Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How to do the Booty Shake!

In Zumba class, Rashidah incorporates quite alot of hip hop in her routine which is probably why I love the class so much. I get the fluidity of latin and the pop bump bump bump shake from hip hop in one class!

But I have a small issue with the booty shake. I can shake. I can bump. BUT only for a short while only! Something must be wrong.

Very the not nice to see lah! Lao Hong liao... I must be doing something wrong about my bootyshake in class bc after 10-15 seconds, I'm so winded and burnt out that my butt attempts to fall out of my body and run away... I can't complete the next set without wheezing.. or maybe.. i'm just old... *wail*

Backside move. Arm cannot move. Arm move. Backside cannot move. If I manage to coordinate both, the max I can run it for is 10-15 seconds at MOST. Before I burn up and go WAH LAU EH!! CANNOT AHH!!! *flop to the side*

Something MUST be wrong lah. So I did a search to see if I can get some tips on making it LOOK better and I found this.

Damn Blardy Hilarious okay these 2 drag queens but its quite good in terms of step by step. His, erm... I mean HER butt can really shake! I know many of my galfriends would love to give this a try.

Time to go practice if not I'm going to relegate myself to the back of the class instead of front row than have people stare at my uncoordinated fat arse.

Check it out!~

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