Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My Ass is Fat but NOT as Fat as THIS!!

What do you see here? That is a size 40 jeans. Who was it on? It was on ME last year! You would have seen these complete photos in other past posts. This jeans was TIGHT AS HELL. It was my favourite pair of jeans! Brand? No brand! It was bought at a flea market for $9.90. I don't wear branded jeans and *cough* I don't have any either. As long it fits and its a bootcut! I'd like it.

My pants ranged from size 40-44 back then. And for me to have filled it up like that now that I look back was OUTRAGEOUS! My ASS was HUUUGE!!! Its still big but it was BIGGER THEN!!

What made me want to do this was because some time shortly back, I bought a size 36 jeans to replace those I gave away and wore it constantly since then. I loved the design so I went back to the market and bought another in a size 35 which fit better. *yah lah I know these are still big but HEY! I'm a 75kg woman ok!*

AND today I brought my size 36 jeans out to change after dance class and I found a gap big enough to put a large Fuji Apple! Its LOOSE!! Yayness!!! I can now retire it and move on to making my size 35 pair closer towards retirement. And that just means I can now move to buying size 33-34 jeans! YAY!!! *cheers*

I went home and in sheer amusement pulled out my old pair of jeans above just to see how it was on me now and I was shocked. *Whipping out camera & rolling up shirt* You HAVE to see this. I could fit my daughter in there together with me!!

Maybe you can't see how volumnous it is from the front.. then take a look at it from the side. GAH!!! What the...

Whoohooo!!! I have only kept this pair of pants from my old collection *I gave away the rest* and I will take another picture with this pair of pants again when I hit 55-60kg and we'll see how much of a curtain it is then. :) ONWARDS!!!


Anonymous said...

nice boobs

Aka Pamela S. said...

Uh huh. Ooookkkay. -.-'

El said...

Great job-- I feel like I can really relate to you! You lost a lot more, though. I think maybe we're at the same point now, not trying to *lose* anymore but trying to improve upon what's there? Well, that's how I am anyhow. Trying to increase lean body mass. It's tough and I don't feel like there are many people out there that can relate... so I'm glad to read your stuff.

You look better than me though right now!

I'll get a pair of my old jeans out and see what the difference is...