Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bob Sinclair: Rock this Party

Pause my blog music and check this video out. Shelly got me listening to it and I'm hooked on it. "Everybody Dance Now!!" I love that song before can! I can still remember doing the box step to this when I was in my pre-teens when that song came out in the 80s. *head bumping to the beat*

Monday, September 29, 2008

Cheesy Double Sunrise Egg Corn Beef Sandwich

Dinner tonight... Cheesy Double Sunrise Egg Corn Beef Sandwich w/ Hotdogs and TomYam Blend!

You have not had a sandwich until you've had one at Pams. :) And the same goes for my Shepherds' Pie, pasta, pizza, and whatever else I whip up in the kitchen. Hahaha!

Whats in it?

Toasted Butter wholemeal bread topped with a layer of Cheesy Salsa cheese dip *as seen behind my plate* a runny sunny side up egg, a generous topping of black pepper corned beef, another toasted butter bread and another egg on top.

Hotdogs by the side and a serving of my Onion Tom Yam Blend I made the other day.

You can buy this cheesy dip at NTUC or Cold Storage found with all the other Salsa dips. Its a little "spicy" bc there are pimientos (pronounced as Pee-Me-En-Tos) aka red peppers in it. And is excellent as cheese sauce for lasagna as found HERE.

I had half this sandwich serving and gave up. It was too filling and gave the rest to CJ. And now there are 2 more complete sandwiches sitting on the stove. Too much! Too much!! Going to make some warm green tea now. Oh.. and this is only low carb friendly without the toasted bread so adapt if required. :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

4th & Last Zumba Party! *Till further notice*

Today's 4th & Last Zumba club party *till further notice of the LARGER combined Zumba party* was held at California Fitness Bugis club. The last one at Novena can be found HERE.

(UPDATE!! I just found out that there would be an offsite *pending Govt. approval for location, etc.* Mega Zumba Party on the 9th of November 08. They are aiming for a 10K attendance and it would be BIG!! This one is really something to look out for people... Watch this SPACE!)

Today's party was lead by Jonathan as seen above *taken w my HP & kicking myself for not bringing my camera instead*and DAMNNN!!! I love my arms!!! But why my boobs look so deflated arh!?! -.-''.

Anyway... It was the first time I have taken Zumba lead by him and BY GOLLY! He's hyper! Very high energy. Like an explosive chili padi! *cough* I still heart Rashidah. She's really the best instructor.

The place was really crowded. No strobing lights like the other parties. No decoration like others too. No game, well technically none like the other parties.

There WAS a bellydance "competition" of sorts where 6 ladies & 6 men were chosen. No doubt, I was in this too. And we had to see who was the best female & best male. And, no I didn't win much to the vocal disapproval of the regulars, hahaha! Not because I not already a pretty good bellydancer but because the one who did was really a little "xiao on" and REALLY HYPER.. SO ON! And a regular like me who keep on winning abit kelong right? Hahaha!

The party was only an hour long though. I really think that an hour is just too short. The 2 hour one the last time at Novena was really alot better in terms of duration.

Rashidah! Next one has to be MINIMUM 2 HOURS OKAY!

Oh... and I HAVE FANS! *blush blush cough cough* Wahhhhh!!! I had a some time before the party started and quite a number of regulars that I haven't spoken to before took the opportunity to chat with me.

Then they asked me if I instructed and I said that I might be in a couple of months if and when I complete the Zumba course *Rashidah.. how ah?* and whatever necessary training thats required.. etc etc.. and I was SOOOO pleased when they ALL said "Really!! We will ALL support you. We will take your class!" *All nodding furiously and patting my arm*

I was so pleased and was beaming so widely and blushing like mad *paiseh paiseh* while going "thank u thank u"... Very happy to get that kind of encouragement. A little stressed too to fullfill all these people's expectations. But I think I can do it. I think?

The first half of the party was lead by Jonathan. Really not bad actually. It was his high energy that made it a little more interesting. Then the other half was lead by a combination of a few new instructors..


Namely, Katia (Cumbia- end up I didn't stage up with her for some reason), Eesham & Kayla (Reggaeton - and I staged up with them for this! Best lah! I love Reggaeton!), William (Salsa) and Ruri (Merengue).

What I have an issue with this party was... THERE WAS NO BATTLE!!! So many of us regulars were SOOOOOOOO looking forward to the battle and THERE WAS NO BATTLE!!! Sibei Lau Hong Lah!!! How can!!! *Sad* Whats a Zumba party with NO BATTLE!!!

The theme for this party was COLOURFUL. But no one came colorful so the prize for best dressed in theme went to a lady in a flowery bra top. Haahaha!

The party ended with the usual fruit punch which AGAIN I drowned myself with.. I never learn... *shake head* and did another 2 more dance numbers with Jonathan post party and a couple of people joined in for that last burst of dancing. FUN LAH!

I was very pleased to know that I could keep up with the faster moves *Thanks to David & his GILA style of changing tempo and dance styles so often in class* and that I actually knew the moves & could make it look good *Thanks to Rashidah for leading and inspiring me in class with her impeccable dance skills*

I wished I took photos with all my usual dance mates *with my camera and not my shitty phone camera*, my friends and those people that I've seen around but only got to speak to today. But I did manage to catch one after it was all over with Sin Yee again as seen below. This girl is really very fun loving and cute.

A shot taken with Sin Yee and her friend, Christina.

So one final shot with Jonathan and Sin Yee and it was off to EAT!! *num num num num* Till the big party.. Zumba Pam OUT!~

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa Trailer

I am SOOOOOOOOOOO looking forward to this animation when it comes out at the end of the year. Aren't you?

"I like ta move it move it! I like ta move it move it! I like ta move it move it! I like ta. MOVE IT!!!"

So gonna watch it. CHOP SIGNED AND SEALED with a giant bag of sweet popcorn and extra cheesy nachos too. And I want that music track!!!!!!

Braised Pork Spicy Noodles & Veggies.

Dinner tonight! Yep, not low carb friendly because of the noodles but I have weight training and a zumba party tomorrow!

So whats in this.. Myojo Spicy Dried Char Mee with braised peanuts. Boiled Vegetables. Luncheon Meat slices and Braised Pork Belly with quail eggs!

My mom in law cooked the meat so no recipe there. And everyone knows how to make instant noodles. :) After all that, we each had two ice popcicles each! It was all in all a good combo though! Bon Apétit!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Weightloss Update: 73kg!

Whoot! I'm pleased to update today's weigh in... 73kg! Yayness!! So here it is.. part of the journey from 100kg in 2007 to now in 2008. And my 65kg goal by end Oct! *faints* But will try.

Lets see.. the last 74kg update can be found... HERE. Not used to seeing me without makeup eh? Well the face has gotta breathe! And my lids need reprieve from those false lashes haha.. :) And yeah, I usually have earphones on while using the computer so that I can blast my dance music without disturbing everyone else. (Update: Yes, I have double eyelids, I'm looking down and its probably old age eye droop that makes my eyes look small. Maybe I need a facelift *ok.. can stop asking liao?*)

Oh and there's ANOTHER but LAST club Zumba party happening at Bugis California Fitness branch this Sunday, 28th September 08 from 450pm to 6pm. Guests are allowed in free accompanied by a member so if you're interested to give this a try, EMAIL ME ASAP! so that we can arrange meeting up. If you're an existing member, COME COME!

