Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blog Tradition 2008

From this this year, I will begin a blog tradition that starts with my blog this 2008 where I have compiled the first word from every post that I have posted this year from the last post just before this to the first post in January 2008.

I will do this again at the end of next year.. in the meantime.. 3 hours left to 2008. Happy New Year Everyone! You are loved. Thank you for reading Dreaming Reality this year...more to come. :)

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Presenting Presenting Apart This Oh From Just My

Is my Blog the only Blog with Spanish Music?

I change my blogtunes when I get sick of listening to them and usually that would mean maybe on a monthly basis. I've had some emails and comments from some friends and readers that they really like the tunes that I've selected. Thank you!

I'm glad you all like them too.. but that bring me down to something I was wondering.. is my blog the only local blog with Spanish music?

I would love to do some song exchanges and possibly explore more favourite spanish songs if anyone knows of any nice ones. Do leave me a message or email me!

In the meantime, I've updated the blogtunes for the new year in somewhat a melancholy relaxed mood and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Feliz Año Nuevo Everyone! Happy New Year! Maligayang Bagong Taon! Bonne Année!! Thank you for reading about me this year.. lets' enter a glorious 2009 together... :)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm Alive! I'm Alive! Don't Worry!

Seriously now people, I am SERIOUSLY touched by everyone's concern. I had no less than 15 smses, calls or emails today asking why I haven't been to dance class lately.

People! Its only been 4 days! 4 days!! Hahahahaha!!! *hand to heart* I'm SO amused and am feeling a little loved.

Dance class just isn't the same without me isn't it?! Hahhaha! *prod my thick skin* but hey.. really.. I love you gals too... thanks for the calls of concern.

No, I'm not sick again. No, I've not quit dance. No, I'm not on holiday. No, I'm not injured. No, no one offended me.

But Yes, I have been away and will be away till next week once I manage to tie down my childrens' upcoming school schedule and slot in my dance classes in times that CJ can take over from me.

I've promised CJ that I'd stay home with him *he misses me larh... or so he says... - looking at him suspiciously* for the rest of the "year". *cough* anyway.... I've been outrageously weighing in at obscene levels of weight at 73kg!!!! INSANEEEE!!! *hopping off the scale in horror*

Whats with going from 67.5kg to 73kg in a span of pre-Christmas to now?!? *shakes head in disbelief*

Is really WTF lah... but.. I attribute a major part of the weight to food weight so I'm not freaking out yet. But the lean-ness is DEFINITELY not there right now.. I feel overly swollen even right as I type this. I am definitely doing some form of workout tomorrow. Definitely.

I have a photoshoot coming up next week and I'm so swollen?!! How can?! I must, must start a detox asap.

But yeah... dance girls.. You know I love you all... I'll be back. I'm fine.. really! Keep on missing me! :) Good things come to all who wait.. hahahaahahaaha... Happy New Year everyone! Dance on baby! Dance on!!

Do REDheads get more Fun?

Its been many years since my head had a red tint. Possibly back in 2004? The last time, I did it salon style with a dark maroon base and shocking flaming red highlights and CJ FLIPPED! ... Absolutely refused to speak to me for at least a month.

The first and last time I DIY-ed dyed my hair was in October 08 and that experience can be found HERE. Btw.. photos in this post are not too clear as my camera has run out of batteries and I'm using my lousy cameraphone.

Tonight I tried to do it by myself much against the warning of my girlfriends that DIY efforts would be best done with another person so that all hair strands/back of head are covered.

Stubborn and impatient me didn't want to wait so tonight it was. I mixed and rubbed and almost threw up a couple of times because of the strong ammonia smell that surrounded my head.

My forearms and thighs which touched the dye or was dripped on stained and still are stained.... Aye.. such is the result of inexperience...

However, after washing off the goop, conditioning my locks and letting it air dry by the standing fan, I'm quite pleased with the outcome! And it strangely came out true to colour! Just like the box picture! Whooot!

3 cheers for cheap DIY hair colour.. I'll try it again in 2 months time when this shade starts to grow out.. :) In the meantime.. check it out! I can't wait till tomorrow to see it in sunlight!

So do red heads get more fun? .....

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Whats for Dinner?

Dinner was all eaten with hands just the way we like it. Whats on the plate? Buttered bread with mayonnaise, sliced cheese, cream cheese mashed egg and ham. Corn on the cob, boiled broccoli, lettuce w spiced olives & thousand island dressing and potato snackers.

Potato snackers are spiced battered criss cross fries and we had orange juice on the side and wedges of cold watermelon.

*pats tummy* Very very satisfying. :)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Bloggers Calendar 09 Draft

The first draft is out. Check it out! July 09. Final draft out soon so place your orders HERE!

BodyJam 47

Group GX Launched BodyJam 47 on Christmas Eve 08. I missed the launch as it was.. CHRISTMAS EVE after all.. but I've checked out a little of the Choreography for this routine as opposed to BodyJam 46 and I think I'll be liking 47 too.. :)

To my BodyJammer dance buddies.. if you missed the launch like me.. here's some intros to this set. Check it out and I'll be seein' ya in class!!

B-B-B-B-Body Jam!!!! Whoooot! I likey.

3 Ways to POINT - Do you Really Know How?

With Christmas season here, everyone has been out and about and interacting with more people possibly more than usual and I've noticed this a long time back. And duely shared this with my girls who now know this peeve I have and want them to learn from and that is...

