Thursday, December 04, 2008

Chili Tuna Pasta w/ Vegetables

The other day, one of my gym friends, a very lovely Jewish lady named Pearl cooked lunch for me, tapaoed a huge container and brought it to the gym to pass it to me still piping hot. Shiokadoodles! and she made something like this. I loved it so much so I decided to give it a try today and everyone loved it!

What you'd get are crunchy vegetables in a mouth searing hot chewy tuna sauce coating base with pasta. Its really something different from the usual creamy/meaty pasta dish and I'm definitely making this again. For the first time, the whole pan of pasta was finished in one sitting! CJ took 3 large servings and I took 2! Shhhhhiiioook!! The girls had their pasta with ice popcicles because it was so hot!

Whats in it?
1 pack Plucked snow peas
1 large Carrot *sliced*
10 pcs Fresh Mushrooms *sliced*
1 large Red & Green Pepper *large dice*
2 large Red Tomatoes *diced*

2 cans of Ayam Chili Tuna - I'd use 3 cans next time.
1 can of Baked Beans - Pearl used kidney beans but I couldn't find them at my wet market today so I used baked beans instead.

1 pack of pasta - any type is fine.
A generous sprinkling of ground black pepper

It might be better if you add minced garlic and sliced onion in this too. I totally forgot to add them in but it still came out yummy.

Throw all the vegetables in a pan and cook till carrots are somewhat soft - stirfry for about 10 minutes. Throw in tuna & beans. Mix about for 3-4 minutes. Throw in drained pasta and mix well. Top with a generous sprinkling of ground black pepper & mix.

Serve & eat as is or add in parmesan cheese or sliced cheese if preferred. Yumm!! :)

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