthday lunch date last week. I hunted down the cheese sections and found this at Cold Storage Bugis today.

Wasn't sure it was the correct one but it was and IT WAS SO DAMN FREAKING NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE IT good.. we bought the garlic one and I finished the whole thing in just one sitting. *musing at how good it was in my head*

Too good. Now I'm going off to get the other flavours too when I go to the supermarket next. So damn expensive at $8+ a pop but FWOAH LAO... give me this anyday and I'd hug u till the cows come home..

*drool* Wanna buy me something? Buy me some Boursin and I'll be One Happy Chika. ((wailing that my pack of cheese is finished...))

**pout & stare at CJ expectantly**....

Must Read: 1000 Marbles

The older I get, the more I enjoy Saturday mornings. Perhaps it’s the quiet solitude that comes with being the first to rise, or maybe it’s the unbounded joy of not having to be at work.

Either way, the first few hours of a Saturday morning are most enjoyable. A few weeks ago, I was shuffling toward the kitchen with a steaming cup of coffee in one hand and the morning paper in the other.

What began as a typical Saturday morning turned into one of those lessons that life seems to hand you from time to time. Let me tell you about it.

I turned the volume up on my radio in order to listen to a Saturday morning talk show. I heard an older sounding chap with a golden voice. You know the kind, he sounded like he should be in the broadcasting business himself. He was talking about “a thousand marbles” to someone named “Tom.”

I was intrigued and sat down to listen to what he had to say. “Well, Tom, it sure sounds like you’re busy with your job. I’m sure they pay you well but it’s a shame you have to be away from home and your family so much.”

Hard to believe a young fellow should have to work sixty or seventy hours a week to make ends meet. Too bad you missed your daughter’s dance recital.” He continued, “Let me tell you something Tom, something that has helped me keep a good perspective on my own priorities.”

And that’s when he began to explain his theory of “a thousand marbles.” “You see, I sat down one day and did a little arithmetic. The average person lives about seventy-five years. I know, some live more and some live less, but on average, folks live about seventy-five years.”

“Now then, I multiplied 75 times 52 and I came up with 3,900 which is the number of Saturdays that the average person has in their entire lifetime. Now stick with me Tom, I’m getting to the important part.” “It took me until I was fifty-five years old to think about all this in any detail,” he went on, “and by that time I had lived through over twenty-eight hundred Saturdays. I got to thinking that if I lived to be seventy-five, I only had about a thousand of them left to enjoy.”

“So I went to a toy store and bought every single marble they had. I ended up having to visit three toy stores to round up 1000 marbles. I took them home and put them inside a large, clear plastic container right here in my workshop next to the radio.

Every Saturday since then, I have taken one marble out and have thrown it away.” “I found that by watching the marbles diminish, I focused more on the really important things in life. There is nothing like watching your time here on this earth run out to help get your priorities straight.”

“Now let me tell you one last thing before I sign-off with you and take my lovely wife out for breakfast. This morning, I took the very last marble out of the container. I figure if I make it until next Saturday then God has blessed me with a little extra time to be with my loved ones …”

“It was nice to talk to you Tom, I hope you spend more time with your loved ones, and I hope to meet you again someday. Have a good morning!” You could have heard a pin drop when he finished.

Even the show’s moderator didn’t have anything to say for a few moments. I guess he gave us all a lot to think about. I had planned to do some work that morning, then go to the gym. Instead, I went upstairs and woke my wife up with a kiss.

“C’mon honey, I’m taking you and the kids to breakfast.” “What brought this on?” she asked with a smile. “Oh, nothing special,” I said. “It has just been a long time since we spent a Saturday together with the kids. Hey, can we stop at a toy store while we’re out? I need to buy some marbles.”


Adapted with many thanks from XT and Glass Marbles.

Clara Belle - An Overnight Youtube Sensation.

No need to say much. When you have talent. You have talent. Just watch it.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Married w/ kids must look like Aunty meh?

A couple of feel good moments happened lately and I've gotta toot about it before I let the narcissism get to me and make me complacent toward achieving my weightloss target. I know the following may sound a little bimbotic.. but please bear with me.

To start off, there has been instances lately that I've had people I meet for the first time get genuinely shocked to find out that I'm....

  • Married

  • Have Kids

  • Have more than 1 child and that my kids are in primary school. (At least Eirian's going to be lah, next year)

For instance, at a very recent media contact appointment. I met up with a new potential media partner for a work discussion and somewhere midway through the conversation when we went into the topic of children and I went "oh, my girls.....blah blah blah". She sat there stunned for a long moment and then said, "Excuse me? You mean you have kids?!"

I was stunned too and nodded. And she burst into a stuttering fury of "OMG! I thought you were single! Much less married but with Kids too?" and I mumbled "Oh yeah, in primary school...."

and... she gasped again. *faint* and it made me wonder... married with kids must look like Aunty meh? ((ok lah, I know some of you would say, YAH what you are very Aunty....)) But why was it so shocking that I had grown up kids already? The conversation went a little haywire from there on...

Anyway, it was highly flattering and very pleasing. :)

It happened again today, twice too! Once when I was doing some clothes fitting at Marina and the dressing room lady was shocked to find out that I had children. Same reaction as above.

