Monday, August 23, 2010

Muffinman O' Muffinman...

With reference to this POST where you can click to get a 1 for 1 Muffin E-voucher. Go get yours now cause its only valid till the end of August 2010!!

I was at Chinatown earlier this afternoon after a photoshoot casting and I had some time to pop by the Muffinman bakeshop over at China Square to check out some muffins! I left happily with two packs - one pack of muffins with FILLING and another with really yummilicious toppings.

Incase you were wondering, no - I didn't eat them..*carbs!!!* they were all for my girls but reviews came back wonderful! They both loved it and I swiped some cream and it has my two thumbs up too! Kudos for having natural ingredients *even have wolfberry okay!*, natural fresh fruits and fruit juices in their muffins!

The owner Maurice Ching is such a sweet guy lah! He comes complete with his hot pink shirt and cap behind the counter of a tasteful cosy little shop and muffin display. Haha! :) Started off with a dream to have his own muffin shop after slogging away 12 years in the Advertising industry.. finally came out to pursue that dream and voila! Muffinman was born!

Still in its throes of infancy but already looking good, I wish him all the best and may his business flourish bountifully. I appreciate people trying to fulfill their dreams and would support them where possible. Do check out this flagship outlet at No. 18 Cross Street #01-07 China Square Central. (Nearest MRT - Chinatown)

If you want, you can call Maurice directly too at +65 9067 6889 or email him for orders HERE. You can also check out his muffinman blog HERE!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lobang: 1 for 1 Muffins!! :)

If you love Muffins.. and yeah, I don't eat them now *CARBS!!* but I'm sure these would be faaabulous.. they're mighty pretty and I'm sure they taste good too.. I trust in Pat's judgement to take on brands and products that have quality.. today we have *MUFFIN MAN*...located at No. 18, Cross Street, #01-07 China Square Central.

You can click on this LINK or the e-voucher above to go direct to their blog to check out some of the various muffins they have on offer.. SO PRETTY LAHH! So sinfully carbful but lovely for those who don't need to watch their waistline too much.. or for those who actually don't really care.. *you know who you are*

My girlfriend, Pat Law has provided me an e-voucher for you, my dear readers, family and friends a 1 for 1 Muffin deal! Just click - save - print out this little e-voucher, present it over at the Muffin Man shop and claim your free muffin in their 1 for 1 deal. Terms as stated on the e-voucher above. :) Happy Muffin-ing!! :) And please go workout after.. hahaahha!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

11 years and counting...

That was us 14 years ago in 1996... and yesterday 14th of August marked our 11th Wedding Anniversary... I was in my teens in secondary school back then and he was in his early 20s in Ngee Ann Poly doing his diploma..

Married when I hit 21 years old, 2 kids later.. several career changes, several car changes and residential changes.. here we are today... on the way to dinner for the evening... Happy Anniversary Dah! I look back into the photos and see me with the same smile and him with his quirky photoshots thats never changed over the years so far... I wonder how we would look 11 years from now!

And when we reached our dinner location early, we lounged about for abit before we checked in for our dinner reservation... meanwhile... CJ took some pictures of me with his phone and I liked this one...

Oh.. and I recieved one of the sweetest client testimonials for a dance workshop I did last week today via email that really made my day too...

"We were swept off our feet, literally, by Pamela's vivacity and vitality. Her spontaneity and casual demeanour was simply, contagious. She was 'pitch-perfect' and even a participant who had trouble telling his left from his right and his front from his back, was up grooving to the beat. The experience was made even more special as she came replete with constumes and gears to bring the fire back to the floor. Everyone felt comfortable to shake their stuff without feeling self-conscious. BTW, excellent choice of music, Pam! Keep up the good work and thank you for bringing back the passion in dancing!!"

Now thats a testimonial for keeps! :) Moving forward... time will tell what exciting things will be in store... watch this space.. :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Acting: Tai Tai Aspirations...

Tai Tai Aspirations... thats what most of us women want perhaps?.. to be a lady of leisure.. yesterday for a non-stop 9 hours film shoot in town. I played a shopping taitai.. outfit chosen? Well out of the 9 outfits I brought and 3 pairs of shoes. *Yes, it was heavy as hell*... The director chose my pink smocked top, blue jeans and boots that went along with a "beehive" hairstyle and some really deep *blue smokey* eyeshadow makeup... and a pashmina shawl, gold diamante watch (makeup artists own) and Gucci bag. (not my bag :( but it was a nice one!)