And yeah, I'm dancing with another instructor, Katia with a cumbia set on stage this weekend.. Wha? WTH is Cumbia? Well come and find out! :)

This will be the last club party till further notice and there may be a MAJOR big scale Zumba Party in the coming months. That one will DEFINTELY be something to watch out for. :)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tom Yam Chicken w/ Broccoli & Papaya

Tonights' dinner was Fantastic! I've been craving for Tom Yam chicken for some time now and made it today for dinner. Very. Very Satisfied.

Whats in it? Fried Soya Sauce Chicken. Broccoli w/butter. Cold Cubed Papaya and a generous serving of Onion Tom Yam Blend.

Whats needed for this dish: (enough for a family of 2-3 adults + 2 children)

5 large chicken legs cut in half *gives you 10 good size chicken servings*

Marinate with 2 tablespoons of light soya sauce, 4 tables spoons of dark soya sauce, 4 swishes of white pepper, 2 tablespoons of black pepper and 3 tablespoons of apple vinegar.

Leave in plastic bag to marinate for as long as you can. I left it in the fridge for the whole afternoon.

To cook, deep fry or shallow fry in a pan till cooked. Takes maybe 5-8 minutes per piece?

Throw Broccoli into boiling water to cook. Take out once the colour changes from normal to bright green and its starts to look like its darkening and dip into normal temp water to stop the cooking process.

Cut up Sweet Fresh Papaya cubes and keep in freezer in the meantime. The coolness & sweetness of papaya was an excellent combo. with the hot chicken and spicy Tom Yam.

Whats needed for Onion Tom Yam Blend? (I made ALOT so I could keep it for the next couple of meals so just adjust accordingly?)

4 large red onions *sliced*
8 large fresh red chili *minced*
4 cloves garlic *minced*

1 bottle Tom Yam Paste
*I prefer Holly Farm but used another brand today bc it was out of stock*

Fry all the above till onions are soft & some are caramelised. Add in all the Tom Yam Paste from bottle and stir to cook for about 5 minutes and everything is well blended.

Put everything up on your plate. Add butter to broccoli and ITS DINNER TIME!!

My girls had Char Mee dried spicy noodles that went with this. Without the noodles, its a very low carb option and definitely something that I'd eat alot on my low carb regime AND YOU STILL LOSE WEIGHT!! WHOOOOTT!!

That being said.. dinner was FABULOUS and I'm going for my 2nd round now. Ciao people!

Sisters should look alike what?!

No. Thats not a double shot of me. Thats my younger sister, Alexandra (left in b/w) and me (right in colour).

I'm sure you can see the uncanny resemblences right? At the gym, I get the "you look familiar...do u teach here?" *rub chin & pondering while staring at me* I ask "Do you know that spinning instructor Alexandra?" They nod. So I mention, "Oh yeah, Lex is my sister". I get the "ooooooooohhhhhh! issit?" *sudden burst of realisation on their faces while staring intently at my face* *whooooooooooo....no wonder...*

"Eh, no wonder what arh?" -.-''

Like. Hello! We're practically twins with some minor tweaks here. She's 23. I'm 30. She's REALLY toned & fit. Well, I'm getting there. *lao niang peeks down at body - ok, in a couple of months but still.* She's got short hair. I've got long hair. Our noses are different only.

We practically smile the same way. We take pictures in the same angle. We've got the same cheekbones. Same eyes. Same teeth. Same high forehead. Even our hairline is the same. Same Jawline except that her skull size is somewhat smaller than mine.

Sisters usually look alike right? So. Hello! Now you know. Thank you! Bye bye!

Either that, I've been seen so many times in dance class that I'm practically a resident at dance on weekday mornings, people might actually mistaken me as teaching or assisting there. But NOT YET LAH! Still some many months to go can?

So if you're a reader and you have seen me around, COME SAY HI! Hokay? And.. *cough* yes I know.. I look familiar. Lets move on...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Donald Braswell II-You Raise Me Up

This guy from the latest America's Got Talent auditions definitely deserves an encore. Check out the video and you'll find out why. With a crowd thats boo-ing you till a point where they're rooting and screaming for you is an achievement in itself. Inspiring! And furthermore, he's pretty HAWT!! Big sized men in their late 30s or 40s right now.. are pretty hawt to me... hahha I must be getting old. Whoooot!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Pigs in a Comforter?

Whats for dinner tonight? CARBS AGAIN! *evil laughter*

When my daughters came back from school this evening, I whipped this up in the kitchen. Why do I call them pigs in a comforter? BC usually pigs in a blanket would mean a sausage in a somewhat thin layer of pastry. This is obviously NOT a thin layer of pastry.

What is it? Its similar to french toast. Whats in it?

Hotdogs rolled in slices of white bread and "kiapped" together with toothpicks. Dunked & soaked in a concoction of 1 cup of milk powder, 1 tablespoon of butter and 6 eggs.

Soaked till soggy then dunked individually into a pot of boiling oil n fried till crispy. About 1 min per roll.

Whats those white stuff on the side? Cuttlefish balls that I toasted in the toaster.

Definitely not a dish for those watching carbs. Don't even THINK about it.

That being said, if its yummy. Its good for my kids tummy. But not necessarily, MY tummy. *bad! bad!* I'm definitely going for dance tomorrow to work the roll off. :)

Being a Mamasan isn't Easy...

Specially when you don't really have a really BITCHY face or a deep commanding voice. It was a great experience though! I'm up for more and definitely aiming to be more natural next time.

Some people have been asking to see little snippets of the short film I did for THE RED GEISHA in April and I've gotten permission from the director to show a couple of seconds from here & there of the film.

Do note however that THE RED GEISHA is copyright and fully owned by Director/Producer -Cheriyan Lydia Natalia and no part of this sampling is allowed to be displayed or reproduced anywhere without her prior permission.

Here are 3 samplings from the film where I played Mamasan Tang. And you can tell what I meant by being on camera really puts weight on you. :) Atmosphere wise however, it was quite genuine and well art directed and the set beautiful.

Samplings however have been recorded off my television again like the other videos here as I have not figured how to convert DVDs into working files to edit on my computer yet.. patience! patience!

Previous entries can be found in these posts. HERE. HERE. HERE. and HERE. Video of the last scene to be found HERE.

And as with all Mamasans, its all about collecting money. As much as you can squeeze out these desperate men.

Here is where I get to "finger" and test the virginity of my new girl to add to my geisha doll collection.

Here is where my Red Geisha tries to poison me with her tea concoction.

Ebay Song - Singalong with Me!

Are you a compulsive online shopper?? :) Can you relate?

And in case you feel like really singing along to this, here are the lyrics!