And the 2nd time when we were at Mini Toons looking for some princess hairbands for my daughters. The sales lady was like.. "You mean this girl is your daughter?! and.. she has a jiejie too?!? OMG!! (cover mouth) really don't look like lor!"..... "har? jiejie is 8 years old?!" *faint*

Err... ok.. (blushing like crazy)... thanks...

Then back to the clothes fitting earlier on... I went into Topshop today and saw a size 16 black corset/twille/leather strapped tube top and thought it would look smashing with jeans & heels at an upcoming event I have this Saturday so I took it down to realise that it was on Sale at $39! Usual price $103!... so I went to try it out.

It did look quite nice and I liked it instantly. But I found that it was indeed quite loose. *Already very pleased* And doing the strutting around the dressing room to check out all angles to see how it falls on the body and the dressing room lady said some golden words that made me so freaking pleased.... "I think its too big for you.. do you want me to get a SMALLER SIZE?"

I stood there and went. "huh?"... mind reeling.. and nodding robotically.. "err sure....." (blushing like mad again)...

Those words, I'd never thought I'd hear again or have not heard for such A LONG TIME. My mind kept replaying it.. "too big for you...too big for you..." and I burst out laughing in amusement like a mad lady... My god... so pleased. The salesgirl must have thought I was mad.

I bought the size 16 piece in the end bc it was loose enough to fit a complete meal without me needing to suck everything in the whole night... and it was the last piece in the shop anyway.. MINE! Not bad for a person who used to wear a size 20 just last year.

Then evening came tonight and I peered into my emails as usual and another pleasant surprise came in the mailbox.....

CJ and I are going to be in a TV Commercial!

Yeah so if you see these 2 faces on TV this year end and think it looks familiar.. yep yep! Its us! :) Heh heh...

Bwuahahahaha! We both went to an audition some many weeks back and we had not heard from the casting agents & director for so long so we took it as a gone case.

It was such a pleasant surprise to get the notification that we got the parts! The part called for a Husband and Wife role btw. So... filming is on the first week of September and I don't know when the TVC is going to be out but you'll definitely know when its out hahahaha... Crossing my fingers that we both do alright.

Shivering in my chair in both nervousness, fright and excitement. I can't say who the client is but you'll know when we get the green lights from the director to say. :) In the meantime.. its time to REALLY lean out as much as we can because you know how its like....

They say, you'll look 20% fatter or 10 pounds bigger on TV but I've seen myself on film. I look at least 10kg bigger! NOT 20% for me.. KG!! At least. We have only 1 month to lean out and it starts. Now.

OH and another thing.. some people have been asking me about why there has not been any weightloss updates for quite some time now. Hahha you noticed! Awww.... anyway..

Its because I'm still 79/80kg! Actually up from the last time I reported at 76kg weight plateau.. and have you noticed the type of food I've been cooking up lately!! Hahahaha

My weight has been ranging from 76-80 for the longest longest time now and frankly, I've gotten a little complacent once I hit the 80kg wall earlier this year. For reasons or more like excuses of being on a super long plateau, to falling ill *never never diet when you're sick, we don't.* to work related fatigue that made me unmotivate myself to break my regime. I've started a carb free cycle again just some days ago after feeling completely better from the bad bug that hit me over the last 3 weeks.

I'm now carb free again and now that I know now that there's another filming coming up... I'm definitely and surely. NOT GOING TO BREAK regime.. *cheering in my head* So this marks the 2nd phase of my weightloss journey. If I'm going to say it again, I'll say it now. I lost 20kg. I can do 20kg more. Wish me luck! :)

Oh Oh oh!! And another toot! I've restarted Zumba classes at the gym lately and I follow this particular instructor named Rashidah. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE her classes. Love the music selection, the routine she instructs and her energy level is sooo inspiring. I also found that in the latest issue of SHAPE Magazine, August 2008. They did a feature on Zumba and they featured Rashidah and she looks so different! Not that she doesn't usually look feminine in class - more funky usually. In the mag, she's so girly! Hahahaha.... not bad.

So I actually went to a Sunday class yesterday with Lauren! Lauren sat at the member's lounge whilst people I knew there entertained her while I was in class. There was a part in class where we had to find a partner to do a routine and as friendly as we all come, we greeted each other and did a little small talk.

"Hi! First class?" I asked. She said, "Nope, 2nd time, you?"

"Oh, I've done a couple classes with Rashidah"

"Ohh! Can tell, you're really good!"

And there I was .... underneath the already sweating like a pig flushed red face, blushing like crazy... "Thanks!".... its always nice to hear that what you love doing, you are good at.

I try to take compliments as well as I can.. I don't go "aww no no no, I'm really bad/ugly/dumb" so that people can re-affirm and go "no no, really! you're good/pretty/smart" ... Just take a compliment as it is and don't make people say it twice just because it sounds nice.. *big big grin* Some people really don't take compliments well and I hate repeating it when I give one out...

Many things can be improved.. heck! I'm still 79/80kg! waaaay above the average Singaporean 55-60kg lady and if people say its good now.. just watch this space... I will make it....