Another acting stint that goes into my portfolio once more... this one was a corporate training video for ION Orchard... so anyone who works for ION in the future will get to see this video with all its protocols and training guides... let me know if you saw me! :)

In the meantime, it was interesting acting as a tai tai for a day with very capable "service providers" available at the mall at my beck and call during my "shopping" experience at ION. My fellow cast members were great too.. above was my "concierge aka personal shopping assistant for the day" - She was great and really funny too .... I felt the casting for this shoot was quite accurate too. Everyone fit into their roles - esthetically and skills wise right how it should be. Good job all! Till we meet again.. :)

PS: Did you know that ION Orchard had a "Private Room" thats available for VIPs to use with a state of the art toilet bowl *with alot of techy buttons to fiddle around with*, an avant garde classy single person lounge resting area and a wash area filled with Kheils products? If you ever get to use that room, you must really be someone special.... :)... Private room anyone?

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Were you wondering??...

What you see in the side panel about that 20kg weightloss countdown chart? Well, its something like a personal project that I'm on to lose 20kg in 3 months. Yeah, we know I've done a 33kg weightloss thing before and first 16kg of that initial weight drop was done in the first 2.5 months with the rest done in the remaining part of that year... so with that, we all know that it can be done and I can do it with the guidance and help of the hubster who cooks practically all my meals now. BUT it doesn't make the effort easier.. its still just as freaking difficult this time as it was then... *balks in horror*

This time round however, this initiative comes with a little more of an interesting slant.. this time, I'm not dropping from that massive 100kg that I was before but from an 80kg weight. I did hit 67kg in my first round of weightloss 2008-2009 efforts and over year end festivities, Philippine travel trip 2009 and CNY 2010, I stacked on practically 11-13kg on top of my maintained weight of 67-69kg.

I have no one to blame for the weight gain except myself and then again, it became more of a personal disappointment that I could not feel the motivation to kick my own butt back into a stricter regime. It was a steady stream of constant carb loading and not watching my intake. My exercise levels no one can doubt that I have sufficient activity levels on a daily basis with even more instructing this year than the last. My week is practically full every single day. Some days, I instruct 2 regular classes too... *shrugs*

I couldn't find that motivation and lay complacent.
I tried launching a 100 day weightloss challenge. Even though it was openly publicised, some said they're interested but I've not heard any more than that?! Even with that I found myself procrastinating when to start...

Sadly enough the only other person who was motivated enough to take on that challenge was my girlfriend, Jo and I know she could achieve her aim of her objective of a 9kg loss on her end. Simply because her mindset was right and she had a plan plus she had achieved it before with her low calorie watching. I've no doubt at this time that she would be almost there by now.... I cannot do a low calorie thing - but she can do it spectacularly. To each their own. :)

Then something more interesting made its way into my life... an opportunity to be part of something that would make its mark and change my life and I took it on excitedly with open arms. What is it? An endorsement. Which brand? Well, you'll know in the weeks to come...

However, in the meantime faced with this interesting turn of events. It compellingly gave me a strong reason to run that final leg of my weightloss objectives that I set out when I was 100kg.

To reach 60kg and maintain that weight. So from that current weight of 80kg. Weighed in on the 27th of July 2010, I've embarked on a strict low carb intake regime, monitoring my activity levels and trying to adjust with the "new" activity levels.

Every time a new weight comes in, I will chart it into the sidebar.
I started on the 27th of July 2010 and aim to reach the 20kg loss before or by the 27th of October 2010. If you're reading me regularly, I would appreciate it greatly to hear from you to show me your support or if you're watching and walking this "journey" with me with your own weightloss objectives.. moral support always helps especially when I'm hitting those days that low energy hits with low motivation to keep up the regime... I can do it... I will do it.. so stay here and watch it happen or even better.. do it too...

I have a video that I will post up next week probably that I took on the start of this weightloss thing and I'll chart a video down every 2-3 weeks and probably post it up here.

As for now, the picture above was taken last Saturday at one of our clients NDP Rehearsal Fireworks display event. It was spectacular btw! When I get the video off CJs phone, I'll upload his copy here to view! And I had a tattoo *airbrushed* done on my shoulder.. I actually like having tattoos done there *you would have seen several over the years that I've put there and posted up on my blog*, haven't gotten the courage to get a real one.. haven't seen a design that I really would like permanently marked there but temporary tattoos work well for me for now.. this picture is currently the wallpaper on CJ's phone..

Okay! Thats it for now... thanks for reading! :) Leave me a comment. :)

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Allswell TVC - Worldcup Season Airing

Yeah, I know you've seen it.. yeah thats me.. and yeah thats the hubster too.. post for this when we filmed this in January HERE. But for those who just wanna see it again because its such a cringe worthy ad *shudder*, here it is again... if you're trying to remember where you saw it? Probably either GV Cinemas before they screened your movie *OMG - talk about in your face crying....* since early June or on Channel 8 on local TV during the World Cup season..