A used ... pink bathrobe, A rare ... mint snow globe, A Smurf ... TV tray, I bought on eBay

My house ... is filled with this crap, Shows up in bubble wrap, Most every day, What I bought on eBay

Tell me why (I need another pet rock), Tell me why (I got that Alf alarm clock), Tell me why (I bid on Shatner's old toupee), They had it on eBay

I'll buy ... your knick-knack, Just check ... my feedback"A++!" they all say, They love me on eBay

Gonna buy (a slightly-damaged golf bag), Gonna buy (some Beanie Babies, new with tag)(From some guy), I've never met in Norway, Found him on eBay

I am the type who is liable to snipe you, With two seconds left to go, whoa, Got Paypal or Visa, what ever'll please ya, As long as I've got the dough

I'll buy ... your tchotchkes, Sell me ... your watch, please, I'll buy (I'll buy, I'll buy, I'll buy ...)

I'm highest bidder now (Junk keeps arriving in the mail)(From that worldwide garage sale) (Dukes Of Hazzard ashtray)(Hey! A Dukes Of Hazzard ashtray)

Oh yeah ... (I bought it on eBay)

Wanna buy (a PacMan Fever lunchbox), Wanna buy (a case off vintage tube socks), Wanna buy (a Kleenex used by Dr. Dre, Dr. Dre)(Found it on eBay)

Wanna buy (that Farrah Fawcett poster)(Pez dispensers and a toaster)(Don't know why ... the kind of stuff you'd throw away)(I'll buy on eBay)

What I bought on eBay-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y.......

Buffalaxed - Benny Lava

I know this is old but I just came across it again after so many months and realised I didn't plug a video of this on my blog! So here it is... how an indian music video sounds like in english!

I can hear groans from those who have watched this before but for those who have not.. check it out! :) Enjoy!

Weekend Carb Overload..

The weekend saw a carb overload for me. From having filipino food on Saturday afternoon with friends after dance class which definitely consisted of a plate of rice in addition to all the other dishes. I couldn't finish the rice.. I just couldn't swallow more than half my serving... my brain was screaming. Carb overload! Carb overload!!

However, you have to eat filipino food with rice.. if not NOT SHIOK LAH! .... so I had half my plate. And it was enough to send me into an immediate AFS state. AFS - After Food Syndrome where blood gets redirected to your digestive system and makes u REALLY sleepy.

Then we went for ice-cream sundaes at McDonalds with EXTRA fudge too!! *faint* (Looking down at bloated tummy but food always tastes better when you have great company)

Then Sunday came along and guess whats on the menu again! CARBS!! *Faint again*... thats it.. its a week of detox for me from this moment on. I have made a weightloss goal aim with a friend to reach 65kg by the end of October and I intend to keep it!

So what you see here was Sunday's dinner. Simple dishes to make too.

Sambal Ladies Fingers aka Okra.

What you need are the following:

2 large handfuls of ladies fingers *sliced diagonally*
2 tablespoons of sambal chili
1 tablespoon of light soya sauce
1 tablespoon of sesame oil
8 cloves of garlic *minced*
3 dashes of white pepper

Slow cook the garlic till fragrant, add in all the sauce & stirfry till the chili isn't giving you the sneezies, ie 1-2 mins*I always sneeze when frying sambal* then while the fire is still hot, throw in the ladies fingers & stir till relatively soft, takes about 5-8 minutes. Serve hot.

Then there was NOODLES!! *faint for the 3rd time* by popular request. So whats in this? Looks like normal instant noodles? It was, in a sense with a little more.

I didn't use the standard issue 5-6 pack instant noodles with pre-packed seasoning. I used those 12 plain noodles in a pack kind.

What I used are:
2 cubes of Knorrs chicken cube
4 pcs of dehydrated instant noodles
1 pack of hotdogs *chopped*
1 can of braised gluten (those brown blobs u see on the noodles)
30 sotong balls
4 eggs
4 dashes of white pepper
2 tablespoons of light soya sauce
1 tablespoon of sesame oil.

With boiling water, I threw in the chicken cubes, hot dogs, sotong balls & braised gluten & left it to boil for about 20 minutes. Scooped out the ingredients & used the soup to cook up the noodles & added the 4 eggs & stirred. Served the noodles & put all the toppings. Voila! Dinner!! *carbs - gag* but still quite yummy for the tummy...Enjoy!! No more heavy carbs for me this week. I may work out 6-7 times a week but its still no excuse to binge. :) Detox time!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Exploring Various Dance Styles

In dance class, we explore various dance styles and I'll provide here a little sampling of the some of main dance moves that you can look into touching in. Surely, there are others that we touch on but these our the main sets that we cover in class. Technical dancewise, definitely not something you'd expect to cover as opposed to actually learning in a PROPER dance school but more to have fun while executing these moves in the gym class.

Whats covered are slower moves like Bachata which works well as a warm down set.

And then we have some standard Salsa moves within various sets. You have GOT to check this out.. if this guy with ONE LEG can salsa... YOU CAN TOO... basic at least.

This one shows are really GOOD professionally choreographed Salsa dance.. very nice to watch.

Some Merengue moves...

Some reggaetton moves as seen in THIS POST. And Check out these girls! This is very similar to what you would see in class with the exception that in Singapore... most people are just too inhibited to move like that! MOVE PEOPLE MOVE!!!

And then we have misc. moves... sampling here with one of David's demos.(in white)

And Cumbia moves.. in this video the girl is actually pretty HAWT!!! But that is really what we do. Just need to loosen up and shake those hips..

And finally of course there is BellyDance!! .. Check out this male belly dancer.. Whoot! I SO SO SO SOOO want a coin/bell belt. I want!!! Ok.. thats it for now.. enjoy!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sing with Me! BOOM DI YADAAHHH!!!

There are regular songs. And there are songs like this that totally GET IN UR HEAD.

Listen once. Ahh.. ok.. cute piece.. then you click on it again... and ur head is bopping.. and then you click replay again! And there you go!! Singalong!!!

"I love the mountains, I luff the cleawr bru skies, I love the bridges.....

Booom Dii Yaadaahhh.....

.....I love egyptian kings.... I luff the whorl world... I love magma!!!.....

Boom Dii Yaaadahh...

Ahh... yet another feel good song.. go on! Click on it!! BOOM DI YADAAHHH!!! *cough* Don't say I didn't warn you though.... off to click replay for the 6th time.... Laa laa laaa.....~

Brian McKnight - Back at One

I know. Its a really old song but its a good one. Knock yourself out and check it out. :)

It's undeniable... that we should be together...

It's unbelievable how I used to say that I'd fall never

The basis you need to know, if you don't know just how I feel,

Then let me show you now that I'm for real...

If all things in time, time will reveal...Yeah...

One... you're like a dream come true...

Two... just wanna be with you...

Three... girl it's plain to see... that you're the only one for me...

Four... repeat steps one through three...

Five... make you fall in love with me...If ever I believe my work is done...

then I start Back at One (yeah)

So Incredible... the way things work themselves out...

And all emotional, once you know what it's all about babe...And undesirable... for us to be apart...

Never would of made it very far...Cause you know you've got the keys to my heart Cause...