How to Point.

Do you really know how to point?
I don't know if there is a specific method to pointing but this is how I feel that is most appropriate due to situation and courteous and I have been pleased from time to time again at the conscious decisions that my children have made when the situation arises that they need to point and have done it the way I have demonstrated.

For your visual aid, I enlisted Lauren to show how to do this so these pictures include her demonstration and mine for clearer visual.

Allow me to share this with you now. I feel that there are 3 ways of pointing.

The first being. Object pointing. This way of pointing is the standard pointer finger thrust as seen above. This is used for pointing to objects, stuff or inanimate objects.

Then there is Directional pointing. Which is when you point to show a direction or place. Ie for a person asking you directions. "The post office is over THERE or the bathroom is to the left".

Then lastly there are People pointing. I find it very rude to point at someone using the object pointer position. Its like sticking a long object in your face so we use a modified version for people. "There she is! or Eirian is over there!". This is where you use your thumb on fist to point instead.

There you go... 3 ways to point from me to you. How do you point?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Treats! Vanilla & Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes

Made Cupcakes for Christmas! Merry Christmas! Oh la la! Christmas is CARB HEAVEN! Vanilla Cherry ones up there and Chocolate Cherry ones down here!

The mixer had a short circuit while we were mixing up the vanilla batter and shot out the whole house! LOL! So we mixed the chocolate batter by hand instead and used a soup blender to make the batter smooth.

Turned out pretty alright for both and the texture came out pretty alright too! Check it out! 3 cheers for cupcakes! Whooot! *slurps* Am feeling a little sugar overload... *sleepy.....*

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas is about Food, Family... & GOD.

Merry Christmas everyone..! Feliz Navidad! Maligayang Pasko! Joyeux Noel!

Before we continue, I'd like to dedicate THIS SONG to everyone...Christmas Ain't Christmas anymore... Go have a listen! Christmas is all about food, family, friends and most importantly, GOD.

Yes, I'm Catholic by birth. Do I go to church? Unfortunately no, I don't. *smacks self & my mom smacking me too* But it doesn't mean I don't believe in God. Furthermore, Christmas IS a celebration with HIM. *points up to the sky* :) Thank you for every blessing Lord. *places hand on heart & closes eyes*

Despite the uproaring flu, the girls and I made our way down for a family gathering at my Aunt's house for Christmas dinner, exchanged presents and everyone just spent time and comfort in each others' presence while the children played. Last year's random Christmas pictures can be found HERE. I spent the evening drowning in litres of water, rubbing my already raw nose with tissue, sneezing and with my eyes watering.... *visualises germs floating about*

So the FOOD! ...Cookies were everywhere! Aiyoh... butter cookies again... *gobbles up more... heh heh*

And then I found these nuts/jap cracker men! So cute!!! *gobbles more*

Food time... with spiced fried fish....

Mixed Vegetables & Otak.... *slurps*....

Curry Vegetables and Chicken Curry.... *slurps more*

And I didn't take more pictures of the food but we had sushi and a large turkey which we carved to pieces... and totally demolished.. heh heh! Whats Christmas without turkey? *slaps on gravy & cranberry sauce* OH!! Where's the ROAST BEEF!! I want!!

And homemade fruitcake which was EXCELLENT.... very brandy infused and made 2 months earlier! Shioks!! I hate to think of how many pieces of these I had which needs to translate to dozens of dance classes to burn off... haha!

There were two different brownie cakes and a chocolate fudge log cake. We gathered all the December birthday celebrants and sang Happy Birthday to them.

Eirian was one of them and she was very very pleased with the additional celebrations... and we plopped lumps and lumps of chewy chocolate Ben & Jerry icecream all over each slab of brownie & logcake! Wahhhhhaah!! SINFUL ARHH!! We all had at least 2 servings of that... *looks down at belly... ahhh..pfffftttt!!*

After all that food, we all lazed about, played with the presents... and we swiped Alex, my sisters' sunglasses and took pictures with it.. loved it! I want it!! *going to swipe it from her*

And I'll leave off this gathering post with a picture taken with Alex, my younger sister and Bryan.. my 1.83cm giant sized cousin. Merry Christmas!! :)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

What the... I'M SICK AGAIN?!??!

What the.... I'm sick AGAIN?! I should have realised it earlier today but put it off as a general malaise. I woke up grumpy and then after a little miscom. smses with David, my dance teacher on todays class schedule.

I missed Tae-bo at Orchard*which might have been a good thing* because of that miscom. and hit BodyJam class at Novena instead. I was feeling alright throughout the class, met up with some of my other dance mates who I totally love too. Oh and I'm loving BodyJam 46!

Then I hit Rumba at Orchard and then it struck. Midway through dance class... I found myself seriously winding out. And I NEVER die off in class. NEVER. I'm always the last to fall if ever at all which I pride myself for the energy levels, stamina and endurance that I put forward in each class.

On some days, I hit 3 consecutive dance/weights classes and still feel fine after so whats with the dying off in today's 2nd class?! Everyone noticed bc I kept on stopping to catch my breath and even conceded "defeat" when asked if we wanted a final track. "No more... no more... I can't..." Strange.... specially when it is usually me who screams for an encore or final track. It must have been very obvious as even my instructor was concerned about the sudden lack of doing. *pauses to lay head down again*

I hit home after and could not shake off an annoying grubby throat during my shower, I put it off as being heaty with all the food & cookies that I've had recently and after some food, I knocked out in bed completely till 730pm.

