Monday, March 14, 2011

LNY Mineral Makeup / TShirt Deconstruction Workshop #1

The much requested Tshirt deconstruction workshop was finally on the way and I had the support of my dear friend, Jo Lim from Lolita New York to run a combined workshop for both her Mineral Makeup products and the sexy shirt deconstruction demo. This is the first of a few workshops depending on the demand for this workshop.

Quite a number of my dance students this time round was not able to make it due to some being affected by the Japan crisis or being sick that day so another round of this workshop will be held on the 9th of April 2011 at the Raffles Town Club again for those who did not make it this first time round. Those that did come are welcome to attend again. Details for the next workshop can be found at the end of this post.

We had our dance class as usual and after freshening up. We proceeded to our workshop room where Jo started off with her introduction of her company and herself to our group of lovely ladies for the day.

We went through how to analyse our skin type to be able to choose suitable products for our skin tone. Image above showing Jo explaining what kind of color corrector shade would be suitable for my kind of skin...

Jo demonstrating how to apply the color corrector with her customised makeup sponge.

Jo demonstrating how to use their special makeup sponge to apply a smokey eyeshadow look with her mineral makeup colors....

Explaining further on the different products such as their finishing powder with her customised dispenser that sets the makeup on your face, contours your face shape and shows how it brightens your face with its use... she also went through tips on how to reduce eye puffiness and water retention with her special facial massage technique and how to properly wash your face all while toning your jawline so you can avoid a double chin!

My smokey eyeshadow look with Lolita New York's mineral makeup range. Eyes half done.

How it looks like with my face half done.

Everyone then were placed in groups of 3 and everyone was given a pack of full set mineral makeup kits to experiment with. From blending their own shade of blusher to attempting to recreate the smokey eye look with the products supplied.

Some of the ladies with some hands on makeup interaction with LNY products. Learning how to use Jo's special makeup sponge and experimenting with the colors and contouring products.

When that was done, everyone was gifted with the makeup kits that Jo provided which they split amongst themselves in their respective group.

We then moved along to the shirt deconstruction segment of the workshop. Everyone brought 2 of their own shirts with their scissors and were all ready to slice n dice their shirts from Old to Sexy... I layed out some of the previous designs that I experimented with and everyone listened intently ready to wield their scissors for some destruction... haha!

I introduced the 3 basic designs that I was demonstrating for the day. The back tie, the back weave and the corset and everyone got started as they listened with my step by step instructions.

Me demonstrating how to cut the shirt up.

Everyone working on their own creations. And then we finally reach the point where I did the final demo. for the corset design. Picture here showing me hunched over (Do I need spectacles now?!) showing how to snip the holes for the strings.

Everyone still hard at work with their own tops...

At the end of it all, everyone left with their own new sexy creations from their old tops. Knowledge on how to create those tops again and again for future use and a generous full sized Mineral Makeup kit goodybag provided by Lolita New York for their participation.

The next workshop will be held on the 9th of April 2011. Please RSVP at if you are keen to attend. Click on the image below for more details. If you are keen to run this workshop in your company or club, please email me for more details on how to arrange for this workshop at your location.

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