Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Buy me a FyrkLover.

I had a day out with the hubster today and we went to Ikea Tampines. Had some mandatory meatballs, cheesecake & chocolate mousse and strolled the place like all Singaporeans do. The Ikea Annual Sale was on now and I got a FROG prince! Awww... and he's only $4.95!

Mister Frog Prince is really full of cuteness! Unzip his mouth and he has a fly inside too! So cute lah! I love stuffed frogs.

We moved from section to section with our usual Ooohs and Ahhs... and then he pointed and laughed "Look! Its a pile of lard!'' I peered over his shoulder wondering what he was talking about and saw this.. *scratch head* Still don't understand.. ok it does look like lard... sooo??..... hmn..

I don't get it! *scratch head somemore*

Then I realised. Oh. A Pile of. LUDDE. *see pic above taken after I burst out in hilarious laughter* ((COLD LAH coold joke))

Damn.. this man is so corny lah!! *love love* so then we moved on... I should have realised more to come and then we hit another place.

And CJ stood there laughing again and shaking his head... then pulled me aside and said:

"Want a F*CKLOVER?" and I got giggly and excited for a moment.. "wha? What F*...Lover u talking about?" Eyeing him suspiciously... -.-''

"I can buy you one lah! F*cklover... so cheap somemore.. only $19.90.. you want?" ((cheeky face))...

So then I looked around frowning and realised. Again.

Alamak!.... *smack head* Ikea has the darnest product names lah....

FYRKLOVER quilt cover set. AAArrrghhh!!! *rolls eyes*

Smack this man with a cucumber will ya! He's insane...


petite fleur said...

LOL at your last picture.
You are having so much fun.

Aka Pamela S. said...

LOL :) Dating is always fun hahha