I woke up groggy and with a little more than that general malaise that I was feeling earlier.. my nose was tingly, I started to sneeze intermittently, my throat has a grubby feeling and I very well am sure that I feel a fever running up to slam me from out of no where. I'm literally emenating a wide radius of heat from this moment.

I've run out of Berocca and/or Redoxon which I usually take to up my Vit. C so I'm chugging water. If this pursues and/or gets worse tomorrow.. yes, yes I know.. I'll see a doctor.. but for now... I might hit the bed early tonight.

Merry Christmas Everyone...

And I took a picture of my girls watching TV. You would think that since we have TWO sofas that they'd sit side by side on it and not ON TOP OF EACHOTHER? -.-''

But ... whatever.. as long they're happy.....

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Dance from Pam & Family

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

What I want for my Body in 6 months.

I was reading a couple of before and after weightloss blogs and some thoughts crossed my mind to what I want to see achieved for my body over the next 6 months before I hit my next birthday in July 09 which are achievable.

Esthetically, I want...
  • To have reached 55kg.
  • To have toned arms so I won't be waving bat wings anymore.
  • To have a toned torso and leaner hips.
  • To tone my legs and do something about the cellulite.
  • To tone my ass. 'nuff said.
  • To improve on my complexion *I can do with slowing down the visible signs of aging like freckles, wrinkles and pigmentation*

Physically, I want...

  • To be able to do proper sets of pushups on my toes instead of on my knees.
  • To be able to plank well without trembling like a human sized vibrator and build a stronger core.
  • To be able to dance *with a partner* well. I can dance solo but partner dancing is very different!
  • To increase overall lean muscle mass and lower body fat.
  • To increase my flexibility to make my dancing look better.
  • To wear a short skirt without feeling conscious & have ALL my clothes MEDIUM or smaller.
  • To fit into a NORMAL size calf height leather boot! I still can't zip up those damn boots!
  • To go roller blading and not feel conscious about the flab flapping about around the bikini.

I know I can achieve all this but I felt that writing it down now would help keep me in line to what I want to get done. Onwards we go... :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Continuation of Happiness X2....

As a continuation of Happiness X2 post yesterday....

It was a very nice day out for Eirians' 6th Birthday yesterday. Ever since I told her of Wild Wild Wet, she decided she wanted to celebrate her birthday there and we did!

It was our first time there and maybe it was because everything was new, we had alot of fun! It cost us $37 for the 4 of us to enter the theme park with our OCBC Baby Bonus card promotional offer.

And we tried almost every ride! Check out the different rides HERE. I didn't let them go down the really high individual tubes as I kept on imagining them being stuck inside it half way. We went twice on the Ular-Lah which we absolutely loved! It was really a scream! We would have gone more if not for the uber long que that stretched all the way down the steps!

We floated down the Shiok river twice... floated about the Tsunami which was a wave pool a couple of times and my boobs decided to play punk and tried to "wave" out of my top.. we quickly got out of that pool to save my dignity.. hahahaha!

Lauren and CJ went down the Slide Up with me absolutely freaking out below as I had flashing visions of watching them helplessly as my two sweethearts came sliding down and OUT THE WRONG WAY out of the slide which absolutely did not have any safety net AT ALL!!

I've never prayed SO HARD AND SO FAST before to keep them safe. "Oh Dear God and all the angels, PLEASE KEEP THEM SAFE!! It didn't help that the drop was almost a near vertical one and the weight discrepancy between Lauren and CJ is double!

Wait they FLIP HOW? Wait the float bursts on the way down how?! Wait they fly out of the slidey contraption the wrong way and not down the right as expected. Arghh!! Paranoia was just a little part of it. My hands and feet were cold and tingly and my legs were soft.

My head was pounding and it didn't help that they TOOK LONGER THAN USUAL to come down as Lauren was wearing a life vest and they wanted to make sure that children was allowed wear the life vest while using the ride.

Once they came down, I immediately BANNED THEM from going up again. *sees flashes of wayward flotation devices being flung out of the slide* No more... no more...

We rode the SkyRider.... and went up and down and tried all the slides at the Yakult Professors Playground. One thing is for sure, the girls had a fabulous time and my butt almost had scorch marks from sliding down so many slides.

As a school holiday special, they also had a FOAM PIT! We spent quite abit of time there revelling in the constant stream of foam! Again, paranoid mommy me kept them near the exit areas and facing away from the streams of foam as they cascaded down as the first time we entered, I lost both girls IN THE FOAM and I was on a brink of screaming for them as I thrashed about the foam that was building up till I found their heads and dragged them up and out with Eirian choking on bubbles. *shudder* I WILL NOT BE ONE OF THOSE STUPID PARENTS who would lose their children in some idiotic, can be avoided situation like choking on bubbles and suffocating!

They still loved it though.. but it was not something that I would do for an extended period of time ie foam party.... icky and bubbly and ... I was pretty damn sure that the daddy who was happily but suspiciously thrashing about with his daughter was trying to make an attempt to "accidentally slide" onto me in the pit. *runs away before he could get closer* Pffft!!

I also realised something that added to the significance of Eirian's birthday each year. I always seem to try something that I've never tried before during her celebrations. Last year for Eirian's Birthday celebrations, it was the first time I donned fake eyelashes!