Traffic Stopping.... STUNNING.

To leave off, let me share a joke that Lauren told me tonight.

"Mommy! I know how they make Rabbit Milk Sweets!" (stuffing her mouth with one)

"They take the mommy rabbits and milk them and makes the milk into sweets!"(showing me the teat milking action on imaginary little rabbits)

And... as stunned as I was.. I burst out laughing... *kids... you've gotta love how things are seen through their eyes....*

Enjoy your week people... thank you for reading my blog. :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

NSFW: Freaking Facebook Rant!!!

Yes, that is my Facebook page. Same thing you would see on everyone elses page but I have an issue that I have to make some noise about.


This is not directed to you, whom is reading this in particular if you are already on my facebook, fine and dandy. I'm sure there was a reason for you to be there. You would be an actual friend, a blog reader WHO IDENTIFIED yourself, a business associate, a media contact, an ex-collegue maybe or family members. FINE. But to the following people namely...

  • Babe Collectors

Whilst I understand that Facebook is on public domain and if I don't put my profile under private, anyone and everyone can check in on my details and profile. But what I don't like are the babe collectors.

Babe collectors are guys who are seriously NOT good looking at all. At least those that I've seen don't look good to me. *Pfft - so I have a certain level of biasness to the esthetic outlook of people - deal with it* Looks aside, even if they look good. The strange thing about these guys are found when you look into their profile and you realise that firstly, while you have no other friends in common with them. Their friend list is COMPLETELY and absolutely flooded with pretty girls. Very little or no other guys on their list but all PRETTY pretty girls!!

Now you tell me, IF that guy really doesn't have the looks, and **pppfffftt again** charisma doesn't exactly show over facebook you know then how do you explain the hordes of GOOD LOOKING GIRLS on his profile.

You mean they're ALL HIS FRIENDS? Cannot be right? So what are they? Part of a collection lah! So is there a thing that's going on like a bet to collect as MANY babes as possible? What the hell?! Please lor!! I'm so not interested in becoming part of your CB collection. Fuckin' Loser!

So as a common curtesy before I click on Ignore. I send a message just in case it might be someone I've forgotten or maybe a client or a work associate that just looks different and I can't remember.. I always ask. "So where do I know you from?" and give them a chance to redeem themselves to someone being actually genuinely interested to know me.

And what do I get sometimes? "Err, No dun know you. Can we be flen? Are you single/attached/married?"


So please... STOP ADDING ME!!!

  • Random Strangers

I have an issue with random strangers who request to add WITHOUT leaving me a message as to WHO they are and Where we may know eachother from, or whether they're a friend of a friend and interested to know me or from one of my parenting forums.

If you wanna add, SEND ME A MESSAGE with your add! Specially those who DO NOT HAVE anyone in common and even IF we do have an aquiantance in common. I seriously do not give a flying fuck to who you are until you identify yourself. Who the hell are you anyway?

That being said. Don't add me JUST so that you can grow your friend list. Don't add me so that you look popular with more people on your profile. Don't add me because you have a collection. Don't add me unless you want to know me.

Take for example. As public a place as Facebook is. Take it like a public area, ie for a man. You would literally need to go up to me to pick me up and ASK ME for my number and it would be up to me to either give you a bogus one or my real number. So its a 50/50 chance that you'd score.

So bringing this back to Facebook, clicking a YES to a random stranger is akin to this and more! What you'd find on profile is MUCH more than a phone number. If someone has taken care of his/her profile, it would give a huge amount of personal information as compared to what a phone number can bring. Its like its a platform for losers to finally "become wanted & popular".

And I thought that Facebook would be different from Friendster... *shake head sadly*

Why would I want to "give" this opportunity to a stanger who very likely doesn't give a shit to who I really am other than beautifying his/her facebook profile.

While I'm dissing these people who have annoyed me so. I know there would be some out there saying to themselves "so who the hell does she think she is that people want to know her? why act so high & mighty?" Why so judgemental, look in the mirror first!"

You're right. I'm nobody to many but I'm somebody to some people that matter. So what.. if I like to surround myself with people I deem as esthetically pleasing to myself and carries a certain demenour, has a strong potential success level in life and projects a positive outlook.

I believe it takes a certain effort to maintain a good front and I appreciate the effort and self loving that the person has put into their appearance because you would have to love yourself before others can love you. Its good belief to surround yourself with people that can give you inspiration and bring you up towards the successes in life and not down.

And *peering into the mirror and shrugs* I'm judgemental because I'm PISSED OFF!!..Annoyed! You understand what TU LAN is? TU LANnnn!!!!

And this brings me back to random strangers again. Sure! I would love to know more people. Its a healthy networking opportunity to expand business circles and personal circles. BUT PLEASE add me only when its a geniune interest.

I'm not saying to add me then start bombarding me with "I'd like to get to know you more questions and mails etc.." Thats just freaky. But if you think I'm interesting enough to want to follow or keep in touch with. LET ME KNOW. Its a 2 way street right? I know you. You know me. Know what I mean?