One... you're like a dream come true

Two... just wanna be with you

Three... girl it's plain to see... that your the only one for me and

Four.. .repeat steps one through three

Five... make you fall in love with me if ever I believe my work is done...

then I start Back at One......

Say farewell to the dark of night... I see the coming of the sun...

I feel like a little child... whose life has just begun...

You came and breathed new life into this lonely heart of mine...

You threw out the life line... just in the nick of tiimmmeeee.....

One... you're like a dream come true

Two... just wanna be with you

Three... girl it's plain to see... that you're the only one for me... girl and...

Four... repeat steps one through three

Five... make you fall in love with me

If ever I believe my work is done... then I start Back at One.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chicken Adobo & Salt Fish Bean Sprouts

I did a quick cook up today just before I went to collect my girls from school. Whats on the menu today? Chicken Adobo and Salt Fish Tau Gay. My girls had rice to go along with this. We just had the dishes.

These are both VERY simple dishes. All you need are the following:

Chicken Adobo
12 chicken wings *cut in parts*
4-5 potatoes *diced*
3 onions *sliced*
12 cloves of garlic *minced*

Seasoning Agaration (add more to ur own taste but if I had to estimate)
3 tablespoons light soya sauce
3 tablespoons dark soya sauce
1 tablespoon worth of black pepper
4 dashes of white pepper
4 tablespoons of apple vinegar or similar vinegar

Throw everything together in a pan and bring to a boil. Stir occassionally. Takes about 20 mins to cook through.

Salt Fish Tau Gay aka Beansprouts
30 cents of Tau Gay *I didn't pluck out the tails today - lazy*
2 pieces of dried salted fish *soaked till hydrated then diced*

Seasoning Agaration (add more to ur own taste but if I had to estimate)
1 tablespoon oyster sauce
1 teaspoon light soya sauce
1 teaspoon chinese wine
1 teaspoon chili oil
2 dashes of white pepper

Fry the salted fish till fragrant. Add in all sauces. Stir for 30 seconds then throw in beansprouts & stir fry till somewhat limp. Should take around 3-4 mins. Don't over cook the beansprouts.

Usually I'd add some minced garlic, tauhu cubes, sliced pork & sliced red chili too but today - lazy lah!.. so u can add that if you want.

And if you're wondering, carbs! I see carbs! Yes.. if you're doing a low carb thing, I'd avoid beansprouts just bc its derivative from beans which is something I'd avoid too. And of course - potatoes in my first dish. Avoid lah!

Okie dokie! Thats it for tonight's dinner.. *burp*

America's Got Talent - Dance Acts

Catching some of the acts on TV this evening. I want to keep and showcase 2 of my favourites here on my blog. So check them out! Love them!

I appreciate the hard work and practice they must have put into their dance acts and the choreography is pretty good too! ENJOY!

Having a Good Hair Day & No Where to Go...

Taken this evening with my SE HP... the picture actually came out quite nice surprisingly. This coming from a phone where I seem to be having a little software issues in terms of sound. It keeps on pausing intermittently, the sound isn't as loud as my previous SE phone and picture quality isn't good larh!

Anyway... after a quick steam bath this morning after dance, I put on my L'oreal Nutri-Gloss hair mask *smells heavenly* for some quick pampering to my crowning glory.

What came out of that? A REALLY good hair day where my curls flowed naturally down my shoulders. I twirled it around and it stayed together in a nice long curly wurly tube as seen here. So swee lah.. so well behaved...

Why.. why must I have such a good hair day when I don't have any meetings or places to go?...WHYY!!!!??.... *grumble*....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

NSFW: 100kg Legs Vs 74kg Legs

Disclaimer: While this picture is NSFW: Not Safe For Work. Do bear in mind that while there is more flesh/skin involved. This before & after pic is only for reference on my blog only. I will not bear any responsibility for any nausea, sickness and/or negative reaction that arises from viewing this post.

If you feel that you are not prepared to view me in less than usual amount of clothes, there is that little red cross button that you can use to exit NOW. ------>> LOOK UP THERE. [X]

GO GO GO... BEFORE you continue reading on.... EXIT [X] NOW... or seal ur fate and don't come telling me that your eyes are bleeding okay!

Anyway lately, I've been noticing my pants have been getting looser and fitting alot better than before. I'm going to be switching down to a size 32-33-34 shortly as soon as I feel that my size 35 jeans are not wearable and exposing more than necessary underwear on a daily basis.

I attribute dancing to getting so much more toned than before and I'm looking forward to everything really firming up over the next couple of months. From my shoulders to my arms *heck! I don't have that roll of meat that hangs out at the end of my elbow anymore!!!* to my torso down to my legs. Amazing. No wonder dancers have such great bodies.. I ALSO WANT!! Now still flabby on certain parts but still so much better than before!

So today, I grabbed my camera and took a picture to see whats going on down over at leg city *peek down* and then I dug up an older picture of me at 100kg and WHOA LAO EH... WTF. Seriously. WTF.

I know a person at 74kg can't have great legs yet but its SO MUCH BETTER than before. Esp the hip area, the inner thigh area and even the calves... AIYOHHHH!!!..... even the lumpy cellulite is not so bad already!

So... are you ready? ..... check it out.....






don't say I never warned you ah!!...
you can still click to exit now. [X]





Oh.. and please don't message me and tell me that you don't believe the "after" pic is me. Whatever okay *rolls eyes*... believe or don't believe.. up to you.. but I can safely say.. I'm loving it. *peek down at legs*... Next leg shot.. 55kg.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Have you flown with Tiger Airways?

Being in a family that has grown up with our local home grown airline and besides the fact that my father works at Singapore Airlines. I have yet to try Tiger Airways and I'm seriously considering giving them a try.

I've heard so much about this airline and I've seen so many attractive promotions that my friends have been raving about and using for their holiday purposes so it might seem strange to know that in this day & age where everyone seems to be jet setting every couple of weeks. I have not stepped out of Singapore for years now!

Years!!! Can you believe it? For someone who literally grew up on the plane because we moved country every 2-3 years. I've been pretty much home ground for some time now.

Where would I like to head out to if I decide to give this a go? I'd like to give Tiger Airways a try to the Philippines! I haven't been back there since Eirian was 8 months old and you all know that she's turning 6 this year... Its been too long and I would love to see my mom's place again. To visit my maternal relatives, to check out the malls, eat the local food and be driven around by my mom's driver!! Ahhh the luxury of being a "princess" there in the 'pines.

Looking back of the past trips out of Singapore some time back, I have several places that I felt gave me a great experience. However, I'd like to touch on travelling back to the Philippines for now. Not alot of people I know have been there before. Everyone is a little "scared" about the safety of the country. Which I can totally understand. Heck! There are guards with loaded rifles everywhere! From the mall entrances to supermarket entrances to even 7-11 marts. Imagine that. Even security guards carry loaded handguns that hang loosely on their belts. -.-'' Not that they're going to shoot you with it... heng suay lah! But more of deterrent purposes.

However, depending on which part of the Philippines you're at, you definitely get different experiences. This meaning if you're out in the provinces/mountains as compared to being in the City of Makati in Manila.

Image from here.