This year, was the first time I wore a complete bikini in public! And it was a flaming red one too! Me being conscious about the cellulite up my thighs, my jiggly ass and the stretch marks on my belly that attempts to replicate the street directory disappeared as I realised just 10 minutes after I stripped that NO ONE WAS LOOKING AT THEM... but... instead.. we OOGLING at my BOOBS INSTEAD.... *gah!* -.-''

But .... whatever... at least it was an excellent first attempt and I daresay that I might feel a little more confident the next time I have a suitable bikini wearing occasion. *Throws away other swim costume*

And I also realised one thing. Banana Boat Ultra Mist Lotion Spray Sunblock is GREAT! It doesn't sting the eyes with its No Tear solution and it gives lovely SPF 50 protection too! And I'm tanned NOT BURNT which how I usually am after even a 30 minute swim in the day. Highly recommended! Works so much better than the sunblock lotion counterpart. *Pats face... not burnt!! yays!!*

So before this school holiday ends, and parents need a place to bring your kids... prefereably if all your kids are above 1.2m tall btw so that you can use all the rides. I'd recommend Wild Wild Wet if it doesn't rain... we definitely enjoyed it... and there's SOO many places to eat there too. Good for a long day out with the whole family.

Happy Birthday Eiri.... Mommy & Daddy loves you deep deep... :)

Oh and Another thing that I was talking about yesterday.. Rashidah! She's back! Her first return Zumba class will be on the 28th of December at 230pm, Bugis Club! So all you dance people, BE THERE! *happiness is me...* ((Muaks!!))

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happiness X2...

Two things that have no picture but has made me insanely happy that I need to note down here on my blog and will elaborate more tomorrow as I will be going to watch a movie with Eirian now.

Firstly. Today is Eirian's birthday. My little girl is now officially 6 years old. We went to Wild Wild Wet and I donned my Red Bikini for the first time in public. All that turned out excellent.

Secondly. Rashidah is back. Since THIS. And a whole lot of hooohaaa and weeks of waiting for something like this to happen. I'm insanely happy to know that she will be returning again. Babe! I've missed u loads!!! When I heard it. I laughed and laughed and laughed somemore, till I teared. Again.. This girl ah.. KEEPS ON MAKING ME CRY!!! Wah lau eh! Anyway... Die also will not miss her first class return. So dance people, if you're reading this, YOU ALSO HOR.. drag your christmas feasted asses DOWN TO THE GYM for her classes and lets all welcome her back.

WELCOME BACK RASHIDAH!!! love u love u love u!! *muaks*

Oh.. and My Darling Eirian... LOVE U LOVE U LOVE U TOOO!!! *muaks muaks muaks*

Happy Birthday my little one.. :)

Happy Birthday Ashlyn and Aver!

Wow! What a difference a year makes! Happy Birthday Ashlyn and Aver! Their birthdays are so near to each other, it made sense to celebrate it together. :)

We were graciously invited to the girls party this year again, held on Sunday, 14th December. Last years' birthday party for Aver can be found HERE! And wow! How different everyone looks!

Wendy had planned a BBQ over at East Coast but due to the rain, the party was adjourned to her in-law's house which was near my place. The girls were dropped off there by my inlaws after an outing pre-celebrating Eirian's birthday *which is today - 17th Dec* at 6pm and I met them there.

I love parties bc there's always alot of food! :) So heres Eirian taking a picture with Wendy. :) Wendy is such a lovely lady with really creative handicraft hands.

There was a little boy there too named Jayden. He was so cute!! And it was so hard chasing after him to take a picture together with him as he kept on wiggling about so I snapped one of him by himself and he posed! So cute lah!

So down to the food. Whats a party without food... I thought this was an excellent idea. Agar Agar made in eggshells! Shapewise they came out great. And once you crack the shells open, you can throw them away! Good idea for picnics! I'll do this for a party one day. Oh.. and I had at least 12 of these "eggs" hahahah! I love jelly!

Oh.. and homemade curry vegetable is GREAT! *slurps*

Whahaha! And this is my plate! I had 2 plates too as I plonked my ass down right AT THE FOOD table and made myself VERY comfortable sitting with the food. Heh heh!

They had beehoon, sotong, garlic prawns, otak, grilled yakitori *Wendy made okay!*, fried chicken wings *favourite*, hotdogs, sotong balls, achar and Onde Onde... which was also homemade and CJ totally loved! He called it "bursting with goodness" balls... bc each ball that he put into his mouth, burst with the gula melaka with the first bite... *drools*

Wendy also baked cupcakes and a very cute Hello Kitty strawberry filled butter cake as the birthday cake! Very practical and very nice too... And they had a Piglet and Tigger candle for each girl too! Their favourite!

Such a lovely combination.

The cupcakes were chocolate chip chocolate cupcakes and they were very very pretty! Eirian swiped at least 3 cupcakes at the party and brought home another 6 pcs.. wahahhha!

I also met one of Wendy's childhood friend who attended the party. *Picture taken by and credit to Wendy* Its heartwarming to know of friendships that have lasted since childhood are still going strong.. I myself only have one from childhood and she is Phoebe.

