Monday, October 20, 2008

Dance Session with 250 Kids...

My dance instructor, David was invited to the Overseas Family School over at Orchard for some International School Celebrations and he was requested to conduct a 1 hour International dance session for 250 kids and their respective teachers at the school tomorrow from 930am to 1030am.

Being the experienced international fitness presenter he is, I'm sure it would be fun and turn out relatively well. The crowd and space at the Auditorium is big so it would only make sense to have at least one more person on stage for a better visual impact.

So who else but Me? LOL! I would be there for that stage balance as his shadow dancer as I'm familiar with his style of conducting the dance session and can understand his accent and way of switching from one move to another without too much of a stutter.

The only problem now is... He hasn't even thought of his choreography yet MUCH LESS be able to rehearse or give me an idea to what we will be doing tomorrow.

I'm pretty much just going to turn up, MAYBE get an idea if he knows what we're doing then or if he's just going to WING IT and I just follow from beside or behind and pray that I don't fall off the stage in that hour OR sweat so much as it makes me look very unfit OR end up standing there BLUR like sotong while he does the session. Very Embarassing Can!!

While I'm okay with him WINGING IT off bc thats what he does in class anyway, we never know whats next because it would depend on his mood for the day and what's in his iPod. I'm still a little nervous. Public Speaking I can do but Public Dancing is a whole new thing for me.

Dance infront of a 40-50 strong crowd in class? Sure! I haven't been pulled off stage yet. Dance on an auditorium stage in front of a school... *going into a coughing fit*....... GAH! *saying a silent prayer*

Experience wise, I'm sure it would be great. Who gets to dance in front of such a large crowd when they're still an amateur like me. PFFttt... after this, whats a 40-50 person class? LOL!

And I'm still open to try out being on stage with the rest of the dance instructors for the 10K strong Zumba party crowd if they are open to non instructors joining the presentation. *still under close door discussion* I must be insane but it would be SOOO GOOD! I'm pretty sure if I fuck up tomorrow that I can kiss that opportunity Goodbye...

Meanwhile, let me breathe deeply while I try to ease the panic thats settling onto my chest while I rest up for tomorrow's session. Wish me Luck!

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