But... I think its still playing even now? Oh well.. another appearance.. another ad coming up in abit.. but for now... pls enjoy my crying bc I really was crying madly for real... we shoved medicated oil INSIDE my eyes!! And I was so much chubbier then! I was just back from our trip to the Philippines where I packed on 7-8kg! Gah!!! Okay.. now go watch.. okay.. maybe not.. okay.. up to you.. *runs away*

Conversations with my pre-teens...

The conversations with my girls these days get interesting sometimes... *fighting the urge to either burst out laughing or start crying*

Lauren: Mommy! I'm a teenager!
Me: Nope, unless you've got a "teen" in your age, you're not a teenager yet.
Lauren: But I am! I'm 10 TEEN...


Eirian: (screaming watching me wash off hair dye) Mommy!! Your head is BLEEEDING!!
Me: Nope, its hairdye.. if u EVER see me bleeding THAT MUCH.. please call the ambulance.
Me: Do you know the number to call?
Eirian: 999?
Me: No, its 995, but even if you call 999, they'll still come. So what do you tell them?
Eirian: Hi! My name is E**, my mommy's head is bleeding.
Me: (pretending to be the dispatch on the phone) "So Little Girl, what is your address?"
Eirian: eir***** (looking at me earnestly and nodding)
Me: HAR!! ADDRESS LAA! not email address!!! (facepalm)

So I can now only assume, if I need an ambulance.. my kids will be waiting by their inbox for further instructions... -.-''....

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Turning 32... Yeah its my Birthday again!

Gosh! So much as been happening these couple of weeks before and after my birthday.. been getting more classes to teach, clients to do personal training with and really filling up my timeslots... and we moved house - quite a feat by itself that happened over a couple of weeks.

Been getting quite abit of people recognising me and the hubster in our latest TVC advertisement for Allswell... no one asked for my autograph yet tho.. haha kidding.. but the 2 ads have been running for quite some time now since early June at GV cinemas and on Channel 8. Once I can get it up, I'll upload the video onto YouTube and link it here if you haven't caught it. :)

And we found a greeaat new cosy place to call our own once again next to one of Singapore's famous Hawker centre.. (gah! the food!! eeevill!!) and then took another few weeks to settle in and unpack... and then had my birthday while at it!

I turned 32 on the 2nd of July! and strangely enough, I had this thing in my mind that I was 33 for some reason.. Pffft... anyway.. what happened for my birthday, I came home the day before my birthday after teaching at Raffles Town club and the girls and CJ stayed up with a Durian birthday cake! and 4 little "lucky" durian Mochi and blew out my birthday candle.. I looove Durian cake!

I spent my actual birthday roaming the East over at Tampines Central for breakfast with the hubster and Eirian (Lauren had overnight school camp) then hopped over to IKEA for more gallavanting, cheesecake, Daim cake, wings and meatballs! Then back home to drop off crucial purchases and then back to IKEA and Giant Tampines for some supermarketing!

2 weeks after that though, some of my Saturday dance class girls got together and we had a night out at Clarke Quay to celebrate my Birthday belated! We hit dinner at Hong Kong Cafe and then had a vanilla cream cake with strawberries sponsored by Azzucar - danced but the crowd and evening there that night pretty much bombed - it was so surprisingly empty for a Saturday night! So everyone adjourned to Pump Room across the fountain to relish in some Bon Jovi for the rest of the night... cosy group of friends - Judy, Angie, EY, Preetha and Julius, Liz with her girlfriend from KL and Woo Yen.... thank you for the evening together and joining me.. :) I had a wonderful time with all of you.. :)

And Santhia from my Saturday morning Aqua class gave me a pressie too! So sweet lah!! A extremely gorgeous primer & eyeshadow set from Sephora.. like totally totally totally gorgeous colours!! Its going to be my new favourite palette for the next couple of months!

But before that.. the weekend right after my birthday. My dad and sister suggested we hit Sentosa for a Sunday together and we did! It was partially to celebrate my birthday and for some grandpa-girls bonding time and it was such a fun day!

We drove and parked at Vivocity where we boarded the bus that brought us to the Resorts World on Sentosa. He wanted to purchase the Universal Studios tickets but they were sold out that day but nevertheless it was fun doing other stuff! We'll go back another day to check it out...

If you haven't already gone to RWS, you really should even just to walk about! There are shops and restaurants and it really feels like you're in totally different country.