I love how bright this photo is. Thanks for the lovely shot Wendy! :) Wendy had particular instructions not to come too dressed and without false lashes to the party so I went without! Hahhaa... but it turned out pretty alright if I might say so myself.. (throws false lashes to one side.. maybe I'll put less of that when I go out from now on...) *pats eyelids - can do with less trauma.. getting old liao..*

So we took another group shot. Wendy, the birthday girls Ashlyn and Aver and me. :) Hahha! I look a little stunned and angry here. But I was happy to be there! :) Thanks for the invite Wendy! Looking forward to yet another birthday to come in 2009.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Mysterious Xmas Pressie Surprise by Post.. Who sent it?

I received a present by post today. It came in an inconspicuous white pack and this little handwritten card. I've asked around with my girlfriends to who could have sent this to me but I still haven't found the sender.

Whoever you are, I'm very touched and very amused and very very curious! Thank you for thinking of me this Christmas. :)

So will the sender please buzz me on msn or email me and let me know who you are? I have no idea and dusting for finger prints isn't really something I can do.. hahahaa.. :)

Merry Christmas too...

UPDATE: I found her!! Aiyohh! You FREAKED ME OUT CAN!! Not alot of people have my home address larh! But I love it still... Thank you SHELLY..... that was indeed a lovely lovely surprise. *love love*

And here is the pic of my present! :) Fits perfectly.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oooohh! Soo Cuuute!! *pinch*

While looking for the pictures in the previous post, I found one of Lauren when she was about 8 months old in Perth! Her cheeks were red with rash bc it was so cold and her skin was drying up.

Soooooo Cute!!! *loves loves*

If You're Fat, Do Something About It!

I most definitely don't owe it to you to help you. Who the fuck do you think you are? Why does it seem like just because you've read my blog and seen what I've gone through and now that I'm on my final leg in this journey. I owe it to you to help you?! Excuse me Madame... you can now go and fuck off and bounce down the hill.

I can only do so much to share with you ways which I follow myself with regards to diet and exercise. There are just NO SHORTCUTS to losing weight!

There are no Miracle Pills and no Magic Shakes that I can recommend you. Just stop shoving all that fucking food into your damn mouth and start MOVING your body instead of spending your damn time thinking of a rebuttal to WHY you cannot change thus you will always remain the way you are.

I am most willing to share tips that has worked me and may likely work for you too! Then you take it from there to suite your lifestyle and your needs with your own health issues! Everyone is different! Don't expect to have exactly same results I did but I'd expect that you set your own goals to achieve. We are not robots. We're not programmed to work exactly the same way. You could shed off the weight faster or slower.. but at least there should still be progress.

There would be no use for you to come to me and ask me to help you. "I'm desperate" you say. But are you really? Why is it then for every valid point I make that could possibly help you achieve your "weightloss dream" as you so aptly put it, you have a rebuttal for everything. This cannot, that cannot. And what pisses me off is that YOU'RE PERFECTLY able and healthy albeit just quite severely overweight. You don't have major health issues or physical deformities so whats the problem? The probem? Is all in YOUR MIND.

You haven't decided to do this - don't tell me you have. I'm not here to kick your fat arse into action. You have to do it youself. DECIDE then DO! Find a personal reason. Think of a goal to achive. Then decide and stop procrastinating. Holiday season isn't a time for excuses. If you give in to temptation, that's NOT MY BLARDY FAULT! "Oh, I can't resist holiday food so I'm going to hog down every damn thing I see bc its the holidays" Well, Whatever okay.. start in January then! If you really want something as "desperately" as you say you do, THEN just fucking DO IT!

Do you not think that I know where you come from? Look at these pictures! These were me! I grew in size from the time I had Lauren, had Eirian and till last year where I stood in at a 100kg+! I know the feeling of helplessness and giving up. "Aiyah, FAT already.. who cares.. just eat lah.. no one cares, no one looks anyway." In one sitting, I could eat up to 2-3 large portions of rice plus EVERYTHING at the table at ONE MEAL..and I did that 2-3 times a day! I know what it means by eating such large uncontrollable portions.

And all that unhealthy ways CAN be changed! You just have to decide. Sure, I'm pissed. Hell, I'm a little more than pissed.. I'm raging. Not only because of you but becuase I've wasted time on you where I decided previously that I'd only help those who were serious. "You're serious, you're serious" Yeah well fuck that. I'm SURE you're serious. Talk is cheap. *rolls eyes* I'm sorry, I really don't have the time to roll in the mud of misery with you.

You see this? Those pants were a size 44. And they were BURSTING at the seams. That blue top is not a blouse or shirt. It was a damn XXXXL sweater that fit like a long sleeve shirt! And looking back at this photo, I was only 23 years old! I grew from THIS size from 22 years old till 29 years old and hit whale size.

This being said. I'm will end this rant about you. You damn well know who you are. I won't be "talking" to you till I've stopped being pissed but I'd still say that WHEN you're serious, my lines are open. But till then, fuck off and wallow in your own misery. I hate negative people, it draws on my energy and just makes me feel like crap! Thank you very much ah.

Its VASTLY different
when friends have a problem, I'm more than willing to lend a helping hand or ear at any time of day. We pull through the sorrows together. But trying to drag me down just because you don't have the will to pull yourself up is another one. Thats just SELFISH.

On this note, I have been receiving very lovely emails from various readers too sharing with me their weightloss concerns and stories. Thank you and keep the mail coming. I do not want to discourage those who ask me for help to be afraid of me. This rant is NOT directed at other readers as YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE but it might very well apply to anyone else. I want you to know that you need time to decide that you will do whatever it takes before emailing me.

