Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cheesy Grilled Chicken/Fish Tortilla

This was errm... supper!! Just made it at 1030pm when CJ came back from training.. GAH! Cannot finish it!! But it was good!

What is it? Its a cheesy grilled chicken & fish tortilla. More of a half open face tortilla wrap because it was too full of filling to roll up.

Whats inside? Grilled honey chicken pieces, grilled lemon fish suchi fillets, sliced boiled eggs, whole kernel corn, Japanese mayo and topped with sliced cheese.

Put together, throw into the toaster, wait till cheese melts, pull out of toaster and KIAP the tortilla together so the cheese holds it together. Top with Spicy Hot Salsa Sauce.

Place on plate, add some watermelon on the side and VOILA!! *gag.. I'm too full.. slicing up 2nd piece and throwing it onto CJ's plate*

And those screaming bloody murder.. Carbs! carbs!!... yeah yeah... I know! I checked the serving before I bought it. 20+gms of carb per wrap.. okay lah.. it doesn't far exceed my daily limit and I will work it off soon enough... BUT this doesn't mean that if you intend to go low carb, you do what I do UNLESS u work out 6 times a week like I do to ensure that something like this doesn't kill your low carb resolve.


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