Being in the city would pretty much also mean MAJOR MAJOR traffic jams. But you get the convenience of having spectacular giant malls and fantastic food joints at your selection and fancy and the food? Whoaaa!! I LOOVE THE FOOD THERE!! And have you ever sat in a Jeepney? Its one of the main public transport in the Philippines and if you have not sat in one before, you should. And learn how to pass your fare to the driver from the back of the Jeepney and HOP OFF when your place to alight comes near bc THEY MAY NOT STOP for u just to alight.

U might have to JUMP OFF! Hahahahaa!

Image from here.

I miss the Carnivals/Amusement Parks too that start in the city from November to Jan/Feb each year. These carnivals are HUMONGOUS!! I think I remember one called "Star City?" There are so many many many rides, roller coasters, games that really win u alot of prizes - u never leave empty handed, horse riding, food!! and more food!!, freak shows, horror houses... its INSANE!! The carnivals themselves are an experience altogether. And there are a few of them.. not only one. I must go back there again soon.

Being in the main city where we stay is like living on Orchard road. Just across the street from our apartment are a couple of malls. And these mall houses LV and similar brand range boutiques amongst others. Imagine that... its a misconception that its totally a 3rd world country when you have such good amenities within the city itself.

Image from here.

Travelling out of the city is something to try too. It really brings you back to nature where you get to drive to various parts of the country, see as far as the eyes can see padi fields, check out roadside stalls, swim in close to nature swimming pools, experience waterfalls, eat native food, desserts & sweets, buy super sweet mangoes & pomelos by the roadside and eat them directly in the car! Super sweet & fresh okay!!, see free roaming animals and buy local handicraft.

Image from here.

Hey! There's even this place called Fantasy World about 2 hours drive out of the city. You can take a bus from the main city interchange that goes direct there and its a mini disneyland *akin to the theme parks at Genting* thats operational all year long! One very affordable ticket at the entrance gets you in for all the rides and its very fun!!! And they're NOT cheapo rickety old rides okay! They're high quality theme park rides!! Very good for a day out when you're there.

Image from here.

And not all of the Philippines is a hot country like Singapore where we only have 1 weather.. HOT? You can travel up to the mountains and its SOOOOOOOOOOO COLD!! Not snow cold but almost there! Its THAT cold but just without snow. I want to bring CJ up to Baguio which is another place where he has yet to explore with me and that place IS COLD!!!

Now that I think back into all these, I really want to go back for a quick visit real soon and hey! Tiger Airways might be my choice this time round!

Tiger Airways is currently celebrating its 4th anniversary by having a special birthday fares starting from S$0.04 to various destinations.

Tiger Airways is Asia Pacific's true low fare airline. It offers passengers not only one of the lowest possible airfares in the market, but safe, reliable and convenient point-to-point air travel as well. Tiger Airways now flies to more than 27 destinations across 9 countries in Asia-Pacific on a fleet of brand new Airbus A320 aircraft.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Zumba Party Again!

With reference to THIS & THIS post.

The 3rd CF Zumba party went well today. I enjoyed it and if you went, did you? I didn't go to the 2nd Zumba party but you can check out videos of the 1st party HERE.

I was shoved up by one of the regulars during a call for volunteers to lead a set so I ended up doing 3 sets instead of 2. *bish from behind and a kick to my arse* Wah lau eh.... Oookay.. I'll do it...*snigger & pretend to sigh in resignation* *but buay paiseh mahhh! and anyway everyone now knows I have this secret desire to lead the class heh heh heh* ON LAH!! *skipping on stage*

The sets were relatively simple. The place was crowded. The fruit punch was layed out. The lights were strobing. The decorations & balloons were up. The place was cold! *Very good!*

The theme was beach party *first party was Latin Flava* but I think the only 2 people who actually dressed beachy was Katia in her bikini combo and David with his shades.... -.-'' Singaporeans very no fun one lah!! Not sporting!! Got theme.. dress up mahhh!! Eh! Even I went there with LASHES can... esp since I was helping out on stage.. must look swee swee mah! *cough* annnyyway... moving on....

We had a street battle and I was nominated to lead one side with a little overwhelming response. So flattered lahhh... but BAH... it was a little boring bc it would have been best if the main instructors hyped it up a little more and made it more lively like the first party! So left right left right.. do this n that... BLAH... boring lah... everyone was SOOO quiet n just moving along.. why was it I was the only one going "BOOOOO!!! boooooo!! U suck!! We're better!! Neh neh neh..." *cough* (look around.. eh!! why am I the only one shouting... -.-'')

We had Daniel/Katia/David/Jessie do a set each. I guess like that it made the 2 hours fly by easier and it wasn't so exhausting as each had their own style.

Then we had a limbo game... and we went from really high to really low... and THIS TOO.. aiyohh!! people just not sporting lah!! LIMBO people LIMBO!!! Don't just stand around sniggering leh!! Its a game!! Play larh! *rolls eyes* anyway those who did play.. we played... keep trying lah.. in the end, only a few made it through the lowest bar.. then the game ended... goodybag prizes given out... *heh heh* I peeked into mine.. Lóreal Nutrigloss hair product samples! Yay... time to put on my hair. Heh heh! Oh and my shoes were great but when I mentioned I really need new rubber soles.. I do. I was sliding a little more than usual so I'm now DEFINITELY going to re-sole them so I won't end up slipping on the wooden studio flooring.

A little more dancing... a little salsa, a little reggaeton, a little lindy, a little hip hop, a little bellydance and a little more misc. moves... and ta dahh!! Party over... and everyone made their way to hydrate themselves with fruit punch by the side.

I had so many cups of fruit punch - I feel nauseaus. I even had my bottle filled with it... I can't drink any more fruit punch.. I'm going to hurl. My new found Zumba friend, Sin Yee and me drowned ourselves with so much punch...it was almost flowing out of our ears.

Sin Yee found me through my blog and intro-ed herself one day in class! Very nice girl! Here we are all hot & sweaty after all that dancing...

Anyway.. till the next Zumba party.. I think what needs work would be the involvement of theme and to really hype up the battle segment as that part is really one of the best parts of the Zumba party... Rashidah & David!! You both HAVE to be at the next one OKAY!!

Thats it people! A very enjoyable Zumba party once more... till next time! So... I call out again.. anyone wanna try Zumba or Rumba? Drop me a mail HERE.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Weightloss Update: 74kg!

I stepped on the scales today and stepped off. Stepped on. Stepped off and did that a couple more times... just to be sure.

*blink blink* *bounce bounce* Then happily confirmed. I'm now 74kg... YAY!!! A little slow, 1kg down...BUT its progressing nonetheless!

And I got 2 pairs of shoes today for FREEEEEE! OK.. they're not really FREE but I didn't have to put out any cash for them. I had a voucher and it paid for them! I love love love vouchers! Get me vouchers any day... for any occasion for any time.

Oh and.. yes I know.. my feet are VEINY... its hard stamping a 74kg body on those 2 lumps of meat called my feet everyday without my veins screaming bloody murder.

