Saturday, December 06, 2008

Ben & Jerry's Chunkfest SUCKED.

Frankly, for all the hype. I expected more. It TOTALLY sucked for so many reasons. For one, it was literally a MUD fest. It was raining and with it being December. The organisers would have UNDERSTOOD that this is rainy season and put into some consideration that it would very likely rain.

At least put into some concession that you would have a rain alternative or at least major dry areas where it wouldn't seem more like a slosh mudfest than an ice-cream fest.

It was very crowded of course and we saw floating white bubbles in the shapes of hearts, stars and flowers being floated up into the sky. I think at least that part was interesting. Everyone wanted to know what that was and touch them.

There were some booths selling various food *expensive also!* and beer and there was one selling sorbets - which we had and they were, of course, not cheap. And then another with an insanely LOONG que to get ice-cream. Which we did not get since we already had sorbet.

I half expected them to be GIVING out ice-cream but everything was being sold. It would have been worth it if they were because then at least we would have felt that at least there was free ice-cream.

The Vermonster Eating Contest also, which we didn't get selected for was over in a jiffy! The groups gathered at the table and in little less than 3-4 minutes, the first team FINISHED their portion.

Everything was over in under 10 minutes and the prize giving ceremony was also.. BLAH. I expected games, balloons, clowns and a whole lotta fun stuff.. but it was more like a ploy to get people to make their way down and sell them pints and pints of ice-cream instead.

This picture was taken by Darran aka Limetouch when I arrived and met the group. Today's group was mostly plurksters. Which I'm not. I joined them through They were namely Daphne aka Hello Kitty, Krisandro and his lovely girlfriend - Rui Fang, Joey aka ChaosDingo, Hendribudi, Vincent, Sylvia and Darran aka LimeTouch.

I went with my girls right after dance class and I was HOT & SWEATY! I was literally breaking out in heat rash all over and shortly after really didn't smell all too good either.. Pui...

And of course, first time meeting Joey aka ChaosDingo in person after "knowing" him for so long through

Took a little picture with a whining Lauren who hated the muddy grounds and Eirian who just finished a large Strawberry Kiwi sorbet all by herself. The group then adjourned to Swensens at Plaza Singapura across the road where we all had dinner & ice-cream since we didn't get it at the fest itself. Portion wise at Swensens is a little pathetic though.. I'm hungry again! Next time people, lets do a buffet instead. Okay!?

Chunk Fest Verdict? FAIL.


krisandro said...

Dingo looks like a super chao ah beng there.

And I am okay for buffet! Lets organize one!

Aka Pamela S. said...

WhoooooooooT!! BUFFET!!!

CornLord said...

I saw kris photo @ Dingo blog...Kris look so cute...haha

I also want to join u guys next time!!! Grrr....