Monday, July 28, 2008

Married w/ kids must look like Aunty meh?

A couple of feel good moments happened lately and I've gotta toot about it before I let the narcissism get to me and make me complacent toward achieving my weightloss target. I know the following may sound a little bimbotic.. but please bear with me.

To start off, there has been instances lately that I've had people I meet for the first time get genuinely shocked to find out that I'm....

  • Married

  • Have Kids

  • Have more than 1 child and that my kids are in primary school. (At least Eirian's going to be lah, next year)

For instance, at a very recent media contact appointment. I met up with a new potential media partner for a work discussion and somewhere midway through the conversation when we went into the topic of children and I went "oh, my girls.....blah blah blah". She sat there stunned for a long moment and then said, "Excuse me? You mean you have kids?!"

I was stunned too and nodded. And she burst into a stuttering fury of "OMG! I thought you were single! Much less married but with Kids too?" and I mumbled "Oh yeah, in primary school...."

and... she gasped again. *faint* and it made me wonder... married with kids must look like Aunty meh? ((ok lah, I know some of you would say, YAH what you are very Aunty....)) But why was it so shocking that I had grown up kids already? The conversation went a little haywire from there on...

Anyway, it was highly flattering and very pleasing. :)

It happened again today, twice too! Once when I was doing some clothes fitting at Marina and the dressing room lady was shocked to find out that I had children. Same reaction as above.

And the 2nd time when we were at Mini Toons looking for some princess hairbands for my daughters. The sales lady was like.. "You mean this girl is your daughter?! and.. she has a jiejie too?!? OMG!! (cover mouth) really don't look like lor!"..... "har? jiejie is 8 years old?!" *faint*

Err... ok.. (blushing like crazy)... thanks...

Then back to the clothes fitting earlier on... I went into Topshop today and saw a size 16 black corset/twille/leather strapped tube top and thought it would look smashing with jeans & heels at an upcoming event I have this Saturday so I took it down to realise that it was on Sale at $39! Usual price $103!... so I went to try it out.

It did look quite nice and I liked it instantly. But I found that it was indeed quite loose. *Already very pleased* And doing the strutting around the dressing room to check out all angles to see how it falls on the body and the dressing room lady said some golden words that made me so freaking pleased.... "I think its too big for you.. do you want me to get a SMALLER SIZE?"

I stood there and went. "huh?"... mind reeling.. and nodding robotically.. "err sure....." (blushing like mad again)...

Those words, I'd never thought I'd hear again or have not heard for such A LONG TIME. My mind kept replaying it.. "too big for you...too big for you..." and I burst out laughing in amusement like a mad lady... My god... so pleased. The salesgirl must have thought I was mad.

I bought the size 16 piece in the end bc it was loose enough to fit a complete meal without me needing to suck everything in the whole night... and it was the last piece in the shop anyway.. MINE! Not bad for a person who used to wear a size 20 just last year.

Then evening came tonight and I peered into my emails as usual and another pleasant surprise came in the mailbox.....

CJ and I are going to be in a TV Commercial!

Yeah so if you see these 2 faces on TV this year end and think it looks familiar.. yep yep! Its us! :) Heh heh...

Bwuahahahaha! We both went to an audition some many weeks back and we had not heard from the casting agents & director for so long so we took it as a gone case.

It was such a pleasant surprise to get the notification that we got the parts! The part called for a Husband and Wife role btw. So... filming is on the first week of September and I don't know when the TVC is going to be out but you'll definitely know when its out hahahaha... Crossing my fingers that we both do alright.

Shivering in my chair in both nervousness, fright and excitement. I can't say who the client is but you'll know when we get the green lights from the director to say. :) In the meantime.. its time to REALLY lean out as much as we can because you know how its like....

They say, you'll look 20% fatter or 10 pounds bigger on TV but I've seen myself on film. I look at least 10kg bigger! NOT 20% for me.. KG!! At least. We have only 1 month to lean out and it starts. Now.

OH and another thing.. some people have been asking me about why there has not been any weightloss updates for quite some time now. Hahha you noticed! Awww.... anyway..

Its because I'm still 79/80kg! Actually up from the last time I reported at 76kg weight plateau.. and have you noticed the type of food I've been cooking up lately!! Hahahaha

My weight has been ranging from 76-80 for the longest longest time now and frankly, I've gotten a little complacent once I hit the 80kg wall earlier this year. For reasons or more like excuses of being on a super long plateau, to falling ill *never never diet when you're sick, we don't.* to work related fatigue that made me unmotivate myself to break my regime. I've started a carb free cycle again just some days ago after feeling completely better from the bad bug that hit me over the last 3 weeks.

I'm now carb free again and now that I know now that there's another filming coming up... I'm definitely and surely. NOT GOING TO BREAK regime.. *cheering in my head* So this marks the 2nd phase of my weightloss journey. If I'm going to say it again, I'll say it now. I lost 20kg. I can do 20kg more. Wish me luck! :)

Oh Oh oh!! And another toot! I've restarted Zumba classes at the gym lately and I follow this particular instructor named Rashidah. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE her classes. Love the music selection, the routine she instructs and her energy level is sooo inspiring. I also found that in the latest issue of SHAPE Magazine, August 2008. They did a feature on Zumba and they featured Rashidah and she looks so different! Not that she doesn't usually look feminine in class - more funky usually. In the mag, she's so girly! Hahahaha.... not bad.

So I actually went to a Sunday class yesterday with Lauren! Lauren sat at the member's lounge whilst people I knew there entertained her while I was in class. There was a part in class where we had to find a partner to do a routine and as friendly as we all come, we greeted each other and did a little small talk.

"Hi! First class?" I asked. She said, "Nope, 2nd time, you?"

"Oh, I've done a couple classes with Rashidah"

"Ohh! Can tell, you're really good!"

And there I was .... underneath the already sweating like a pig flushed red face, blushing like crazy... "Thanks!".... its always nice to hear that what you love doing, you are good at.

I try to take compliments as well as I can.. I don't go "aww no no no, I'm really bad/ugly/dumb" so that people can re-affirm and go "no no, really! you're good/pretty/smart" ... Just take a compliment as it is and don't make people say it twice just because it sounds nice.. *big big grin* Some people really don't take compliments well and I hate repeating it when I give one out...

Many things can be improved.. heck! I'm still 79/80kg! waaaay above the average Singaporean 55-60kg lady and if people say its good now.. just watch this space... I will make it....

Traffic Stopping.... STUNNING.

To leave off, let me share a joke that Lauren told me tonight.

"Mommy! I know how they make Rabbit Milk Sweets!" (stuffing her mouth with one)

"They take the mommy rabbits and milk them and makes the milk into sweets!"(showing me the teat milking action on imaginary little rabbits)

And... as stunned as I was.. I burst out laughing... *kids... you've gotta love how things are seen through their eyes....*

Enjoy your week people... thank you for reading my blog. :)


Prettymask said...

Harlow my pretty. I am back! Lets meet up sometime. Haha looking forward to seeing you on tv!!! I 100% agree that just because you have kids you need not look like Aunty! I definately wanna look good! Thanks for being so inspiring!

Aka Pamela S. said...

hey sweetie!! Yay! you're back! yes yes definitely meet up soon!!