Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Virgin Attempt at Dying...

Dying hair that is. I was sick of having my duo toned, inner base strands dark brown and the lower strands a highlighty chestnut colour so I popped by Guardian today, chose a DIY Revlon hair colouring kit in a light golden brown and happily skipped home. $7.50 only mah! Can try.

Only to realise around 930pm that I knew NUTS about self dying and started to worry about making myself a BLONDE accidentally so I warned CJ that it might happen because I really didn't know how it would turn out.

I caught Shelly online over MSN and I started asking her a whole load of questions and she very kindly volunteered to come over and do it for me. So at 11pm at night, I loaded some garlic toast into the toaster for them and Shelly & Nash trooped over.

Aye, such is a friend indeed. Who would drive all the way to your house at 11pm at night to dye your hair for you leh?! *muse*

I got geared up in a top that I didn't want anymore and an old towel and Shelly set off to work on my hair with expert skill and efficiency. She gently smeared vaseline all over my hairline and my ears - so that it won't stain my skin.

I have to add that she didn't use the gloves on one of her hands so that she could hold the comb to evenly distribute the lotion and this meant that the lotion stained her fingertips a dark brown. And it REALLY STAINS! Like, cannot come out for a week to 3 weeks that kind! Knowing that she's quite particular about her hands and her cleanliness, it really touched me that she was willing to "get stained" just for me. *love SOB SNIFF SOB love*

I asked how she knew what to do so well and she said, "just by observing at the salon lor!" Wah! Power. Hhaha...nothing to say.

The whole process took about 1 hour and it was well past midnight when we were waiting for it to set. The boys aka the hubbies were getting along quite well in the hall with their computers and whatever they were talking about.

After washing it off, I put on the hair conditioner provided in the box and now my hair is sitting lovely and soft on my shoulders, finally ONE single tone and strangely, it followed my previous highlights so the highlighted strands from before are also lighter now. So I STILL have highlights somewhat!

We'll know by tomorrow how it looks like in the sunlight but for now, I'm glad that my head is now ONE COLOUR. And the deeper tone looks pretty nice as it is right now. :)

Thank you Shelly & Nash for coming all the way here. Just for my hair. *muaks*


imp said...

just bloghopped over. friendship indeed! all the way to do hair and a chat! your locks are looking lovely.

Aka Pamela S. said...

Thank you! Thanks for coming to my blog :)