Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Assisting a Zumba Party!

I had the most pleasant surprise today. In the midst of a regular Wednesday and slowly winding down at home.

I was contacted by Daniel aka Ban Ban who is one of the other Zumba/Step instructors at Cal. Fitness. *The one in the middle in Pink* I only go to Rashidah & David's classes regularly so I was surprised to hear from him.

"Hi Pam, are you by any chance coming to the Zumba Party this Sunday? If you are, I will invite you to stage to do one track with me. :P"

And I was stunned. I spoke to him once before. He was at the previous Zumba party. I've seen him around and we have made small polite conversation when we bump into each other at the gym.

My girlfriend and I were talking about this Sundays' Zumba party earlier over lunch and we concluded that we might not be going as we were Rash/David fans and if they weren't conducting it. Maybe next one. But now this! Confirm GOING LOR!

I'm so freaking flattered that he noticed me and wanted me to join in with the stage demo. We got talking on MSN and I'm set up for 2 sets of Bollywood and Agogo this Sunday and maybe more.

I'm SO EXCITED! I'm so pleased. I'm SOOO FLATTERED!! *screams*

This may not be a big deal to those who instruct regularly but I'm so damn excited!! So.. are you going to be at the Zumba party this Sunday? Venue: Novena Branch. Time: 4-6pm.

Come & Shake your Booty! *cough* I'm going to be there of course, now.. are you?


Anonymous said...

pam... u is insanely crazy... haha.. nv fail to get me lol.. with ur stunts and all..

anyway, any theme for this party? or are they done with themes?

Aka Pamela S. said...

Hey Sin,

Yes there is.. its a beach party theme.. still contemplating what to wear though.. Might be in a red halter OR maybe just a tank top. C how. See you on Sunday! And cheer for me HOR hahahaahahaahaahahaha...

Must be enthusiastic in class and dance in front can!