Monday, September 08, 2008

"I love your body...."

I've never heard that comment uttered to me by anyone other than CJ so it made me quite stunned when 2 strangers came up to me and said that to me this morning.

As usual, I had my morning dance class and was cooling down at the locker room when these 2 chinese ladies which were in class earlier came up to me and one said "Hi! I love your body!".....

Luckily I was sitting down bc I was stunned. *wide eyes unblinking* "huh?" Oookay.. so that was a little too much of a "gong" reaction but I was really stunned.

The other one then said "You really can dance huh! You really shake well! Very nice to see leh! Next week we come again and take class with you ok?"

I really didn't know what to say and I was surely blushing like mad. I could do nothing but just smile wide and "thank you! and err... sure.. thanks... " *big smile* I sat there wondering what else to say bc they were just standing there... so I just kept on smiling and nodding appreciatively and wondering.. what part of my body could they like? My fat ass? My boobs? Erm... what? 1 minute later, it became a little awkward staring at eachother with nothing to say so they all moved off... "bye!!!"... *wave wave*

No one ever said that to me before... I actually find it pretty amazing! 75kg and at this plus size and you like it? Are you being serious?! For CJ to say it, abit Kelong.. hubby mah.. but stranger? Seriously.. I'm very flattered esp when I know there are loads to improve.. ie flabby arms, fat arse, my legs need more toning, my back needs more toning, my tummy could be firmer... but it kinda made my day as it was such an unexpected surprise.

Goodness.. wait till I reach 55kg. Tell me then how it looks then... and the thought of this really makes me very excited.... how will I be? Time will tell.. and it will be soon... for now.. I'll bask in the flattery for today... tomorrow will be a new day.

Oh.. and another thing.. you know when your blog has taken a life of its own when... a stranger comes up to you in public and says "Hi Pam! I'm (name) and I read your blog".

Me: Stunned again. "Oh!! Thank you!!* Nod nod... Smile smile smile....


fooi said...

Quite amazing ya~~ These people were your fans! Treat them well.. lol.. :)

Aka Pamela S. said...

Fans hahaha :) Indeed.