It was such a hot day and Eirian didn't want to take picture with the spinning Universal Globe so Lauren took it by her self. But everyone cheered up soon after when we hit the shops.. theres a Hersheys shop amongst the many retail shops there and it was literally Chocolate Galore and Reeses Heaven.. if you like peanut butter then you would like Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.. and there was a giant Reese character greeting people at the door.. I love Reeses!!

And at the Hershey shop, there were shelves and shelves of their "World's Largest Hershey's Bar" available. But seriously, thats alot of chocoate.. and its real too! Perhaps it would be good for a fondue for a really large group of people?

We were drawn by the smell of popcorn next door - Garrett Popcorn... and seriously.. this is majorly GOOD popcorn.. we HAD to buy some.. and left with a bag of cheese popcorn and almond crunch popcorn.. shiok can!! I'll go back just to buy more nutty popcorn! They're huge!!

And I love how baby-ish Eirian still looks as she looks longingly into the popcorn window (fortunately or unfortunately her little button nose with no bridge comes from me) at the mountains of fresh cheese popcorn.. "I want... I want..."

We explored the place and my sister, Alex brought her camera & took a reflection of us girls when we went past a shop window...

Wondering where to go and how to get there on the Island... we wanted to get from the entrance area to the Underwater World!

And we finally reached dad que-ed for tickets while we had hotdogs and I had a field day prodding the fishes and rays in the "petting pool"... heh heh heh... the thing about that place though.. it hasn't changed at all since I last went there and its been a couple of years already! Blah... the good thing this time, Lauren actually watched the fish swim by (albeit squatting on the travellator and covering her eyes occassionally) compared to the last time we were there and she completely covered her eyes and buried her head into my belly the whole time we were going through the aqua tunnels.. what a waste of money then!

We then headed down to the Dolphin lagoon where we took some time to watch the Seal show... and yeah, the weather was killing hot...

And Daddy dearest wasn't too pleased when the usher insisted he had to shut his umbrella... well actually it was my umbrella but it was hooot lah!! We didn't stay for the Dolpins and decided to head down to the beach instead!

The girls had their swimming costumes and were EXTREMELY pleased that they would have gotten a chance to hit the beach.. they literally ran off screaming in happiness despite the heat after my dad announced we'd have some time for some sand play...

The seals were cute though! Kinda like what you would see at the Zoo...

And a very happy Lauren... yay!! We're going to the beach!!

And in a flash the girls stripped and ran down to the waterside...

Frolicked in the water and played in the sand.. I literally had to insist they give me a picture before they continued... smile Lauren!! *snap snap*

And say Big Cheesy Eirian! *snap snap*

and the Grandpapa watching them like a hawk under the coconut tree...

We literally spent the whole afternoon at Sentosa there from noon and when we left to get back to RWS, the sun was setting already.. and there was still so much to do and see! We'll definitely be back to Sentosa.. theres more there than I remember!

and Daddy dearest had a surprise too! He bought front block tickets ($131 tickets) to Voyage De La Vie! that night for all of us! Gah... I supposed he's relieved that such outings happen only once in a while as it really REALLY burnt a hell of a big hole bringing all 4 girls out for the day.. but it was so worth it...

They didn't allow pictures to be taken inside the theatre but it was SPECTACULAR... my girls watched stage shows before but they were always kiddy kinds like Barney and Hi-5 but nothing like this and I could see they REALLY enjoyed themselves... I did too! Now that they're pre-teens, they can understand and appreciate more "complicated" shows so I'm going to plan for more!

I would really watch it again! It was literally an edge of the seat, adrenaline pumping and amazing show.. I've never seen anything like it before and it was such a rush! If you have not yet watched it, PLEASE DO.... completely worth it no matter what seat you're in because they literally move all around the theatre throughout the show.

Sometimes you just don't know where to look.. on stage or the middle platform where they are flipping about or swinging from the ceiling.. incredible! Pyrotechnics, visual effects, acrobatics, music, comedy and magic.. all a superb combination... Kudos to the show and the cast.. it was truely memorable.. and the girls were so pleased with their Grandpapa for bringing them there, they spoke about it days and days even after watching it that day.. Thank you D!

After the show, we took some pictures by the posters before we left.. Lauren and Eirian with their Grandpapa Ah Gong...

Group shot with me and my sister Alex.. and yes.. to answer some questions if you find her familiar.. that is Alexandra. Yes, the hot spinning instructor from California Fitness gyms.. and yes... she's my sister.. and no, you can't have her number.. :)

And my dad found yet another poster so we took another shot there... Phew!! It was such a good show.. and at the end of that day, we were all exhilirated and exhausted... but it was all worth it. Happy Birthday Me!! :)