Monday, March 14, 2011

LNY Mineral Makeup / TShirt Deconstruction Workshop #1

The much requested Tshirt deconstruction workshop was finally on the way and I had the support of my dear friend, Jo Lim from Lolita New York to run a combined workshop for both her Mineral Makeup products and the sexy shirt deconstruction demo. This is the first of a few workshops depending on the demand for this workshop.

Quite a number of my dance students this time round was not able to make it due to some being affected by the Japan crisis or being sick that day so another round of this workshop will be held on the 9th of April 2011 at the Raffles Town Club again for those who did not make it this first time round. Those that did come are welcome to attend again. Details for the next workshop can be found at the end of this post.

We had our dance class as usual and after freshening up. We proceeded to our workshop room where Jo started off with her introduction of her company and herself to our group of lovely ladies for the day.

We went through how to analyse our skin type to be able to choose suitable products for our skin tone. Image above showing Jo explaining what kind of color corrector shade would be suitable for my kind of skin...

Jo demonstrating how to apply the color corrector with her customised makeup sponge.

Jo demonstrating how to use their special makeup sponge to apply a smokey eyeshadow look with her mineral makeup colors....

Explaining further on the different products such as their finishing powder with her customised dispenser that sets the makeup on your face, contours your face shape and shows how it brightens your face with its use... she also went through tips on how to reduce eye puffiness and water retention with her special facial massage technique and how to properly wash your face all while toning your jawline so you can avoid a double chin!

My smokey eyeshadow look with Lolita New York's mineral makeup range. Eyes half done.

How it looks like with my face half done.

Everyone then were placed in groups of 3 and everyone was given a pack of full set mineral makeup kits to experiment with. From blending their own shade of blusher to attempting to recreate the smokey eye look with the products supplied.

Some of the ladies with some hands on makeup interaction with LNY products. Learning how to use Jo's special makeup sponge and experimenting with the colors and contouring products.

When that was done, everyone was gifted with the makeup kits that Jo provided which they split amongst themselves in their respective group.

We then moved along to the shirt deconstruction segment of the workshop. Everyone brought 2 of their own shirts with their scissors and were all ready to slice n dice their shirts from Old to Sexy... I layed out some of the previous designs that I experimented with and everyone listened intently ready to wield their scissors for some destruction... haha!

I introduced the 3 basic designs that I was demonstrating for the day. The back tie, the back weave and the corset and everyone got started as they listened with my step by step instructions.

Me demonstrating how to cut the shirt up.

Everyone working on their own creations. And then we finally reach the point where I did the final demo. for the corset design. Picture here showing me hunched over (Do I need spectacles now?!) showing how to snip the holes for the strings.

Everyone still hard at work with their own tops...

At the end of it all, everyone left with their own new sexy creations from their old tops. Knowledge on how to create those tops again and again for future use and a generous full sized Mineral Makeup kit goodybag provided by Lolita New York for their participation.

The next workshop will be held on the 9th of April 2011. Please RSVP at if you are keen to attend. Click on the image below for more details. If you are keen to run this workshop in your company or club, please email me for more details on how to arrange for this workshop at your location.

Zumba Instructor ZIN31 Training!

Once again the Zumba Fitness family gathers! Zumba Instructor training for ZIN 31 was up today at O School @ Scape, Orchard. We had a powerhouse packed training session with the regular group of instructors together with the newly initiated ones from the latest training. Lead by one of the most amazing ZES you could ever have for instructor training, Michael Thomas.

For those who have been to my classes, if you think some of my moves are eye opening.. gosh.. you haven't seen Mike T's axé moves yet. I'll explore some of them soon for you to check it out but whoaaa!!! Its brings sexy to a whole new level.

We also encountered some new powerhouse instructors who were incredibly amazing!! If anyone who has been to a Zumba class thinks a Zumba Fitness class is fun. Imagine what its like when the WHOLE ROOM IS FILLED with ONLY instructors rocking the room down. Insanity I tell you. The atmosphere always electric and everythings turbo charged...