Now I have a white and a black pair for dance classes depending on my mood! And I love the bling bling gold accents on them. Yay!!! I might want to bring them down to the cobbler to get them re-soled with better rubber soles so that I have more traction and won't end up sliding all over the place but SWEE! I like them so much!! *happiness.... la la la la la....*

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Banghra for this Sunday!

With reference to this post.

Yayness! I just recieved the first music set for Banghra so that I know what we're doing for this Sunday and I suppose its relatively simple. I have a general idea of the moves that may be used and I could pretty much replicate to this video without THAT much difficulty. THANK GOD!

I'm beginning to like this song. Throwing it into my player now. Am pretty excited about this! At most.. if I really get lost during the set.. I can improvise... *crossing my fingers that I don't fall off stage or I DON'T CRAMP midway*

THE DAYS of the Lians & Bengs...

I was very kindly invited by Claudia for a Blog Aloud Movie Review for a local movie called "The Days" on Tuesday, 7pm at GV, Vivocity.

It was a chinese movie and you would have thought that I would very likely be the last person to review a chinese show considering that I don't speak chinese. Might I clarify here that I understand chinese, just that I don't speak/read it? Anyway.. there were subtitles for those who are thinking of catching the show and are "chinese illiterate" like me.

Claudia & me! Thanks for the invitation Babe!

I found the show highly amusing. I could almost hear CJs' "tsk tsk tsk" at the back of my mind while I was watching the film. CJ was & has always been the good boy who pulled this so called "lian" out of misery a long time ago almost falling wayside towards a life of decadence and lead me down the road of "goodness". Har har har... such is a confused youth...

As much as I would hate to admit it now, I was somewhat lian back in the 90s. NOT hardcore but somewhat.

While I didn't wear clothes that had brands like Guess, Trussardi, Moschino, Valentino, Sonia Rykiel, Chantel Thomas, Jean Paul Gaultier, Versace... I did carry quite a number of different style JPG bags through out my school years back then which were given to me as gifts. Clothes wise, I always thought those many buckle/studs/obiang coloured shirts that they folded up to their shoulders were really.. OBIANG. I couldn't bring myself to wear those kind of clothes. Those giant buckles/those shiny lion head shirts/those skinny belts and those tight pants & ballet pumps. Gahhh!!! UGLY LAH!

I still wore normal clothes like Esprit/Marks & Spencer *I still do!* and various non brand clothes.. but as you can see here, the black body suit back then was pretty hot so I wore that with various skirts & under dresses.

Yes, I sported hair tails too! It was very "stylo" back then! I had one on each side of my fringe, always tucked behind my ears when it called for decency. If not those "cockroach feelers" would just hang out by the sides. Just because "I like lehhhh".

Yes, I had a Beng wanna-be boyfriend back then too which occassionally got into those crappy "I actually never really see them fight and my gang better than your gang" fights. "Stare what stare?!" and bleached his hair with cheap peroxide. *rolls eyes*

Yes, I frequented TEA PARTIES back then on Saturdays. Those were such a hot thing back then! Where did I go? Well.. places like Orchard Hotel, Fire, Sparks and the Bomb pub at Boat Quay. *GAH!!!* Go in from 2pm-530pm, always dance to TECH TECH TECHNOOOOO museeek, *point point to the sky dance / shuffle around and point finger up again - whooot whooot!!* and drink the complimentary 2 glasses of coke. Oh.. I still listen to old school techno by the way.. haha during my workouts!

However, no one believes it when I tell them that I've never stepped into Canto.. OR Zouk in my life. Even till now. Sure. I've seen it from the outside but I've never been INSIDE.

Yes, I ponteng *skipped* school ocassionally. So that we can go SIT AT McDonalds and hang out or just hang out at the bus interchange... -.-'

But all these above is really history.
The show really brought out all reminiscent of those times in the 90s and more. It was highly amusing but not something that I would revisit personally at any time ever again.

I couldn't find a picture that actually SHOWED my tail but I couldn't find one that wasn't BLURRED. So here are some pictures of me back then in 1996 with a very young CJ.. and me... in my teens, count back 12 years lah! Surprisingly though, I was 55kg then but why is it.. I look the same now at 75kg??! Anyway.... I'm very sure I had tails in these pictures bc I had them for a while before I decided that it was a fashion faux pas years later. Must have tucked them behind my ears.

Back to the movie, I won't put in spoilers for the show. You should really just catch it! Its one of the most amusing and really well art directed local movies I've seen to date. They really tried to catch the essence of the times back then and they are quite successful! I almost felt transported back to the 90s.

You can go to check out full details of this show HERE at the official website. Sypnopsis, pictures, links, cast & crew and everything about the show can be found there.

After checking that website out, GO WATCH IT AT GV! I'd recommend it esp for those that are born from the late 1970s - mid 1980s as this show is something you can really relate to and/or find it very amusing to see an era that died off with the new millenium.

What happened during this Blog Aloud screening though was that firstly, they brought us in for the show then there was a Meet & Greet Session with the Director, Boi Kwang and the rest of the cast. The cast was casted from the street and had no prior acting experience but with some training and character immersions, I'd say it was a very good job well done! Looked and sounded so REAL!!

From the walk aka like got big balls cannot close leg swagger, to the language used, to the actions and facial expressions. Very well done! Esp since the cast - mostly & originally do not speak chinese type and are actually really well behaved people in real life! And they looked SO MUCH BETTER, ie more civilised in real life too!

You've got to check it out to amuse yourself at how close they managed to replicate this "era" in Singapore's history. Right down to their props and locations... well chosen and researched!

During the post screening meet the cast session, we got to take pictures! And I chose to take one with the "Small Big Boss" aka Xiao Lao Da, Jeremy Tan - Real name Anthony Kho. He really did an excellent job portraying this "boss" of his gang.

And of course, have to take a picture with the director, Boi Kwang.. *cough* although.. he held me a little tight eh!! *cough cough* nevermind.. *coughIammarriedw/kidsbtwcough*
Successful Director.. can put his arms around me to take photo *cough* and this show is actually based on a true life story.. about Boi & his brother and their Ah Beng days back in the 90s. Oh.. and the director and I are the same age!... *am feeling a little old liao*

And of course, whats a bloggers review if there were not more bloggers there to do their part.. and who else had tickets but Molemole!! She did her review HERE.

Claudia's review can be found HERE. Mr Brown sat in front of us too and he has his HERE.

The Days Facebook page can be found HERE. Go check that out.

And check out a video of the crew & some in movie songs too!! GO WATCH!!!

And this would be one of the rare times you actually see a chinese song on my blog. I've put it here because I thought it really sounded pretty nice. If you listen to chinese songs, check this out.. nice. Even for a person like me who doesn't listen to chinese songs, I think its endearing.

And lastly... we got goodie bags filled with some movie merchandise... which we got the director to sign on. Yayness for goodie bags... free treats are always good *smack the Singaporean in me...* Hur hur hur...

So there you have it people.. Go check out this show. Its really quite worth the ticket and 100 minutes you spend watching it. For this show, I'd say.. Support Local Films.. they're REALLY not as bad as you think! This one "GOT STANDARD ONE!" .... CHECK IT OUT!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Assisting a Zumba Party!

