Monday, August 25, 2008

How did my shoulders get so lean?!

Oookay.. so its not SOOO lean as in thin & toned but its leaner than I've ever seen it over the past decade! Yayness for naturally protruding collar bones to frame the shoulder.. something that I have not seen for a while. How lean can a 75kg person be right but still!! Its not a boney shoulder but its still one thats NOT PADDED with fat!

Raising those weights in class must be working. Even though I silently curse at David for making me do so many repetitions and raises..cramping my body midway... Slowly slowly.. I will tone these parts up and they will look good in a bikini... (hmn.. will people wanna see someone w a roadmap to hell stretchmark tummy in a bikini... maybe not... will reconsider) =.=

Anyway.. I'm happy with the progress.. I went downstairs to collect some things and I walked past and caught a reflection of my shoulders and I had to make a u-turn to check it out...

I couldn't believe how shiny and lean it looked.. it must not be mine or is it? o.0~

*whip out HP to take a photo*... but dunno why its not so defined in the picture.... Whahaha... Onwards I go! 20 Kg more only.. here I come!


Darran said...

OKay wow! You are doing something good, keep up the good work and your skin is so flawless. * Wows second time

Aka Pamela S. said...

Hi Darran,

Thanks :)

Relax said...

Hmmm you look nice.
You are 75 kg? o_O
true or not ah?

Aka Pamela S. said...

Wahhaa.. bluff u for what? LOL.