Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Trekking Up Mount Faber...

As part of my personal training program to incorporate a more active lifestyle into the mindset and lives of all my clients, one of my dearest client and I set out on a trek up Mount Faber on Sunday.

Our day started at 7am where we were deposited by cab at the base of Mount Faber Road. Map can be found HERE. We started at where the Taxi A image on the farthest right of the map and made our way up the slopes at a steady pace.

We walked up and down the slopes, enjoyed the scenery and the fresh air that was devoid of much toxic traffic fumes that we usually inhale... Armed with our haversacks filled with the necessary fluids for the day, a change of clothes and with me the necessary first aid kit.

We were delighted as we reached the top and referred to the map and realised that as we journeyed around the area, that we had completed all of the walks and crossed bridges that were on the trail.

From going up
Faber Walk to the Canopy Walk to going along the Marang Trail, crossing the Henderson Waves Bridge, climbing up the Hilltop Walk stairways, trekking along the Forest Walk and crossing over the Alexandra Arch and eventually reaching the Floral walk @ the Hort Park.

It took us a total of 3 hours to walk throughout all those trails with the occasional stops to enjoy the scenery, drink water and to explore what signs they had placed up along the way.

Signs like... "No rollerblading/Skateboarding" - Up along Mount Faber? I would think it was a reasonable request that this was put up. I cannot imagine how one would stop safely on such inclines and slopes specially if there was a car coming. Even if you managed to fall on your side, you would probably end up rolling down the steep slopes to the base anyway.. Eeeppsss!! Safety first!!! I hope no one had to be injured before this was put into place...

And being a considerate pet owner and "pick up your dogs poo" and dispose of respectfully would be great of course...

And "Do not feed the Monkeys!"... we didn't see any Monkeys that morning and all I saw was a bushy orange squirrel who tried his/her darnest to escape from us all while scampering up the tree... Do we really look THAT scary?!

Doing a walk so early in the morning was extremely refreshing with the morning dew on the plants still cool and dripping off the leaves around us. The air was breezy and crisp and the sun was not beating its rays at us in attempt to fry us alive.

Our trek eventually ended at the Hort Park
where we enjoyed a brisk walk through the flowers, enjoyed exploring the many unique plants they were cultivating at their experimental greenhouses and watching the fish as they meandered about in the Koi ponds within the park itself.

It was an extremely satisfying and enjoyable morning and I'm looking forward to our next trek next month for more outdoor adventures. On our list right now for the next couple of trips out would be jogging through the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Sentosa, Pulau Ubin, Mandai-Bukit Timah Hill and exploring the Kampung Buangkok Estate.

Any more suggestions on trails to explore would be appreciated.. meanwhile.. onwards towards a more active lifestyle!! Good Morning Singapore!!!

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