Monday, September 01, 2008

Do you work for your Sister?

A funny thing happened to me at my event yesterday.

2 of my onsite vendor partners who hasn't joined us for a while came to me and asked me "Do you work for your sister?"

I said.. "eh.. No, I don't." *confused frown* "Who are you talking about?"

They said "Pamela lah!" *arms waving about showing the expression of a fat fat body*

I said "HAR? Hhahahhahaa!" DAMN funny lor I nearly fell down laughing.

"I AM Pamela" then it was their turn to go "HUH?"What happen to you?!?! WHOA!"

*smug satisfied look*

Now... this is a sign that I must indeed look different and makes it so worth the effort to work on this change when people can only suspect that it might be you. "Hmm.. looks familiar but not sure if its her?"

Ding Ding Ding! One point for Pam!! Zero for Fat!! *applause in my head*


Fluffy Porsche said...

How I wish that I'll get this comment too. Most people thought my sisters and I are from different parent! They are 2 skinny gal and I am the plump one. People usually will say "you are sisters?!?!?!....oh....really?" grrrrh

Aka Pamela S. said...

LOL, if only they knew that my 2 sisters are actually younger, fitter and prettier than me.