For me, the past couple of trainings have seen me either injured *last training for ZIN29 and ZIN30 (didn't post the group picture for that one because it was really blurry) which was held at True Fitness on the 13th of February - I ran through that training with a hamstring tear on both legs*or sick and this time round, the latest bout of bug which brought me down the whole of last week is still with me and it was a complete challenge getting past the mental & physical state to keep on going.

30 minutes into the first part of the training saw me incredibly winded, tingling and I contemplated sitting out this time. But I persisted and completed the full training with as much enthusiasm as my spinning head could bear.

Other than the fact that I was dancing on clouds in my mind & that the music just seemed a little warped in my brain today, the beats not quite in sync with my rhythms and I'm moving 1/2 a beat slower than usual... I'm praying that in June for ZIN 32/33 that I will be in tip top shape to smash it out with the best of them... ZUMBAA!!!!!! *roars!!*

Friday, March 11, 2011

New Lash Range frm Lolita New York!

Remember this POST where I reviewed Lolita New York's eyelash extension services? Well, this time round, they have a brand new range of eyelash extensions and I was there to check it out! I walked into the store bare faced and walked out with smashingly alluring eyes... yes? What a difference long lush lashes can do to your face... looks like I won't be needing mascara for the next couple of weeks...

Introducing the new B-Curl range. New thickness at 2.5mm vs 1.5-2mm lash. New Length at 15mm vs 12mm. I even added two strands of purple lash highlights at the ends too! Pretty!! I like... Thanks Jo!

SGD$89 for first trial of min. 60 strands (30 on each eye as seen here in both pictures).

You can call +65 63389981 for an appointment or walk in at the store at the Marina Link at Esplanade MRT. You must book an appointment as their slots are always full!!

Lolita New York
Marina Link, Unit #B1-12
Marina Square
Easily accessible from Esplanade MRT.

Open Daily from 11am to 9pm.

When you come up from the MRT station, look to your right and go down the small flight of stairs and you're there!... and Don't Forget to quote "honeymeow" for your 20% discount!! Spread the word to friends and family!

Once again, a friendly reminder. You can join their facebook page for updates, promotions and some really great contests where you can win some great prizes too! JOIN THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE HERE.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pam Out of Order...

It started with a small cough that immediately graduated to a heaving hacking fit that left me bent over on my knees at the MRT station. The MRT attendant rubbed Axe oil on my chest n neck and calmed me down before I made my way to my next class for the day.

Little did I realise that after that evening class, the hacking came back with the wheezing and everything turned downhill from there. Dizziness, a sudden shooting up of temperature, running nose, blocked nose and severe joint aches. No amount of cooling water or almond drinks helped.

I stumbled home, took a shower, smsed cancellations of all my classes till this weekend and crashed into bed crying. Not out of sadness but just feeling sick. The next day saw me sending my kitteh, Misty to the vet to get her sterilised as we already had an appointment. Sending me to the Dr. to immediately who apparently gave me some class 1 medication that completely knocked me out for the rest of the day.

I truely appreciate all the smses and emails that flowed in throughout the day. *Ahem..yes most of u woke me up... but its ok... you all make me smile as I groggily read your messages through slitty eyes*. I'm sorry that you would have to miss having a class or training with me this week. You are all definitely on my mind. Thank you. And with all this sleep, drinking and food. I weighed in at 65kg today.. yet another KG lost. Strange considering that I've been having heavy Pizza, Wanton noodles, Vegetarian Bee hoon, Tim Tams and some other carbs that I would normally not even take on any regular basis...

Anyway.. thanks again everyone!! I hope to be up into shaking shape soon enough.. off to La La land again... *drowsy thud*.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

More Shirt Deconstruct Experiments...

Yep, theres more! My hands have been itching to cut up more shirts since I've discovered the "joys" of shirt deconstruction and todays top was not spared the shears as I tried out another design of slashing up your normal style tops. More past designs can be found HERE and HERE.