I had the most pleasant surprise today. In the midst of a regular Wednesday and slowly winding down at home.

I was contacted by Daniel aka Ban Ban who is one of the other Zumba/Step instructors at Cal. Fitness. *The one in the middle in Pink* I only go to Rashidah & David's classes regularly so I was surprised to hear from him.

"Hi Pam, are you by any chance coming to the Zumba Party this Sunday? If you are, I will invite you to stage to do one track with me. :P"

And I was stunned. I spoke to him once before. He was at the previous Zumba party. I've seen him around and we have made small polite conversation when we bump into each other at the gym.

My girlfriend and I were talking about this Sundays' Zumba party earlier over lunch and we concluded that we might not be going as we were Rash/David fans and if they weren't conducting it. Maybe next one. But now this! Confirm GOING LOR!

I'm so freaking flattered that he noticed me and wanted me to join in with the stage demo. We got talking on MSN and I'm set up for 2 sets of Bollywood and Agogo this Sunday and maybe more.

I'm SO EXCITED! I'm so pleased. I'm SOOO FLATTERED!! *screams*

This may not be a big deal to those who instruct regularly but I'm so damn excited!! So.. are you going to be at the Zumba party this Sunday? Venue: Novena Branch. Time: 4-6pm.

Come & Shake your Booty! *cough* I'm going to be there of course, now.. are you?

Monday, September 08, 2008

Shake your Bon Bons to this!

In line with the dance classes that I've been doing alot lately, I have gotten re-aquainted with the various latin/salsa/regaetton/hiphop/house/dance music that really gets me going and is suitably apt for the kind of moves that we do in class. Think mixture between hiphop and latin dance... very fun.

And lately, I was introduced to Daddy Yankee and WHOAAAAA!!!! Love it! Its very regaetton/hiphop and would work VERY WELL in class.. when I first heard it, I found it somewhat familiar only to later realise, we already play these in class!

*doing the head/shoulder bump at my desk as I write this* NICE LAH!! This makes a good regaetton tune.

And those in class would be FAMILIAR with this... VERY nice. We almost always have this set. You would find a track of this in both Rashidah and David's class. Enjoy! And to those who want to join me and are afraid, take a listen to these tracks and if you feel you can bump ur head to the beat. You will be FINE in class.

"I love your body...."

I've never heard that comment uttered to me by anyone other than CJ so it made me quite stunned when 2 strangers came up to me and said that to me this morning.

As usual, I had my morning dance class and was cooling down at the locker room when these 2 chinese ladies which were in class earlier came up to me and one said "Hi! I love your body!".....

Luckily I was sitting down bc I was stunned. *wide eyes unblinking* "huh?" Oookay.. so that was a little too much of a "gong" reaction but I was really stunned.

The other one then said "You really can dance huh! You really shake well! Very nice to see leh! Next week we come again and take class with you ok?"

I really didn't know what to say and I was surely blushing like mad. I could do nothing but just smile wide and "thank you! and err... sure.. thanks... " *big smile* I sat there wondering what else to say bc they were just standing there... so I just kept on smiling and nodding appreciatively and wondering.. what part of my body could they like? My fat ass? My boobs? Erm... what? 1 minute later, it became a little awkward staring at eachother with nothing to say so they all moved off... "bye!!!"... *wave wave*

No one ever said that to me before... I actually find it pretty amazing! 75kg and at this plus size and you like it? Are you being serious?! For CJ to say it, abit Kelong.. hubby mah.. but stranger? Seriously.. I'm very flattered esp when I know there are loads to improve.. ie flabby arms, fat arse, my legs need more toning, my back needs more toning, my tummy could be firmer... but it kinda made my day as it was such an unexpected surprise.

Goodness.. wait till I reach 55kg. Tell me then how it looks then... and the thought of this really makes me very excited.... how will I be? Time will tell.. and it will be soon... for now.. I'll bask in the flattery for today... tomorrow will be a new day.

Oh.. and another thing.. you know when your blog has taken a life of its own when... a stranger comes up to you in public and says "Hi Pam! I'm (name) and I read your blog".

Me: Stunned again. "Oh!! Thank you!!* Nod nod... Smile smile smile....

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Dancing at the Zumba Party...

With reference to this and this past post, I pulled some strings and was given the raw video taken at the Zumba party for my personal records. The file was FREAKING huge and I was told that parts of this video will be edited and they will post it up on the TVs at the gym! Very the unglam lahhh.... :(

*GAH!!!* Anyway, to those who were curious to what Zumba is about, I've put in some clips here which I unconventionally took in the most un-techie way. I played it on TV and video recorded it with my HP and transferred it to my computer.

-.-''. I couldn't convert the DVD file into an editable file so I guess watching non high resolution videos will have to suffice for now. If you're interested to check out the real deal though, JOIN ME FOR CLASS INSTEAD to get the full and proper experience and take it from there. For those interested, Zumba is conducted at California Fitness Singapore. CFit has exclusive rights to be the only one in SG to conduct the Zumba program so you would have to join me for class if you really want to give this a go.

This video above is PART of our Zumba routine and this was lead by Rashidah. I love the way she dances.. she's like pumped with caffeine man! So high energy!! And the moves are so simple right? Zumba is a multi-level class. See the Aunty at the end of the video? If she can do it! SO CAN YOU! You can come in with your "two left feet" and still complete the class in glorious style. :) Or you can pump up the volume and the intensity and dance like a mad woman... *cough* like me.. *cough*

This video is part of the routine lead by Rashidah and David. Both my Zumba/Rumba instructors! I love that I have a video of them BOTH...*love love* these 2 people are the 2 other very important people in my life changing experience through my weightloss journey and fitness lifestyle OTHER THAN my hubster, CJ who is my personal fitness coach and driving force from 104kg to now.

And this video is part of the "Zumba style Street Battle" that was held towards the end of the Zumba party. The class was split into two opposing sides and we were up for a dance battle! Lets see who is more "XIAO ON!!*" *crazy.

One side had Rashidah & Diana with the rest of her group and the other side had David & Me with the rest of our group.

We won!!!! I think?! There wasn't a prize though but it was FUN!! And yeah, I'm looking pretty pudgy in this video *I always do!! :( * but I can attest that the past 2 weeks since then have done wonders *with alot of cramps and aches in between while doing weights* towards the firming up the back and arms and whatever else you see shaking in this video... Whoooot!! You've gotta check me out to believe it hahahaha... so anyone else wanna try Zumba or Rumba class?

Aaannnd..... Stop gawking at my fat arse hahaha at least I dare to shake it. :)

Exercise can be fun... even WITH 2 left feet. :) Agree?

Thursday, September 04, 2008

TVC Scripts IN! & I Got an Award!

Thurdays are complete work days. Either I'm doing actual work or I'm clearing housework or I'm working on SOMETHING. Its a work day any way I look at it.