Please, don't treat me as a resource. I'm not an encyclopedia and I know NO miracle cure. There is such a thing as GOOGLE, y'know.

While, I still welcome requests for people who want to know more about how going low-carb and exercise has worked for me for the past 32.5kg for the past year. I would have to mention first that I would prefer not to divulge too much information, NOT BECAUSE you say I'm selfish and witholding information. What the f....... but because IT TAKES UP ALOT OF MY TIME. ALOT.

The last time I "spoke" to someone, it took a minimum of 6 msn hours to run through the concept. Plus at least another 6 hours on and off during the week following that. I want to know how you've progressed! Not just take the info like some workshop then happily skip off into the sunset!

I also want to meet you for a day to get to know you better and I would want you to join me for at least ONE exercise session whether at the gym or at my residential area in the east when I do my runs where I can help to assess how you can IMPROVE your regime and exercise pattern so that it can work FOR weightloss. If you're not willing to take the time off or work around your schedule to meet me FOR ONLY ONCE! then that surely says somthing about your commitment and "determination" to "achieve your dream".

Sorry. But.. PUI! That DOESN'T sound desperate to me. Desperation is not only about TALKING ABOUT IT. Its about Action. Desperation is where you would INSIST to meet me at my next available schedule and not "maybe next month?!?" KNN.. whatever....

Just because you THINK IT WOULD BE NICE TO KNOW.. is not a good enough reason for me to spend so many hours explaining how a regime like this can possibly work for you.

Just because you THINK THAT I HAVE SOME SECRET SOLUTION. I Don't. Read the post for THIS "secret solution".

If you're ALREADY SLIM and under 55kg, please.. don't come to me. You very likely need to TONE only. I don't think I can help if you only need to lose like.. 5kg? You can very easily do that yourself and do not need to put yourself under the rigours of a low carb/high exercise regime that I follow.

There is a direct resource called - you can always read up more FIRST before coming to me. But I would have to say too. Ours is a modified Atkins as Atkins is a very western kind of diet and method.

I am MOST willing to share if you think information that I can share with you would be beneficial to your own weightloss journey. I'm most certainly NOT thinking like I'm very "hao lian"aka proud by going.. hahahha.. "I can you, you cannot.. neh neh neh boo boo... see how pretty I've become and NOOO, I won't help you because then you'll become prettier than me."

Please okay.. I'm not so shallow. -.-'' And your success is my success. I would be happy for you when you achieve your goal and prod you along the way too! Weightloss is not hard, maintaining your weight is HARDER!

Many of those who have joined me on this journey and moved on to their own regime and diet can claim the success to their own determination.

I'm easily contactable through EMAIL. But be serious about it and talk to me. Don't just email me and ask me. "I want to know more about Atkins" well, I will very likely just redirect you to the Atkins website. How do I tell you more when you don't even tell me who you are?

What if I tell you how its done and you do it wrongly then you die leh? *worst case scenario* I'm sorry but I really don't want to live with someones' life on my head just because you're fucked up. That being said, even if we do this together, I don't claim liability for your insensibility towards yourself.

Tell me about your history, tell me why you want it, tell me what you've done, tell me anything and/or everything that you think may help. Talk to me because going Low carb is NOT for everyone. It may not be suitable for you.

I've done a post HERE to why I'm not blogging diet details. Read it! As for now.. rant ends here. Go think about it. And... I just have to mention, Lauren looks SOO CUUUTE in that first picture! Just looking at her baby picture just makes me smile. :) And I'm off to a birthday party..... Pam.. Out. Pfft!!

The Mom Song

Dedicated to the mothers that read my blog. Sound familiar? *smacks self* Yep.. I say alot of this myself... Pffft...

Hilarious! I Love Stand Up Comedy....

Check this one out on this lovely Sunday morning. I laughed till my face cramped... enjoy!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Way to Eat Pizza is With...

Tabasco sauce!! We LOOOVE Tabasco Pepper Sauce at home... When I returned from overseas posting in the early 90s and had pizza in Singapore. I could never understand or appreciate that they gave chili flakes or chili powder to top pizzas. Must use Tabasco!!

I would always request for Tabasco sauce whenever we dine in and its GRREEAT!! And we make sure we have a bottle at home when we order delivery... and tonight is the night for Canadian 2 in 1 pizza!! Whooot!!

I love the BBQ Chicken Bonanza X-tra Large Pizza and everyone else likes the Turkey Turkey with extra mushrooms. *slurps*

And I drown my pizza with Tabasco sauce - just the way I love it and *shiiookadoodles!!* we end up panting and wheezing with very VERY SWOLLEN Angelina Jolie-esque lips... *bbbbuushhhhh - lips searing with heat* SHIOK!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

What I want for Christmas....2008

Christmas is a time where its hard NOT to gain weight. I'm not making excuses for myself but I am giving myself a little slack to "Eat & Be Merry" without thinking that what I'm shoving down my mouth would equal = a whole lot of working out for me. Gah!! Thus, I'm not putting on too much restraint when it comes down to one thing this holiday season.

My Holiday Bane.... COOKIES. Oh Gawd... I LOVE COOKIES.

I love all types of cookies, EXCEPT gingerbread. And cookies are everywhere now!! Does it help that people actually bring cookies to dance class just to pass to me...temptresses!!! *faints*

And I've got a tin of butter cookies in the fridge... and God Help Me.... *SCREAMS* I love cookies. So if you wanna get me something.. HIGH QUALITY cookies please!! *think Marks & Spencer or hotel gourmet quality type* If all fails, Famous Amos always works...