I hate to be part of a hit & run. "Ohhh!! Pretty girl!" ((Click Add to Friends)). For fuck I tell you? I seriously don't want to get to know you so that you can bomb me with you "I just bought you for $XXX" or "You're a HOT friend! Add me to your HOT friend list" or "Send me a Sexy Drink/Toy/whatever" .... I'm NOT interested.


Does it help to substantiate your existence to do that to me on your list anyway?

Send me a message. Tell me...

"Hey! I think you're interesting/pretty/ugly/stupid/fat/whatever"

And I'd appreciate it more than a blank add. At least I know where it comes from.

For me, for any add friend option I added. I always leave a message. Always. Firstly to identify myself and my interest in following their profile activities and I leave it up to them to approve the link. Thats just common curtesy. Why don't some people do that?! One more blank add and I'm going to SCREAM.

Ok... rant over.. I'm calm now.. ((OMMMMmmmmmm breathe breathe))..... *peeking into my profile homepage again* Phew... no more strange adds for today...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Playing with Pussy?

Get your mind out of the gutter!!!

Its just me playing with a lazy cat that's residing near my daughters' childcare centre. Yes, I know I was absolutely annoying but the cat was just soo appealing to me. It totally refused to get off its fat butt!! *Note: No harm was done against this cat, I was just tapping it feather lightly. The cat was just jumpy*

I love cats.

That would explain my nickname yea? Honeymeow. Honey because Pamela means As Sweet as Honey and Meow... Cat meoww...

Ok ok.. stop grumbling and going CHEEYY!!.. you can't seriously be expecting to come to my blog and find something X rated like what I put on title right? I replace with a big ass picture of myself can? Heh heh... :) Meow!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How a Non Chinese speaking Parent teaches Mandarin...

This is how I do it. People who know me knows. I don't speak chinese. I don't read it either. Or more like.. I can't. But my kids have to and they have chinese and english spelling every week.

So when my momma in law isn't around, how does chinese spelling get done? Like this!!

We go through a round of reading the words. I write it in something that I can pronounce. I know its not even Hanu Pin Yin but whatever.

And then its translated into English. They read it. Practice the words and then time to test comes around.

I cover everything and read out the word in English. They SAY it in Chinese then write the Characters down on paper if they can remember it.

Kanasai but its the only way I know how a non chinese speaking parent. Aka me can get my kids to learn chinese... Phew~! Not impossible but very hard to accomplish.

Buy me a FyrkLover.

I had a day out with the hubster today and we went to Ikea Tampines. Had some mandatory meatballs, cheesecake & chocolate mousse and strolled the place like all Singaporeans do. The Ikea Annual Sale was on now and I got a FROG prince! Awww... and he's only $4.95!

Mister Frog Prince is really full of cuteness! Unzip his mouth and he has a fly inside too! So cute lah! I love stuffed frogs.

We moved from section to section with our usual Ooohs and Ahhs... and then he pointed and laughed "Look! Its a pile of lard!'' I peered over his shoulder wondering what he was talking about and saw this.. *scratch head* Still don't understand.. ok it does look like lard... sooo??..... hmn..

I don't get it! *scratch head somemore*

Then I realised. Oh. A Pile of. LUDDE. *see pic above taken after I burst out in hilarious laughter* ((COLD LAH coold joke))

Damn.. this man is so corny lah!! *love love* so then we moved on... I should have realised more to come and then we hit another place.

And CJ stood there laughing again and shaking his head... then pulled me aside and said:

"Want a F*CKLOVER?" and I got giggly and excited for a moment.. "wha? What F*...Lover u talking about?" Eyeing him suspiciously... -.-''

"I can buy you one lah! F*cklover... so cheap somemore.. only $19.90.. you want?" ((cheeky face))...

So then I looked around frowning and realised. Again.

Alamak!.... *smack head* Ikea has the darnest product names lah....

FYRKLOVER quilt cover set. AAArrrghhh!!! *rolls eyes*

Smack this man with a cucumber will ya! He's insane...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Brazillian Virgin!

How strange! Refer to this post on iTag I did earlier today. And out of this, I've gotten 2 lunch offer replacements and a mani/pedi replacements instead of doing the tag! Hahhaha Are tags really that hard to do?

I find it so amusing! Shelly said "its fucking lor soh lah!, I'm going to ignore that tag and pay for the mani/pedi instead". Moley said "Har!.... I'll bring you to lunch". Agnes said "I'd rather pay for lunch." and the rest.. well I'm not sure if they'll do it but they KNOW now that they have been tagged. If you're not hahah then join my upcoming fund.

SOOO... I've come up with an idea. I'm converting these replacements and any upcoming contributions to a BRAZILLIAN fund. I'm a brazillian virgin! (That doesn't mean I don't keep myself neat ok! Jungle bushes are very unappealing)

What is a Brazillian Fund? Its a fund that goes towards my first professional Brazillian Wax at Strip. How much does it cost? Well, wanna do might as well do a complete one.

XXXX Brazillian - $55
a Hoochie Coochie Calm Me Down Post Wax Care treatment - $35.

