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Review: Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant

After this mornings' Blogger Calendar 09 photoshoot *I'm in July btw - want to buy one?* This 2009 calendar is filled with various local bloggers who have taken the shots according to their birthday month! The photoshoot was filled with laughter and jokes.

Everyone's pictures came out very nice! I'm very excited to know when it might be out! If you're interested in buying one, and no I have no idea how much it costs, email me HERE!

I head down to the Roxy Singapore Grand Mercure Hotel over at Marine Parade with Diana aka Molemole and joined Rayner aka HisFoodBlog with his girlfriend for a food review at Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant.

It was really quite a last minute arrangement for me towards choosing to go to my dance clinic & class vs. joining the group for this food review. It was indeed a tough choice. I'd like to thank Rayner for obliging my attendance at this review at such last minute. THANK YOU! :)

The meal was about their Special Asian-Themed Christmas Specials, namely their Christmas Glow Menu and their Festive Cheers Menu. More details on this at the end of this post. Go Check it out!

We started the meal with a small apetiser of sesame seed candied walnuts. I loove nuts so every nut on the dish was swiped by me. *chomp chomp chomp* Buay Paiseh one nehh.. hahahaha!

Each menu came with a complimentary glass of red or white wine. I chose a red for this meal. Red wine is good for you and your heart! :)

We were given a dimsum platter too which is not part of the menu but you can order this ala-cart! I love dimsum! I specially loved the long white roll on the far right. Everything was prawn infused and I was in heaven downing these siew mai & dumpling combo... next time, I want more of this!

This was followed by the Festive Turkey, Ham and Fresh Fruit Salad which comprised of tender slices of meat with a julienne of kiwi, strawberry, jambu and grapes. The sauce you see is wasabi mayo which I don't like. Perhaps if you do order this, request that the dressing be something sweet like cranberry instead?

The soups came next and we were presented with both soups from each menu. This one is the Superior Shark's Fin Soup with Conpoy.. frankly, I have no idea what conpoy is but I still ate everything anyway... it was good!

That little parcel was very tasty too! It had a mixture of vegetables and we suspected there might have been waterchestnut in that concoction *I'm allergic to waterchestnut btw* but after a little nibbling - already in my mouth lah.. might as well chew a little to try... (Looks at self - no rash - no bloating... okay.. no waterchestnut; PHEW!~) The sharks fin for this dish was really large! Great for sharks fin soup lovers.

The other soup came bubbling in a hot pot and is the Jia Wei Superior Sharks Fin Soup in Hot Stone Pot and tasted much richer than the previous one. I liked this one much more. Ingredient wise, it was similar. The broth was different though. 2 Thumbs up for this one.

Next we had Pan Fried Fillet of Pork Spare-Rib with Special Sauce..... in other words a fancy way of saying sweet & sour pork lahhh..... *rolls eyes* But.. it tasted pretty good nonetheless! I love how they incorporated fruits into almost all their dishes and in presentation. Fruits are good!

This one - the Grilled Special Rack of Lamb with Chinese wine was GOOD.

Oh goodness.. the grilled fats in this makes this one one sinful dish but oh so succulent! With each bite, the grilled fat burst into soft creaminess in your mouth and it ended with a slight chewy texture with the meat that went with it...

When we got down to the bone, we just put our knife and fork down and stopped pretending to be civil and just used our fingers to hold it and bit into it to tear the remaining meat off the bone...*slurps*

Next we were presented with Braised Dry Scallop with Sea Cucumber and Bamboo Piths.. again... a pretty standard chinese vegetable dish. Good for the elderly in your group who likes dishes like this. I liked it though... I even liked the "more than bitter" Kai Lan stems.. I love vegetable stems hahaha..

And this one was the Braised Bai Ling Mushroom with Broccoli. No prompting needed for this. I love this one! I love Broccoli and who doesn't love large pieces of mushrooms! *slurps again*

Everyone was quite full by this time and as with the usual chinese meal, the fillers of carbs of either rice or noodles always come at the end. And we had the Homemade noodles with Prawn and Conpoy. However, we noticed that the "prawns" were quite huge and the manager said that they were baby lobster. Awww.. .nice! Whatever lah.. prawn/lobster.. at that size.. anything is nice.....*bites into lobster flesh*

The noodles were not too excessive and this dish was light and not too heavy on the stomach. I finished this completely too! As you can tell, I was totally into eating everything....

Then desserts! We were presented with Chilled Lemon Jelly which came with a really sour concoction of lime sorbet. SOUR!! Gah!! *cringe with sour face* But very refreshing and really cleansed the palate after eating all that savoury dishes.

And everyone loved this next one... I would suggest that it comes with a small scoop of mango ice-cream next time and it would have made this Chilled Mango Pudding absolutely perfect! However, on its own is pretty good too! *Loves loves... I know Eirian would totally wack this down in seconds*

So what are you waiting for? Call 6340 5678 to make your reservations!

Which Oriental Christmas Menu is available?
Check it out below with image references from what you see above!

Christmas Glow Menu: $78++ per Pax
  • Festive Turkey, Ham and Fresh Fruit Salad
  • Superior Sharks' Fin Soup with Conpoy
  • Pan-Fried Fillet of Port Spare-Rib with Special Sauce
  • Braised Dry Scallop with Sea Cucumber and Bamboo Piths
  • Homemade Noodles with Prawn and Conpoy
  • Chilled Mango Pudding
  • One Complimentary Glass of Red/White Wine


Festive Cheers Menu: $98++ per Pax
  • Festive Turkey, Ham and Fresh Fruit Salad
  • Jia Wei Superior Sharks' Fin Soup in Hot Stone Pot
  • Grilled Special Rack of Lamp with Chinese Wine
  • Braised Bai Ling Mushroom with Broccoli
  • Homemade Noodels with Prawn and Conpoy
  • Chilled Lemon Jelly
  • One Complimentary Glass of Red/White Wine
The above menus are available from 15th December 2008 - 4th January 2009
30% discount is valid from Monday to Thursday (except 24, 25 and 31 December 2008 and 1 January 2009)
Enjoy 10% discount off Yuletide Specialities takeaway items at The Lobby Café on the same day that you dine at Jia Wei by presenting their bill (original copy)
Prices are subject to 10% service charge & prevailing government taxes.


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