Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Do REDheads get more Fun?

Its been many years since my head had a red tint. Possibly back in 2004? The last time, I did it salon style with a dark maroon base and shocking flaming red highlights and CJ FLIPPED! ... Absolutely refused to speak to me for at least a month.

The first and last time I DIY-ed dyed my hair was in October 08 and that experience can be found HERE. Btw.. photos in this post are not too clear as my camera has run out of batteries and I'm using my lousy cameraphone.

Tonight I tried to do it by myself much against the warning of my girlfriends that DIY efforts would be best done with another person so that all hair strands/back of head are covered.

Stubborn and impatient me didn't want to wait so tonight it was. I mixed and rubbed and almost threw up a couple of times because of the strong ammonia smell that surrounded my head.

My forearms and thighs which touched the dye or was dripped on stained and still are stained.... Aye.. such is the result of inexperience...

However, after washing off the goop, conditioning my locks and letting it air dry by the standing fan, I'm quite pleased with the outcome! And it strangely came out true to colour! Just like the box picture! Whooot!

3 cheers for cheap DIY hair colour.. I'll try it again in 2 months time when this shade starts to grow out.. :) In the meantime.. check it out! I can't wait till tomorrow to see it in sunlight!

So do red heads get more fun? .....

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