Monday, December 01, 2008

BodyJam 46 is COMING!!

This Friday, BodyJam 46 is going to launch over at California Fitness at the Orchard branch and I've been waiting for it to launch for so long already!

I wrote about it HERE in October.

Ever since I heard about it months back, I was all pumped up for it and now its finally here! Its going to lead by David and his team. Who his team entails are existing instructors Ruri, Ayesha, Daniel, William, Tomomi, Takira, Mae and Felicia along with 2-4 other people who took the training but I'm not sure if they'll be there for the launch.

And I'M STILL SORE that I missed BodyJam 46 master training. *stares at David, Daniel, Ayesha and the rest for letting me know so late* AAArrggghhh!!! I SO WANTED TO start off instructing with 46 bc I LOOOOVE the tracks and the choreo for this set is NICE LOR!!... *pouts*

I would have been such a good 46 Jammer hahahaha.. now I'll just be a dancer rather than instruct for now. *pouts again*

I've checked out Boday Jam 47 track list and have most of the tracks on hand now but its just not as GOOD as 46 lah!! *getting upset just thinking about it*

BUT.. But... I'm still excited with the launch this Friday
.. dance people and instructors reading this, SAVE ME MY USUAL SPOT HOR!! (Throws water bottle down on the floor in front of the stage)

Lets BODYJAM!! Whoooottt!!
Will you be joining me?

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