Here was last years' list.. and I got 80% of that list fulfilled! Whoaa!!! Me was one happy chika.

Some people have asked me what I want for Christmas this year and since I did this last year too, I'd like to list it here too for the coming season if you're thinking hard what I might like and make your job easier. It would be great too if you're getting something that you tell me too so that I can reciprocate. PLEASE! I get very embarassed receiving presents when I don't have something to give in return.

I've got my first pressie from my mom in law! She bought me the BLACK version of THIS JACKET that I wore for this gathering. I was paranoid and freaked out about dirtying the white so its so much easier wearing the black version.. and I love this jacket... *love love*

1. Vouchers - Marks & Spencer / Robinsons vouchers are preferable.
2. Clothes - If it helps, my stats now are 38'' - 29'' - 39''. I wear a medium but if you're getting outer wear like jackets - XL prefereable.
3. <-------- See the list on the left column under Pam's Wish List? Well there's a complete list there!
4. Godiva Chocolates - Need I say more? Dah dah! Please don't get this for me.. last year's box was enough to give me a heart attack.
5. GNC Vouchers for online purchases from - Hey! I need my supplements!
6. A New Gym Bag - Something spacious. Think Nike/Adidas.
7. King Size Bed Sheets - Min. 300 thread count.
8. Hazel & Gray Coloured Contact Lenses - No degree required.

Thats all for now. I'll update more if I think of something.. :)

Teaser for Bloggers 2009 Calendar

I went for the Blogger Calendar 2009 photoshoot on Monday, dressed in theme of white top and blue jeans as with all the other bloggers.

Credit of image to Willy Foo! Official Photographer for the Calendar shoot.

I did the July shoot *bc my birthday is in July* with my fellow July baby blogger, Cullen. He blogs at Media Slog. It was the first time we met and how funny it was that he and I were probably the only non-mandarin speaking people in the whole shoot and we were in the same month shot.

Anyway.. this shot is just a teaser and won't be used for the actual calendar. Thank Goodness though because I look like the MAD school girl prancing about Mister School Teacher.. which is what Cullen is professionally. He teaches children PE and English at one of the International Schools here. And Urgh! Yeah I know.. its those act cute finger thing which can be so annoying.. *smacks self* We took at least 12 shots though and eliminated them down to the final 3 which will be selected for the calendar.

We have 3 other VERY nice shots that they would be used for the July page. I can't wait for it to be out!

If you're interested in placing an order for the Blogger Calendar 2009 which will be out later this month, email me HERE!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

(Warning NSFW!): My First Flaming Red Bikini for ONLY $5!

(Don't tell me I never warn you okay!
This post contains a NSFW image*Not Safe For Work*)

I never had a bikini of my own before.. I always had the one piece traditional kind or even a one piece shorts included piece.

I decided to give it a try the other day at Bugis Village and the turquoise one I liked was $80! Insane! Thats damn expensive larh! But I so want one of my own. So I said, I'll think about it and would be back if I considered buying it. I actually wanted a red one so really had to think twice about getting a turquoise one instead.

Then today at Song & Song Lucky Plaza, I casually browsed through the swimwear section and found a Flaming Red Bikini for ONLY SGD$5!!! INSANE! So damn cheap! $5!!! My God. I double checked with the sales lady at least 4 times.. $5! Whoot!

And the material was pretty much the same as that $80 that I wanted to get too!! Quality wise.. really not bad lor! Lycra! I'm definitely going back on Friday when I'm in town to check if they have more colours.

In the meantime... do note that if you're not prepared to see more flesh than usual or feel that you might be disgusted or whatever... don't scroll down and go ahead to click that Red Box with the Cross Up there -------->> and exit this page now.

So here it goes.... *some hours of contemplation went into considering posting this picture up, even consulted the hubby about this just in case and he was strangely A-Okay with it up too.... so I guess I'm comfortable enough to put it up now. :)* This is definitely a milestone for me over this past months of my weightloss journey. Never did I think back last year when I was 100kg and looking like THIS, that I'd wear a red bikini. So this is definitely an achievement of sorts. :)

I flipped the top inside out and instead of tying it behind, I tied it in front instead so that I'd have a ribbon.

So here it is... $5 Bikini with a 68kg body. Whooot! So worth the $5 LARH!!! Song & Song Rocks!! I'll consider taking this bikini shot again when I hit 55kg and am more toned. *cough*



















Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Review: Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant

After this mornings' Blogger Calendar 09 photoshoot *I'm in July btw - want to buy one?* This 2009 calendar is filled with various local bloggers who have taken the shots according to their birthday month! The photoshoot was filled with laughter and jokes.

Everyone's pictures came out very nice! I'm very excited to know when it might be out! If you're interested in buying one, and no I have no idea how much it costs, email me HERE!

I head down to the Roxy Singapore Grand Mercure Hotel over at Marine Parade with Diana aka Molemole and joined Rayner aka HisFoodBlog with his girlfriend for a food review at Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant.

It was really quite a last minute arrangement for me towards choosing to go to my dance clinic & class vs. joining the group for this food review. It was indeed a tough choice. I'd like to thank Rayner for obliging my attendance at this review at such last minute. THANK YOU! :)

The meal was about their Special Asian-Themed Christmas Specials, namely their Christmas Glow Menu and their Festive Cheers Menu. More details on this at the end of this post. Go Check it out!

