Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bahloood Baloood! Not Funny!!!

As a parent myself, I feel that there is a sadistic streak in us that love to antagonise our children and laugh at them in sometimes in most in-opportune times.

In this video, the boy was dead serious but he was just so darned cute!! Bahlood! Bahlood!! NOT FUNNEE!! NAWT FUNEEE!!!

We all know its a serious thing but can you help NOT laughing? And then sweep him into your arms and go awwww.... (huggies!!!)

I recall a time some years back, Lauren and I were walking home from a day out at Chinatown and as we walked home, we went past a stretch of walkway where there was absolutely empty save for a SINGLE pole that stuck out of the ground.

It just so happened that it was during the Pre National Day Rehearsals and the fireworks lit up and could be heard really loud and next thing I knew.... which probably shocked her.


She had slammed her face first into the ONLY pole in the area and landed on her butt with a bouncing plop, stunned.

And what did I do?

I burst out laughing.

And I Laughed. And laughed and Laughed somemore till my sides cramped.

Then I picked her up. She was half stunned, half embarrassed, partly amused and partly in pain with a vertical red streak lining her face. Awwww ((hugs)).

Evil.. I know.. but oh gawd. So funny!

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