Total: $96.30
*UPDATE: Shelly mentioned that there is GST so total cost has been revised.*

Seriously, $96.30 to rip hair of my punani....and painfully at that... gawd *shudder*.. I must be insane but you've gotta try something like this at least once! Since all my girlfriends have been saying that its so worth the silky baby soft skin after.... *shudder again*.

I'd try it.

But only if it was sponsored. So... anyone up to joining the Brazillian fund, please email me HERE. Put in the title: "Brazillian Fund" You don't have to be tagged to join the fund. You, my dear reader/friend/family might want to do it because you might find it amusing or just that you would like to contribute to an experience that I'm pretty sure I'd never forget. Hahaha...

So email me or buzz me on MSN, I'd let you know my account number to do a random amount contribution which would be up to you in amount. Its cheaper than bringing me to lunch right? Hahaha... I'll let everyone know once this fund has hit enough and I'll set an appt to do it. *shudder for the 3rd time*

AND I'll be a good girl and come back here and tell everyone about it... hahahhha... So how?

Archive: My Great Grand Parents!

I got linked in with my cousin, King *yes, thats his name* in Philippines through my sister's facebook account and it was very nice catching up to whats been happening to family on that side. And I found something really precious!

A rare picture of my great grand parents! *Alex! Look look! Have u seen this before?*

Apparently, this picture was taken during the Spanish-Japanese Era and my great grand father was a Chief Justice of the Philippines Judicial system! *fwooah!! impressive!*. It turns out that they were involved in politics from then till recent times and now I know why our family name "Ocampo" is so synonymous and famous when we mention it now. There's also a tragic love story that comes with this couple.. I'll see if there's more to know.. how interesting! *muse*

It turns out that we were right in saying our mixed heritage has spanish roots because its confirmed that our great great grandparents *ie parents of these 2 here* were pure spanish.....

So much for the family tree... what an interesting find.. :)

iLike & iTag YOU!

No, its not a new Osim invention. Its a Psim invention *smirk - Psim! Get it? Pamela Sim? hahhaha *cough ~cold shivers~ cough** Anyway.. moving on... iLike is a list of things that I like! and I'm iTagging as a new tag list to the following people so I'll be waiting for your iLike lists soon! Ahem... its quite a nifty name eh? (Okay, you can stop rolling ur eyes now.)

iTag the following people: Molemole, Wendy, Lydia, Krisandro, Agnes, Shelly, Shirly, Adele, someone to do it from the 4 girls from 4losers.not! and finally my lao gong, CJ.

Remember now. Try not to copy and paste my list, please think up of your own list with at least 30 things that you like, the more the merrier and then when you're done. Leave a message on my chatbox to let me know you've done it and then go tag at least another 3 more people or more if you know more people you want to do this. Leave a message on their blog to let them know they've been iTagged.

And the consequences of NOT doing this tag *heh heh - new rules I just set* is that you would have to bring me & pay for LUNCH or DINNER one of these days and ensure that what we're eating is going to be CARB FREE or minimalistically low in carb OR send me for a manicure/pedicure. Remember now. I will hound u.. hahaha so get it up.. and iTag!

So here goes... iLike....

Toasted butter bread with honey, marmalade, Lipbalm - can't live without it, chocolate, pashmina shawls, fresh baked olive bread & butter, good coffee, chocolate icecream w milo n whipped cream, AVOCADO milkshakes, cheesecake, fried chicken, fruits, music, peanut butter, honey sandwiches, rainbows, money, sleeping late, muscles on men, getting free stuff, having nice photos taken, losing weight, people telling me that I look hot and mean it, an appreciative smile from a stranger, an even more appreciative smile from my hubby, hugs, kisses, orgasms, multiple orgasms!!, managing to pluck out ingrown hair, hearing people laugh at my jokes, msn messenger, cheques in the mail, the smell of rain, watching great movies, hot popcorn and cheesy nachos, Pokka green tea, red roses, body lotion, Marks & Spencers stuff, well fitting clothes, stuffed toys, kittens, comfortable heels, diamonds, fat babies, the smell of babies, unexpectedly finding money, friends buying gifts for me from overseas, chocolate chip cookies, chunky ice-cream, nuts of all kinds, lipgloss, lipbalm, Angpows, the smell of Polo Ralph Lauren Safari on a man, hotel beds & room service, cheesecake, strawberries with whipped cream, men with broad shoulders & big hands, steaks, readers who say I inspire them or just emails to me thats not work related, neat nice looking eyebrows, friends that call just to say hi because they really missed missed and was thinking about me, shape Magazine, winning contests, winning the lottery, beaches on a cool day, large sunglasses, receiving handwritten letters in the mail, receiving packages in the mail, well cut bootleg jeans, Robinsons vouchers, Marks & Spencer Bacon Chips & cookies, Disney & Pixar animation Cartoons, Good porn *hahahhha I know this came out of no-where but there IS such thing as good and bad ones*, recieving my daughter's artwork & little wrapped presents, my hubby quietly snuggling up with me at night and whispering he loves me when he thinks I'm asleep, when my camwhore pictures come out looking hawt and I don't have a double chin, when my scales don't show any weight gain - maintain or loss is ok. Gain? AArgh!!, Pasta, Cream Sauces, Mushrooms, Cheese!, Chicken in a Biskit, Godiva chocolates, necklaces & pendants, diamond earrings, paints and big pieces of paper, pretty pencils and pens, cold ribena, the anticipation of leaving to another country at the airport, duty free shopping, dainty face masks, full body massages, new hair colour, L'óreal Liss Extreme for ultra smooth & soft hair, laptops, good techno/house music when I workout, looking firm after a workout at the gym, saunas & steam rooms, the sense of achievement I felt when I recieved my school results and found that I broke the all time school record and scored a 92 for my advertising course, glow in the dark stars, gift wrapped presents, christmas trees, christmas decorations, churches, angels, pretty bibles, love songs, scratch n sniff stickers, zumba, body combat, strong showers, foot scrubs, good fitting bras, thongs, beef, buffets, ice-cream, milo powder, computer games, fast internet connections, seeing myself in magazines, photoshoots, makeup artists putting makeup on me, manicures/pedicures, large raisins, preserved fruits, fruitcake, chocolate fudge, fondue, marshmallows, durian, pandan kueys, ice jelly, yam cakes, pretty red hair clips, flower clips, brooches, baby laughter, Ikea, meatballs, walking in the rain, jumping into puddles, dreams that I can remember details of, crystals, crystal balls, windy days, stawberry milkshakes, holding CJ's hand and walking together outside & how he tucks my thumb into his palm because it keeps snagging his pants, magnets, cheese powder, sucking my cheese powdered covered fingers after a bag of cheesy chips, not wearing underwear, walking about naked at home, pretty containers, yogurt, lumpy cottage cheese, fresh pulpy orange juice, hami melons, sweet pineapples, bananas, bubble yum grape bubble gum, roasted garlic, rainy nights, wallets with alot of pockets to put alot of stuff but still looks somewhat slim when everythings inside, dental floss, hair conditioners, glitter, half boiled eggs with ketchup and black pepper, grilled cheese sandwiches.... all these and many more... *scratch head thinking...damn! I realise my list has alot of FOOD! -.-''*

