Friday, September 26, 2008

Weightloss Update: 73kg!

Whoot! I'm pleased to update today's weigh in... 73kg! Yayness!! So here it is.. part of the journey from 100kg in 2007 to now in 2008. And my 65kg goal by end Oct! *faints* But will try.

Lets see.. the last 74kg update can be found... HERE. Not used to seeing me without makeup eh? Well the face has gotta breathe! And my lids need reprieve from those false lashes haha.. :) And yeah, I usually have earphones on while using the computer so that I can blast my dance music without disturbing everyone else. (Update: Yes, I have double eyelids, I'm looking down and its probably old age eye droop that makes my eyes look small. Maybe I need a facelift *ok.. can stop asking liao?*)

Oh and there's ANOTHER but LAST club Zumba party happening at Bugis California Fitness branch this Sunday, 28th September 08 from 450pm to 6pm. Guests are allowed in free accompanied by a member so if you're interested to give this a try, EMAIL ME ASAP! so that we can arrange meeting up. If you're an existing member, COME COME!

And yeah, I'm dancing with another instructor, Katia with a cumbia set on stage this weekend.. Wha? WTH is Cumbia? Well come and find out! :)

This will be the last club party till further notice and there may be a MAJOR big scale Zumba Party in the coming months. That one will DEFINTELY be something to watch out for. :)


Jade said...

Gratx! This sure requires determination! I am impress! =D

Maria said...

Just found this blog. Congratulation that you loss some weight. Keep it up, 65kg is not a dream! ^^

Aka Pamela S. said...

Hi Jade! Thanks for coming by AGAIN! HAHAHA...

Hi Maria. Thanks. :) I know its not a dream. Just a number. I've dropped from 100kg to now.. another 18 more kg to 55kg. I'm almost home freeeeeee!!!