Saturday, August 16, 2008

What the heck do I do in Rumba class?

Well here you go! A sampling of what happens in Rumba... Join me if you're interested! Its seriously enjoyable. I can sign you in for a guest pass for you to give it a try for maybe 2-4 weeks. Email me or leave me a message on my tagbox!

And No, its not about jumping around like a clown.. its just that this is the only few videos that I found that resembles somewhat of what we do in class, these are just a couple of moves and I found that he had perfected his whistle when he needs the class to change move.. very effective!! Better than screaming and really catches your attention to switch to the rhythm.

Ignore the xiao char bor *crazy lady screaming in the beginning*... I found the sets of Reggaeton TO ME.. is really HARD LAH!! Maybe its because I'm new to it and also I'm very heavy!! Obviously you must be light on your feet to make this look good. Must practice more!!