So whats yours? iTag! *Damn! Did you read though all that?!?* ((eye cramp!))

Do you believe in Angels?

On any given normal day... you'd just see just me.. but at night! I become an angel! Complete with wings too! Not... sigh.. I wish I were though...

We took this picture in my dad's garden at my birthday dinner. My uncle Ben was trying out his camera tricks and this was done with some kind of prolonged exposure trick.

My sister, Alex armed with a torchlight behind me, "drew" my halo and wings around me while I tried to stand as still as I could while the camera was "open" and when she was done, she yelled okay! and SNAP! close exposure and viola! I have glowing wings!!! Super neat trick right!

We tried these with sparklers too but I kept on moving and this already was by far my clearest shot.. and still! Its blur.. but but but!! I'm an angel!! Heh heh... Angels move fast... probably why we can never see them and only feel their presence...

So do you believe in Angels?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Crazy Japanese Cockroach Dance

I'm amazed at what the Japanese can come up with. This video left my mouth gaping, my eye twitching and just going. Huh? Like that also can huh... what the.... *speechless*

Now which advertising agency did this? Tell me! Which marketer sat at the conference room desk and said "hey! I know! Lets put some moron dancing with our can of insecticide and make him sing an annoying song! and have fake cockroaches on skewers look like they're flipping over and dying like as if they're skewed like satay!"

And which art director/accounts servicing/creative director actually agreed it might be a good idea!!!? *waving my hand around waiting to slap someone silly*

Oh wait.. its not an advertisement but part of a show?!? Then what kind of show is this?!? *my eyes are so dry from not being able to blink after watching that*

Did this insecticide ACTUALLY sell if it was a commercial?! or was this just a joke? Tell me it was a joke. GAWD! *eyes rolling on the ground*

Friday, July 18, 2008

Chicken & Prawn Salad

Yep! Thats tonights dinner. I know it doesn't look much like salad but it is! Its just that I like my salad meaty!

Whats in it?

Lettuce, celery, carrot, fresh button mushroom, cherry tomatoes, sliced boiled egg, green & red pepper, grated cheddar, snow peas and broccoli with a red wine vinaigrette. All topped with seaweed chicken, jap chicken, hotdogs and spicy prawns and covered with jap mayo.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Some really great Advertisements...

While I'm busy at work and will not be blogging for a while, here are some advertisements that I wanted to share that I really like that either just amazed me. Sent me to tears or made me laugh till I fell off my chair... enjoy!

One things for sure. Indians and Thais make FANTASTIC commercials... truely.. hats off to them. :)

I love the art direction for the last one. Very beautiful. :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mushabelly Horsie Me!

CJ bought me a birthday present. I saw him skipping suspiciously holding a brown bundle around the toy section and I followed behind and boo! Caught him with a sheepish grin and I knew it must be for me.. he doesn't grin like a little boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar if it weren't. We then went back to the shelf and chose a nicer fluffier version and I now own...

Mushabelly Horsie..

why horse? Well, I'm born in the year of the horse! :) Press the belly and it clip clops clip clops, neeeeeiiighhhhss..... BBBRrrrfffffff..... **love love**

Sims Pizzeria

We made pizza on Saturday. After deciding that Pizza would be dinner, my girls and I took a bus down to a supermarket and stocked up on some ingredients and this was the beginning of La Sims Pizzeria.