Now I have the ribbon tie design, the weaved design, the corset design and now its the criss crossed design. More to come as I try more patterns.

This one was a regular cotton ribbed double shoulder tank top in dark brown. I converted it to a halter top and behind was sliced n diced up to a criss crossed pattern. I was not too pleased with the outcome of the material however as it was a cotton ribbed material and it did not curl into strips as well as regular cotton or one mixed with spandex curled. Apparently this kind of material does better either as slashed designs that just show very little skin or designs that are cut & tie like my older red one that can be found HERE.

This design took quite awhile to figure out how to weave and tie so that it came out to this design.I figured this may look good on a knee length dress so when I get a cheap piece, I'll give it a try again and see how it looks then. This one however looked fab once I put it on and would look pretty great with jeans & high heels with some bling bling accessories.

I created this one for Mizuki with a brand new "Little Miss Naughty" tshirt. Front can be seen HERE. It was a round neck mini tee which was converted into a tank top. Round neck cut off and behind cut with a straight ribboned laced pattern. Glad she liked it. :)

Recent Thoughts...

I was looking into the mirror while dressing up for dance class the other day and noticed how the room light glinted against my shoulder... and how boney it suddenly seemed to be. At certain angles, I could see the ridges of my ribs, the bones at the tip of my shoulders (at 66kg?! How strange it seems to be boney at such a weight!) and how deeply pronounced my clavicles have become and it disturbed me somewhat... because beyond that, I still saw fat. Oh god! I'm still so fat! *pinches skin*

I walked out and asked the hubster a question I had been pondering.. "how do you know if someone has anorexic tendencies?". I believe that anorexia or at least the formations of the tendency must be derived from a certain stage of a persons size & weight in their minds before it actually plummets down to an unhealthy bone-like state. I'm not saying that I have anorexia.. I'm far from it of course but it disturbed me to look at myself and instead of being happy that I've come thus far, that I look at the reflection looking back at me and I still say.. "Oh God! Still so fat!!" Specially now where I'm not exactly what the major consensus would consider FAT. So why is this so? It must be something warped with my state of mind... ponders somemore...

What he said after that discussion also resonated in my mind.. "you haven't asked me what I thought of your size" he said and I realised.. that I havent.. and he said "you're too small now.. to me.. but you can tone up more if you want but losing more weight isn't going to make you look any better than you already do. If you gain weight, be happy. If you lose more weight, be happy. Whatever size you want to become, just be happy...." and I nodded in silence... I wished I could just agree and just smile and accept that I could just be simply happy.

You know how when people say "when I get a million dollars, I'll be happy." But when they do get the million, are they truely happy? Or is it just not enough? Or when people who are on a weightloss plan say "when I get slimmer, I'll be happy"... so why is it being slimmer turns out not as what it seems. Because it seemed that I was happier bigger and trying my darnest to get down to this goal only to reach it somewhat and say.. "thats it?"...

I won't deny having the pleasure in seeing my pictures and thinking, my gosh... look at me now, what a journey I've taken to reach where I am now.. sure, I amuse myself by hanging on to mrt poles with my arms bent at 90 degree angles so that I could see my biceps.. wahahaha! Biceps! I never thought I'd ever have arm muscles in my life! Much less slightly visible ones that I could ACTUALLY flex... I won't deny revelling unabashedly in the compliments from many a persons saying how wonderful I've made it to where I am... Thank you!

But for awhile there, I went about in a state of ponder.. to why I was not happy.. perhaps it was a loss of curves which I was previously so proud of. Sure, I was big but I was voluptuous to a major degree! I had major major curves! Looking down, now its just a bump n lump here n there with some loose skin that still needs time to retract. This is not the kind of sexy that I had in mind... slim = sexy? Apparently not so because sexy is in the mind... and my mind isn't quite clear right now...

