Friday, August 01, 2008

Come Zumba with Rashidah....

Damn! I love her classes so much so I'm going to plug her here. I've blogged about this HERE and HERE to find out more.

Rashidah is a professional dancer, choreographer and instructor and one of the more inspiring instructors at CFitness.

If you're going to take Zumba, you have. HAVE. have to take her class. Forget about the other instructors. She's the best.

Classes Taught
Supa Street (Hip Hop)
Zumba Fitness

Achievements & Experience
California Fitness Country Trainer for Zumba Fitness
Competed in and won numerous dance events since 15yrs old
Professional training in a broad repertoire of dance that spans Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical Jazz, Latin Jazz, Salsa and Funk, to Modern, Contempory Dance and Ballet
Understudied major dance instructors in USA and Japan

Zumba created by Colombian fitness trainer Beto Perez, it involves an hour-long class that uses low-impact Latin dance moves set to Latin music to tone the body.

Don't worry if you've got two left feet. Rashidah Lim assures us that anyone can pick up the steps within a few classes.

The workout is estimated to burn between 600 and 800 calories, depending on the intensity you attack the moves with.

Lim, 23, says Zumba gives you such a great time that you forget you're actually doing a workout. You get a feel of that by watching the smile on her face as she demonstrates some of the moves on this page. Just remember that these moves are part of the total workout and usually done to a lively dance beat.

I found a little more about Zumba's signature moves that she integrates in her class. Article from AsiaOne here. I adapted the images and some content here for easy reading. Most of this post's content has been adapted from the link above.

So who's up for Zumba? Come lah.. I go on Friday noons at 1140 Orchard Sunday where possible at 450pm Bugis and there's also a Tuesday late afternoon class if you can make it at 520 Orchard.


What it works: Biceps, triceps and hips

How to do it: Start with a normal march, keeping your feet together. Gradually twist knees inwards with each step as you raise your right arm up, elbow bent, and stretch your left arm straight out. Using a waving motion, swing your arms overhead from side-to-side, interchanging movements with each twist of your Merengue step.

I say: I'm still a little uncoordinated on this. I can only do it properly when my arms swing. Without the arm swing. I'm stumbling over my own two feet! -.-''

CRUMP (A freestyle move used in street and hip-hop dance)

What it works: The abdominals

How to do it: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees bent, clench your fists and place them in front of your chest, arms bent. Moving the upper torso towards your waist, crunch your abs, release and repeat.

I say: Fwoah lao! This IS FUN. I never knew I could do this until I tried it in Zumba and its really not easy lah!! Alot of very spasticated moves when this goes on in the class but do it because you're enjoying yourself. Not because you look like you're having an epileptic fit. Which most of the class looks like anyway.. just try not to laugh and try your best.

BETO SHUFFLE (A move created by Zumba creator Beto Perez)

What it works: The obliques and hips

How to do it: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees bent, palms in front of you with your left palm facing down and right palm facing up. Swing your hips out to the left, while simultaneously pointing your hands to the right. Then switch sides by swinging your hip to the right, now with your right palm facing down, and with your left palm pointing to the left. Repeat this shuffle to the right twice before switching back to the left.

I say: This is my favourite Zumba move.

So.. anyone up for Zumba? If you haven't joined me yet *I know some of you have*, email me HERE and we'll meet up to sign you in at California Fitness. :) What are you waiting for?!! Lets Zumba!!

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