We received our TVC scripts today by email. For those who don't know what this is about, we're filming a drink commercial next month. *Don't ask me which one.. you'll know soon enough and we can't say who anyway* It was supposed to be filmed THIS WEEK! But filming got rescheduled. Apparently now, there are 2 variations to film and this commercial is either going to come out as loving & touching, seriously funny or seriously BLAH!!! *crossing my fingers that it will be alright...*

And picture time.. I swiped out my handphone this evening and took a picture. Good hair day! Must take picture.. heh heh.. *bimbotic moment... la la la*

Oh! And my sister Alex just came back from a visit from the Philippines and took some pictures with Mommy!! *love love* I must go visit soon... I Miss You! .. Oh wait! You're flying back to SG soon! Yayness!!

And I was given a Brillante Weblog Premio Award! By a faithful reader living in France. Rojak Rendezvous. Her blog has gorgeous pictures and really shows the other side of life being Singaporean and living overseas with her family.

"Brilliant Weblog is a prize given to sites and blogs that are smart and brilliant both in their content and their design

The purpose of the prize is to promote as many blogs as possible in the blogsphere.

Here are the rules to follow:

When you receive the prize you must write a post showing it, together with the name of who has given it to you, and link them back.

Choose a minimum of 7 blogs (or even more) that you find brilliant in their content or design.

Show their names and links and leave them a comment informing they were prized with ‘Brilliant Weblog’.

Show a picture of those who awarded you and those you give the prize (optional). All the bloggers have wonderful work and content in their blog and all deserve to get this."

I am passing this award to the following blogger friends & family because I read you regularly, you have put in the effort to put in content to the best you can in your own way and I hope this spurs you on to continue updating your blogs regularly.

Diana @ Molemole.Sg
CJ, my hubster @ My Karate, My Life -
For actually starting a blog and actually writing in it even though he's an ANTI BLOG person! *gasp! you mean CJ has a blog? Yes.. he does! Kua kua kua -.-''*
Adele @ AuntyAdele

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My Ass is Fat but NOT as Fat as THIS!!

What do you see here? That is a size 40 jeans. Who was it on? It was on ME last year! You would have seen these complete photos in other past posts. This jeans was TIGHT AS HELL. It was my favourite pair of jeans! Brand? No brand! It was bought at a flea market for $9.90. I don't wear branded jeans and *cough* I don't have any either. As long it fits and its a bootcut! I'd like it.

My pants ranged from size 40-44 back then. And for me to have filled it up like that now that I look back was OUTRAGEOUS! My ASS was HUUUGE!!! Its still big but it was BIGGER THEN!!

What made me want to do this was because some time shortly back, I bought a size 36 jeans to replace those I gave away and wore it constantly since then. I loved the design so I went back to the market and bought another in a size 35 which fit better. *yah lah I know these are still big but HEY! I'm a 75kg woman ok!*

AND today I brought my size 36 jeans out to change after dance class and I found a gap big enough to put a large Fuji Apple! Its LOOSE!! Yayness!!! I can now retire it and move on to making my size 35 pair closer towards retirement. And that just means I can now move to buying size 33-34 jeans! YAY!!! *cheers*

I went home and in sheer amusement pulled out my old pair of jeans above just to see how it was on me now and I was shocked. *Whipping out camera & rolling up shirt* You HAVE to see this. I could fit my daughter in there together with me!!

Maybe you can't see how volumnous it is from the front.. then take a look at it from the side. GAH!!! What the...

Whoohooo!!! I have only kept this pair of pants from my old collection *I gave away the rest* and I will take another picture with this pair of pants again when I hit 55-60kg and we'll see how much of a curtain it is then. :) ONWARDS!!!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I've got a Tattoo!! Again!!

Its found its home on my upper right arm. But anyone and everyone who knows me that its not real. Just like these that I got before. Its a temporary airbrushed tattoo which I got at my event on Sunday. It'll last for maybe another day before it starts to fade off.

Have I ever contemplated getting a real one? Yes I have. But you know what the tattooist said to me? I walked in a parlour some 3 years back and wanted one at my lower back.

"Are you going to lose weight?" He asked. "Yes?" I replied. ..."better lose weight first before you put that on if not when your body changes, it might distort"... he said.

Good point.

I left and haven't gotten it to date. I haven't found the "perfect" one that I'm completely happy with and frankly, I'm too much of a "classic" person to actually get a real one. I'm not quite into permanent body adornment. If you notice, I only have one ear piercing and I wear only a diamond stud and nothing else. Kinda feel that more won't quite go with my "image" but its still something that I might do one day. Maybe.

Whoa!! I'm Famous!!

Ok.. NOT REALLY... But they're pretty cool eh? *cough* I won't really mind having my face blown up THAT big for some advertisement... *cough*... erm... any client interested? Heh heh...

I like the first one.. very LUX inspired hahaha... like a soap ad.

Err.. toothpaste ad?

Make your own famous shots at THIS SITE. Have a blast!
See! Don't say I never pass you any cool stuff hor! Enjoy. :)

Monday, September 01, 2008

Working Out: An Intro to TaeBo.

My dance instructor David had a couple of class videos that were taken in other countries but have yet had one for Singapore so I volunteered to take one of his local Tae Bo class so that he can put it up at his youtube fitness site.

It would be hard for me to take a video for Rumba because I'm dancing in the class itself and ditto for Zumba but I'll try to catch one of Rashidah when I feel abit off on that day. You guys really got to check her out lah!! *screams - SHE'S SINGLE LEH!! how can!! Outrageous! - are you guys BLIND or SOMETHING?!*

Anyway, I didn't participate in this Tae Bo class but I will try to put it into my schedule if I can fit it into my Saturday workout as it falls right after dance class. And, I know his english is a little hard to understand.. he's columbian after all but you should be able to hear "stehp toch" aka Step Touch, "senterrh" aka Centre and "fastherrr" aka Faster.. if anything.. JUST FOLLOW.

"Ai Dios Mio"...aka OMG.. its definitely followable even for beginners as its a multi level class.

This video shows about 12 minutes of his intro to class for warmup. *I couldn't stay for longer as I had errands to run and anyway my arm was cramping!! And the music was particularly loud so I was shaking so if you see the video a little shakey at some parts, sorry ah!! Was trying to adjust to the thumping in my ears*

Each class builds over the minutes in terms of intensity till the full 60 minutes are up. It works up a fanstastic sweat and is FUN! Its a relatively simple warm-up and the music is pretty catchy too! Music is ALWAYS good during exercise as it helps you keep pace or increase/decrease where necessary, makes it fun, helps you workout at a higher intensity and for longer periods of time as opposed to working out silently.

I'm never without my tunes and cannot cannot cannot workout without music. If you're embarking on a new exercise regime to get some FAST thumping workout music that gets your adrenaline pumping, aka makes you KANCHEONG and get moving. No love songs please, you can listen to that when you warm down and stretch.

Feel free to give this video a try in the comfort of your home as a warmup and if you're really keen, I just found out that I can get 1 MONTH complimentary Gym Passes to try out the various classes (BUT this not withstanding the usual 30-45 minute sales/fitness talk thats necessary before they issue the pass to you). *Gah!! Cfitness should pay me for all the recommendations and endorsements I have been giving them lah!*

Email me if interested.