Molemole also popped by for a quick stop over to make 2 pizzas of her own and she came into the kitchen and squealed.... "insane! u're insane!! you're going to make me SO FAT!!"...heh heh shaking her head but still poking her fingers through the ingredients... *giggles*

Eh.. but this tecko slim aunty is already sooo skinny... she could do with food that cannot be found from all those restaurants she was reviewing for those yebber food shows.

Admit it. My food is good. Hahahhaah....

Whats a pizza without a generous helping of CHEESE!!... and some pizza bases...

and various toppings... hotdogs, fresh button mushroom, green pepper, diced tomatoes, black olives, red pepper, canned button mushrooms, corn, pineapple, sliced onion....

and of course, ham, back bacon, frozen prawns (which was really good lah! very crunchy!) and frozen suchi fish fillet.... and spiced minced beef...

Put them all together. Pile on the cheese and bake!!! The aromas wafting out of my kitchen was...... HEAVENLY...

The cheese started to melt all over...and we found the trick was to PILE it all in the centre and it will naturally spread out all over the pizza while it bakes...

And this is how we learnt... molemole's pizza.. cheese SPPPRREEAADD out all over the baking pan. -.-''

But we salvaged it by scraping up the cheese and decorating it with Jap. mayo!! *drools*

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

By Popular Demand... The Final Birthday Installation...

So yes finally, the final installation to my 30th Birthday Celebrations. Specially invited friends came to join me for Dinner... *and paid for their own Dinner too!*.

A place was booked at Tiffany Cafe at Furama Hotel for their International Buffet Spread complete w Chocolate Fondue!

Above- Molemole and myself before the whole gang trooped in. She blogged about this too HERE! I was very pleased at how attentive the service staff were. Very accomodating and VERY alert! They constantly checked in with me if everything was alright and if they could help.

The offered to have the chef make Kueh Pi Ties for us too after seeing me attempt to make very UGLY LOOKING ones together with a plastic glove. Definitely a 2 thumbs up for service. Well deserved 10% service charge and maybe more!

Up to the time I made my booking, the restaurant manager constantly checked in with me. Since I had children attending, they allocated an empty table at the side *thumbs up for thinking of this!* and stuck balloons on all the chairs in our "reserved"area! How sweet lah!!

The manager then came out to entertain the kids with colour pencils and a sticker/colouring book! ... very impressive lah.. specially purchased just for this dinner, I was told. *big grin*

Soon, little by little my guests arrived.. while my girls and Bon -> molemole's daughter waited. This is Cecilia and she's Daryl's wife. You wouldn't believe this but she is a MOTHER OF 5 KIDS!! *faint* Too swee right!

And of course, ma girls! Diana, mother of a girl n a boy, Shelly, mother of 1 boy and Pree aka Jane Doe of FM 91.3!. I would not forgive these 3 if they did not make it for the dinner. Hahahaha... so pretty all of u lah!! *wolf whistle*

Cecilia and Chermaine and Sandra! Sandra, mom of 2 boys and Chermaine, mom of a boy n a girl, have seen me through the end of my first pregnancy till now.. had all our kids grow up together.. Sandra's 2 boys are both 2 weeks older than my girls respectively.

And Adele and Joe Augustine came to join me too! Joe is now at Power 98 in the mornings! So if u missed out on that big hoo ha of him having to leave 91.3FM.. those people don't know what they have lost!! Thank God he's back on Radio!

Honoured lah! Thanks for taking the time off!! Hey Dudes.. its Joe A!! He Da Man Lahhh... despite his horrendous back ache.. he still came and gave me a big bear hug... fwoah lao... *grin*
And here you see, Preetha and her Beau, Regan! Whoot! *hugs*

And my girl Stefanie!! This is my one of my favourite babes of all time. We clicked from the first time we met! Worked marketing together for a while at Mothercare some years back... *you may find her familiar if you are a Mothercare customer* Love love.

And my friend, Lawrence. A very experienced events guy, 12 years experience, who did work for LV and Avon! Shit! Those were totally gorgeous!! Very inspiring. I want those kind of projects and those kinds of budgets to work with!!! Owns several companies other than the events co, ie an IT co and now does Consultancy. Anyone needs to hire a consultant, he might be the man for the job but let me tell you. He won't come cheap but he may be well worth it.

And Shelly & Nash with Baby Joshua... Shelly too was suffering from a serious back-ache but she kept her promise to come nevertheless. Very touched and appreciative. *Thanks girl - big hugs*

And shortly into the dinner after Joshua was fed and happy, they surprised me with a flower baby!! So cute lah!! "Look Aunty Pam! I cho cute!" and indeed he was! And promptly then pulled off the "petals" and laughed.

He has one of the cutest baby laugh I tell u. Shelly! U should record it lah! Those kind that when you hear it, you can't help but laugh along. Awwwww....

Agnes aka Zambuk Queen is a friend and a faithful blog reader. I know haha bc I check my stats daily! Thank you for coming and being my friend.

