Saturday, August 16, 2008

2 Hawt Instructors and Me?

I had the pleasure of taking pictures with my favourite two instructors today after the Zumba Party. Oh! And the Zumba party was AMAZING!! I had so much fun!! It was INSANE!!! I loved it SO MUCH. I'm still reeling from the euphoria of the day...

So on the left is David, my Rumba Instructor.. and on my right is my favourite gal, Rashidah, my Zumba Instructor who lead the party today and she looked HAWWWT!!! Insanely Hawt!! Goodness!! And you wonder why these 2 are still SINGLE?!? Wha da Hell?! Eh.. why ah?! *scratch head*

Rashidah & Me.. *gah!!! me without makeup looks a little scary in pictures* My face looks so red bc I'm still burning from the workout!
(UPDATE: I know this also happens to Rashidah alot. I just got flooded by questions to WHY RASHIDAH LOOKS CHINESE?!! ... aiyah please lah you guys & gals! SHE IS CHINESE LARHHHH... just that she has strong peranakan background... understooded?)

And David and me... *damn! another picture I should have put some makeup on!* Anyway.. I had the greatest time today. BEST!!! Oh.. and the camera was IN MY FACE SO MUCH today.. I have to catch that video man!

Rashidah!!!! If you see that video and they actually pass u a copy, send it my way too okay? For some parts the lens was literally IN MY FACE!! Very the unglam can! Wah lau....


Ning said...

Hey Pam~~

just dropping by to tell u wat an inspiration u are!

for the past few months since march, ive been "blog stalking" u, chatting with u on msn, and getting valuable advise and encouragement from u... with ur encouragement and alot of determination, i lost 20++Kg!

Im now the proud owner of a 43kg body. =) my bf cannot be happier! LOL!!!

wolf whistles are now getting more and more common when i walk on the street. and ahem... at clubs, guys try to get my number although my bf is standing right beside me! HAHAHA!!!

lol. i wanna thank u for this acheivement and of coz, my bf wanna thank u even more for "beautifying" me!!

Anonymous said...

hey pam..

i think i have saw u a few times in zumba classes... anyway i join the class by rashidah too on sundays in bugis...

i hope to get hold of the zumba party video too (if u ever get hold of it)

anyway, this is my blog..
i think u shld haf seen me..

nice to know someone who loves zumba as much as i do..

stay in touch

Aka Pamela S. said...

Hey Sin!

Come say Hi next time yea! I'm usually there with my kids on Sunday so if you see 2 little rascalinas running around the locker room. Those would be mine. :)

I take Rumba on Mon/Tue/Wed mornings too. You should give it a try! Its the dancier version of Zumba.

Both are great! Next time partner me in the partner dance larh!! I always seem to be getting those uncoordinated ones.. very hard to dance ley..

And if I could get my hands on that video.. I'll post it up if they allow me to or maybe I won't be SURE VERY UNGLAM ONE LOR!! The camera was IN MY FACE. I doubt anyone looks good so close. Gah!!!

Anyway thanks for leaving me a message!!


sinyee said...


kk sure.. i will look for u @ the next zumba dance den...
but i go on sunday's rashidah's class.. u go there too?

o ya.. i took david's rumba class b4.. but i prefer zumba more le.. maybe it's more energetic???


anyway, i'll scan studio for u on sunday k?

Aka Pamela S. said...

Really? I thought David's class more gruelling. LOL!

Yes I go to Rashidah's Sunday class too. I go just because its HER. :) I won't be there if it was anyone else.

I'm usually in front. I don't think I look different in real life so it should be easy to locate me.

Either that.. just keep quiet during class and look around to see which one is the one making the most noise. Thats probably me.


Anonymous said...

i oso oly goes to her dance class!! i miss zumba man....

Aka Pamela S. said...

Hi Anonymous! So who are you? Have we met before? And if not, the next time u Zumba, come say Hi!! I'm there alot. Very hard to miss me. Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Hi... Im Joey... known Sinyee thru zumba... gt to know her from you.. heard from her tt u have the video for zumba party.. so i came to check it out... i tink u have aready seen me b4 tis morning... Yday i did chat abit wif Sinyee in gym. Mayb next time i will ask Sinyee to intro officially. lol... =X

Anyway u have a nice blog. Enjoyed reading.

Aka Pamela S. said...

Oh Hello Joey, next time just come to me directly lah! Esp since you already know who I am. There are way too many people in class to single out but I'm sure you would not miss me there. :)

Anonymous said...

Ok Cya on Sun in zumbA!!