We started the meal with a small apetiser of sesame seed candied walnuts. I loove nuts so every nut on the dish was swiped by me. *chomp chomp chomp* Buay Paiseh one nehh.. hahahaha!

Each menu came with a complimentary glass of red or white wine. I chose a red for this meal. Red wine is good for you and your heart! :)

We were given a dimsum platter too which is not part of the menu but you can order this ala-cart! I love dimsum! I specially loved the long white roll on the far right. Everything was prawn infused and I was in heaven downing these siew mai & dumpling combo... next time, I want more of this!

This was followed by the Festive Turkey, Ham and Fresh Fruit Salad which comprised of tender slices of meat with a julienne of kiwi, strawberry, jambu and grapes. The sauce you see is wasabi mayo which I don't like. Perhaps if you do order this, request that the dressing be something sweet like cranberry instead?

The soups came next and we were presented with both soups from each menu. This one is the Superior Shark's Fin Soup with Conpoy.. frankly, I have no idea what conpoy is but I still ate everything anyway... it was good!

That little parcel was very tasty too! It had a mixture of vegetables and we suspected there might have been waterchestnut in that concoction *I'm allergic to waterchestnut btw* but after a little nibbling - already in my mouth lah.. might as well chew a little to try... (Looks at self - no rash - no bloating... okay.. no waterchestnut; PHEW!~) The sharks fin for this dish was really large! Great for sharks fin soup lovers.

The other soup came bubbling in a hot pot and is the Jia Wei Superior Sharks Fin Soup in Hot Stone Pot and tasted much richer than the previous one. I liked this one much more. Ingredient wise, it was similar. The broth was different though. 2 Thumbs up for this one.

Next we had Pan Fried Fillet of Pork Spare-Rib with Special Sauce..... in other words a fancy way of saying sweet & sour pork lahhh..... *rolls eyes* But.. it tasted pretty good nonetheless! I love how they incorporated fruits into almost all their dishes and in presentation. Fruits are good!

This one - the Grilled Special Rack of Lamb with Chinese wine was GOOD.

Oh goodness.. the grilled fats in this makes this one one sinful dish but oh so succulent! With each bite, the grilled fat burst into soft creaminess in your mouth and it ended with a slight chewy texture with the meat that went with it...

When we got down to the bone, we just put our knife and fork down and stopped pretending to be civil and just used our fingers to hold it and bit into it to tear the remaining meat off the bone...*slurps*

Next we were presented with Braised Dry Scallop with Sea Cucumber and Bamboo Piths.. again... a pretty standard chinese vegetable dish. Good for the elderly in your group who likes dishes like this. I liked it though... I even liked the "more than bitter" Kai Lan stems.. I love vegetable stems hahaha..

And this one was the Braised Bai Ling Mushroom with Broccoli. No prompting needed for this. I love this one! I love Broccoli and who doesn't love large pieces of mushrooms! *slurps again*

Everyone was quite full by this time and as with the usual chinese meal, the fillers of carbs of either rice or noodles always come at the end. And we had the Homemade noodles with Prawn and Conpoy. However, we noticed that the "prawns" were quite huge and the manager said that they were baby lobster. Awww.. .nice! Whatever lah.. prawn/lobster.. at that size.. anything is nice.....*bites into lobster flesh*

The noodles were not too excessive and this dish was light and not too heavy on the stomach. I finished this completely too! As you can tell, I was totally into eating everything....

Then desserts! We were presented with Chilled Lemon Jelly which came with a really sour concoction of lime sorbet. SOUR!! Gah!! *cringe with sour face* But very refreshing and really cleansed the palate after eating all that savoury dishes.

And everyone loved this next one... I would suggest that it comes with a small scoop of mango ice-cream next time and it would have made this Chilled Mango Pudding absolutely perfect! However, on its own is pretty good too! *Loves loves... I know Eirian would totally wack this down in seconds*

So what are you waiting for? Call 6340 5678 to make your reservations!

Which Oriental Christmas Menu is available?
Check it out below with image references from what you see above!

Christmas Glow Menu: $78++ per Pax
  • Festive Turkey, Ham and Fresh Fruit Salad
  • Superior Sharks' Fin Soup with Conpoy
  • Pan-Fried Fillet of Port Spare-Rib with Special Sauce
  • Braised Dry Scallop with Sea Cucumber and Bamboo Piths
  • Homemade Noodles with Prawn and Conpoy
  • Chilled Mango Pudding
  • One Complimentary Glass of Red/White Wine


Festive Cheers Menu: $98++ per Pax
  • Festive Turkey, Ham and Fresh Fruit Salad
  • Jia Wei Superior Sharks' Fin Soup in Hot Stone Pot
  • Grilled Special Rack of Lamp with Chinese Wine
  • Braised Bai Ling Mushroom with Broccoli
  • Homemade Noodels with Prawn and Conpoy
  • Chilled Lemon Jelly
  • One Complimentary Glass of Red/White Wine
The above menus are available from 15th December 2008 - 4th January 2009
30% discount is valid from Monday to Thursday (except 24, 25 and 31 December 2008 and 1 January 2009)
Enjoy 10% discount off Yuletide Specialities takeaway items at The Lobby Café on the same day that you dine at Jia Wei by presenting their bill (original copy)
Prices are subject to 10% service charge & prevailing government taxes.