Wendy aka Arkerchi aka HoneyPudding and her Hubby Kenny and her daughters also graced the occasion. I was very happy to see them too! Wendy is the one who custom made this black halter that I'm wearing at the dinner! So Swee!! Forgot to take picture of the back but its 3 ribbons and alot of exposed flesh hahaha...

If anyone is interested, you might want to get in touch with her through her blog and buy some of her craft items. A good estimate for a top like mine would be at least $35 per piece. But very swee right? Order from her lah!

So came the time to blow the candles on the cake and Tiffany Cafe's management gave me a complimentary 2kg chocolate cake! It was very pretty and I love that it had strawberries, gold dust and chocolate all around! And it was SOOOO GOOD!!

The gang made me stand on the chair while they sang and I clanged a glass in tune.. I was out of tune *rolls eyes - must be rhythm deaf* hahaha.... "Happy Birthday tooo youu..." (delayed pause- oh! clang!) "Happy Birthday to yoooouu" (another delayed pause - oh!! clang!!)... and it went on like that... abit spastic I know... -.-''

Made my wish on my 4th Birthday cake this year and then gave my thanks to all who came.. THANK YOU LAH EVERYONE!! Thanks for taking the time to spend the evening with me.

I was so happy to see everyone gathered at one place!

And my cake! For a while after we realised that it said, "Happy Birthday Panle" and asked the waiter if he was sure that this was MY CAKE? hahahha.. it was... and we looked closely and realised that it was. It was actually "Pame" with the "la" broken off somewhere.... nevermind.. the cake was still pretty!!

The invitations to this group of people were specific not to bring a present but to pay for dinner instead! Everyone was agreeable but some still came with presents! *Aiyah no need mah! paiseh paiseh... paying for your own dinner is a present in itself!!*

I would showcase those that did though... with much appreciation. :) To maintain anonymonity as some people want me to keep their pressie anonymous but how can! I can feel the love lah!

There were La Senza Slipons! Love it and is SUPER comfy can! A glittery red purse which is SO ME LAH!! and this one I can give credit to. Wendy. With her nimble fingers made me a pouch, pretty hair ties for my girls and keychains!

I love gifts that comes with Ribbons... I always keep the ribbons! I had chocolate and sweets from Australia and a bracelet/watch/earring/necklace set! and of course the creme de la creme... this person KNOWS that I looove gift vouchers... got me a good amount of vouchers... *Thank you!!!!*

So thats it! I'm now 30... *looking into the distance*... now what?

(Breaking into a smile) - Being in my 30s is going to be great....

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Birthday Lunch Treat!

My girlfriend Kay invited me out for a Birthday lunch treat today. "Meet you at Far East Plaza at 2pm!" she said.. so after a Zumba class at Orchard, I headed down and met her at Anatolia Turkish Restaurant. 2nd floor, on the right side of Far East Plaza. I've never eaten Turkish food before so I was excited!

I never considered purposely looking for Turkish food before so I had no idea what to choose! There was a "buffet salad bar" but it was not REALLY a buffet.. you could only go ONCE!
But the lady at the counter said "take as much as you want!" but did she MUMBLE silently "but you can only go ONCE??!!" NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! *ROAR*

They should really tell u that when you pay for the meal so that they won't have to remind you when you are there for the 2nd round that they allow one round only! Like that HOW WOULD I KNOW WHAT I LIKE?! Try abit of everything first and then later go back for more of what u like right? Thats how BUFFETS WORK dude! *fume* Nevermind.. *eyes roll*

The "buffet" came with some Turkish bread..which was quite nice actually.. tasted like it had onion in it too...

And my plate of salad mix.... hmn.... cold dishes mostly. I liked it but the "go once only buffet thing" did not sit well with me. Might as well ask us to order little containers than leave a counter there for us to CHOOSE "as much as we liked?!?"

Kay ordered a Chicken Donner Rice platter.. it came with 2 tomatoes, 2 fries.. *we were amused that there were ONLY 2 fries! Like not here not there right?*, rice mixed with nuts & vegetables and topped with grilled chicken..

I chose the Beef Roll... not bad!

We had some dessert too! Rice custard. It came with a crusty burnt top so we removed it to reveal soft gooey custard with rice bits... yumm.. its akin to a creme brulee but they really "brulee"d this... aka Leche Flan...

And some chocolate pudding too... nice.

And Kay & I just before we left after a lovely meal and enjoying each other's company... we spent some time travelling on the trains and talking.. you can't get enough of gossip, men, horror stories and some bitching when u put two ladies together! Its funny how we both clicked so well from the first time we met during a business meeting to becoming friends.

We were rating the ladies sitting around us.."eyes pointing to a lady - what do u rate that?" ... "errr! A six.. hahhhaa"... "yeah me too.. ha ha!" Such lighthearted banter..

Not alot of people click so well with me so when I do find one.. its just precious. :)

Then at the end of that all.. Mommy Pam back to mommy business and picking my bebe up from school... :) Say Cheese!

Final installment of Birthday celebrations coming up tomorrow! Its a International Buffet Dinner with Family & Friends and I'm SO looking foward to meeting everyone again! *screams*