Friday, August 08, 2008

People on the MRT thought I was NuTs...

Well more like.. it started like this... I was was traveling back from gym class at Orchard and grabbed a free Today paper from the MRT station. Reading the above mentioned article had me sniggering disceetly but the more I read it, images of these 2 below kept coming to mind so I started laughing. Out. Loud... *I couldn't help it! It was the giggles!* Read the article to see why I thought it was funny.

Ie. more so these lines.... "the temple explodes the chicken cube" (Kungpao Chicken) or "Fried Crap" (Carp)

Then look below.

Almost immediately, I felt the radius around me…. Move away that little bit. And the train was crowded too!

Then I moved on to another article and I burst out laughing in the middle of the train again so I closed the paper and did some breathing to calm down.

This was the one... and since I had the giggles but thought I calmed down, I opened up the paper again to read the article, I burst out laughing again... *oh heck alrighty already!! breathe breathe* Bwuahahahahha!!!

The more I read and once I hit the last line that has the word "star Anus" in it... There was MOST DEFINITELY A DISTINCT radius of free space around me by then I was giggling so hard that I believe I alarmed some passengers on the mrt.

"(Oohh point point) Xiao Char bor*.. move move... Laugh laugh to herself.. dunno what she laughing at... Eeeee...."

*Xiao Char Bor = Crazy woman

So... to anyone who is reading this and saw this slightly lunatic lady laughing on the train today.. yep, thats probably me... and I'm sorry if I alarmed you. -.

I'm Sane. Really! :)


Ed said...

The news was just reporting that day, how hilarious the restaurant menus still are even as Olympics has officially begun. I was looking at all the footages, and I was laughing myself silly too.

I hate looking stupid in front of my dog but seriously I was.

Aka Pamela S. said...

Your Dog? You're conscious about your dog? Then I take it that no one would be seeing u giggle on the MRT anytime soon then huh? :) Thanks for coming by again Ed. :)