I went about my week with these thoughts bouncing in my head
and on Friday morning, I received a surprise. My friend and PT client who I meet several times a week presented me with one of the best presents ever which she purchased for me at her latest overseas trip that came at such impeccable timing. Something that I needed at no more perfect time than now. Encouragement. Inspiration. Direction. Reason and Acceptance. Thank you S. I know you'll read this sometime and you cannot believe how touched and appreciative I am of your gift. *tears happily*

The book has been with me in my arms or in my bag since I received it and I've been taking peeks at it throughout the day, completely enjoying myself with the stories within. Finding such close parallels to what I've gone through with my weightloss journey and its struggles and finding that I can laugh along with it is just priceless. Thank you.

And one more before I end off this post and off this topic. Here below is a picture of Charlotte Mizuki and me. An amazing lady who has been a faithful blog reader for some time now that I've met lately and had gone on a weightloss journey of her own. She had successfully lost 12kg in just under 6 months. I happily applaud her efforts and determination! It was certainly not easy for sure. She had been coming to my classes recently and has been an absolute pleasure to have. To check out her exploits, her blog can be found HERE.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

TShirt Deconstruction Workshop!

By Popular Request. Its happening! Click on the image above for details and RSVP to to confirm your space. Limited to 30 participants only.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Trekking Up Mount Faber...

As part of my personal training program to incorporate a more active lifestyle into the mindset and lives of all my clients, one of my dearest client and I set out on a trek up Mount Faber on Sunday.

Our day started at 7am where we were deposited by cab at the base of Mount Faber Road. Map can be found HERE. We started at where the Taxi A image on the farthest right of the map and made our way up the slopes at a steady pace.

We walked up and down the slopes, enjoyed the scenery and the fresh air that was devoid of much toxic traffic fumes that we usually inhale... Armed with our haversacks filled with the necessary fluids for the day, a change of clothes and with me the necessary first aid kit.

We were delighted as we reached the top and referred to the map and realised that as we journeyed around the area, that we had completed all of the walks and crossed bridges that were on the trail.

From going up
Faber Walk to the Canopy Walk to going along the Marang Trail, crossing the Henderson Waves Bridge, climbing up the Hilltop Walk stairways, trekking along the Forest Walk and crossing over the Alexandra Arch and eventually reaching the Floral walk @ the Hort Park.

It took us a total of 3 hours to walk throughout all those trails with the occasional stops to enjoy the scenery, drink water and to explore what signs they had placed up along the way.

Signs like... "No rollerblading/Skateboarding" - Up along Mount Faber? I would think it was a reasonable request that this was put up. I cannot imagine how one would stop safely on such inclines and slopes specially if there was a car coming. Even if you managed to fall on your side, you would probably end up rolling down the steep slopes to the base anyway.. Eeeppsss!! Safety first!!! I hope no one had to be injured before this was put into place...

And being a considerate pet owner and "pick up your dogs poo" and dispose of respectfully would be great of course...

And "Do not feed the Monkeys!"... we didn't see any Monkeys that morning and all I saw was a bushy orange squirrel who tried his/her darnest to escape from us all while scampering up the tree... Do we really look THAT scary?!

Doing a walk so early in the morning was extremely refreshing with the morning dew on the plants still cool and dripping off the leaves around us. The air was breezy and crisp and the sun was not beating its rays at us in attempt to fry us alive.

Our trek eventually ended at the Hort Park
where we enjoyed a brisk walk through the flowers, enjoyed exploring the many unique plants they were cultivating at their experimental greenhouses and watching the fish as they meandered about in the Koi ponds within the park itself.

It was an extremely satisfying and enjoyable morning and I'm looking forward to our next trek next month for more outdoor adventures. On our list right now for the next couple of trips out would be jogging through the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Sentosa, Pulau Ubin, Mandai-Bukit Timah Hill and exploring the Kampung Buangkok Estate.

Any more suggestions on trails to explore would be appreciated.. meanwhile.. onwards towards a more active lifestyle!! Good Morning Singapore!!!