Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Is There A Secret to Losing Weight?

I've gotten a couple of emails and messages lately and over the past months from several ladies and men asking the same question. Is there a secret to losing weight? Is there a trick? Is there a miracle cure?

How is it I can go from what you see UP THERE in yellow, at 100kg last August to what you see DOWN THERE in red, 75kg taken today if not for something short of a miracle or a trick or a elusive secret or *horrified* maybe even diet pills?

I call this my Salsa Pose that I took today.. I love my dance classes... not a bad photo if I say so myself *prod my arm.. yep! thick skin hahahahaha* And no, don't ask me why my legs are so fair, they don't see the light of day so its particularly white.. time to go suntan to even out the skin tone.

Well anyway... unfortunately, all I have to say to all this is... NO. Unfortunately, there isn't a secret, trick, miracle cure or even diet pills to losing weight.

I don't recommend taking diet pills. But I do know those who swear by them. You will find that the weight loss, actually comes from the diet change that you took while taking those pills. You would not want to sabotage your efforts so you eat differently and thats actually what makes the difference and gives you the temporary weightloss. You could even be just taking sugar pills and it works the same way.

Everyone knows that its all about a change in food choices and exercise and making it a lifestyle change. Not a DIET. A diet ENDS and you feel like you're suffering because diet sounds like a daunting word which people relate to having tiny unsatisfactory amounts of tasteless food, not having energy, drinking weird substances like meal replacements instead of proper food or even popping pills.

And after that DIET ends prematurely, you find that you find it hard to continue, maintain or even live with.. its not something that you want to do your whole life! Its hard! Mentally and emotionally, you break down.. you start eating in the same old pattern and perhaps even your activity levels go back to complacent. The weight creeps back and more... and you start to hate yourself for failing at this attempt. Back to square one. *bah!!*

To start off in doing a journey, you would have to get yourself into the right mental state. A state of deciding that you will perservere, commit and decide to make a change.

Then you do your research to find a kind of diet change which you feel you would be most adaptable to. Some people watch carbohydrates like me, some people count calories, some people watch fat and sugar intake and some people use diversionary tactics like drinking oil and teas to decrease appetite or however that works. Whatever it is, find a method and then commit to it. Or just plain balance out your food choices with healthier choices. You, yourself would know that you've been eating unhealthily.

Take time to understand food content so you know what you're putting into your mouth.

Once you have figured this out, embark on an exercise plan and start off light and build up from there. The key to this is CONSISTENCY. It would be no use to exercise for 60-90 mins once a week, even though you worked out like MAD. It would make more sense to make plans to exercise 2-3 times a week at least, at moderate intensity for a minimum of at least beyond, 30 minutes. You only start to burn fat after 30 minutes of exercise so stopping anytime before that kind of defeats the purpose other than burning some calories. Make yourself sweat! You'll be pushed on by adrenaline and after you'd be happy as endorphins *feel happy hormones that your body produces after exercise* rush through your body.

Whatever you choose keep it consistent and build up distance/speed/repetitions over time as you get stronger. However, don't push yourself so hard that you hurt yourself.

Run, walk, jog, swim, take group exercise classes, play sports.. whatever.. just do it! Find something that you enjoy and you'll find that you'll keep at it for longer.

Remember to stretch effectively before and after exercise, find someone to teach you stretching techniques that you can follow or do some research to come up with a stretching routine. Stretching not only helps you get more flexible, warms up your muscles to prepare for excercise, cramping is seriously VERY UNGLAM AND PAINFUL. Stretching also helps tone muscle/skin from that weightloss sag that everyone is afraid of. Specially if you intend to lose alot of weight. I attribute my skin toning up also to this and I strongly recommend that you do not miss this part of your regime.

And finally, drink ALOT of water. I can't say how important this is for weightloss and general life maintenance. Keep a bottle nearby and take sips throughout the day, ensure you're hydrated before, during and after exercise. Water helps to detox too and helps all bodily functions to work better when you're well hydrated.

Supplement wise, I'd recommend that if you don't already have a multivitamin, get some and take it regularly. I take Vykmin daily. There definitely are other kinds of supplements that can help in recovery, fat burning or even muscle building.. but please seek professional help or at least do proper research before you start taking any supplements like these.

REST well. This is important for recovery on all aspects. Physically, mentally and emotionally. You will not want to burn yourself out by being too enthusiastic in the beginning. Make a gradual change but change. It may be uncomfortable while you're adjusting but thats good! Taking yourself out of your comfort zone gradually helps. If you did everything that you were comfortable with, you won't be doing anything different and by not doing things differently, you don't change. Correct?

Lastly, find support in your partner, family and friends. You will find that in the beginning, there are many detractors, people will say "you won't achieve it!" or "are you mad? why do this to yourself?" or "please lah.. come come, eat THIS" *offering you a piece of something sinful*. Don't let this discourage you. Remember that Misery Loves Company. If you decided to make the change, then do it! You can only have the last laugh.

There would be times where people PURPOSELY try to tempt u.. they take something that they know you're trying to avoid and sniff at it, wave it under ur face and go "mmmm, yummmy.. so delicious.. don't you want one? A little bit won't hurt..." and here's what I have to say to these bastards.


Its hard enough as it is to change. It is SO NOT FUNNY.

And that being said... here is my BUWHAHAHAHAHAA last laugh to those who did this to me in the beginning. How could you be so unsupportive!!! *growls* ... fuck u again...

So there you go... its common sense.. do something about your food intake and exercise. Everyone knows it but no one wants to follow it and pray for shortcuts but there isn't any.

Less input, More output. Simple formula that has worked through the ages.

If you're procrastinating... maybe you're not ready for the change yet but when you do, you will find a way. Good luck! :)


Mr Corn said...

Hi Honeymeow!

One of my gal friend once showed me her old photos and she was way plumper (a nicer word rite?) than her current state.

I was like "wat? tat's u i...i can't believe it!!" (there is date showing that Then she reveal her rigorous regime of drinking green lemons' juices every morning (ongoing for a half a year) b4 her breakfast. She stil takes it but for a much less frequency now.

Not really sure what's the logic or scientific claim to it. Ladies might want to try this formula...my 2 cents

Aka Pamela S. said...

Hi Mr. Corn,

I believe Expressions also uses a similar formula.. lemon and maple syrup!

Guess who am I said...

I just eat one or two meals less per day. Now I drink sugar water.

Try not to go for an amputation.

Anonymous said...

Well said

Sometimes its the most simplest solution that's right infront of us that is the answer to weight loss

People just want the 'easy' way out w/o the 'sacrifices' or changes to their current lifestyle

Keep up the salsa, woohoo luv the pic :)

Aka Pamela S. said...

Hi Relax - you and your amputation lah!! Aiyoh!!

Hi Uncle Sha - LOL, so true. so true.. everyone wants a shortcut even when they know what they have to do. sigh.

Fluffy Porsche said...

I stumble across yr blog searching for some motivation on weightloss and founded you. I had been struggling with weight & health problem for a long time. My health does not permit me to do vigorous, high impact exercise. But I will start doing something about my weight. I have to start with at least some light exercise. I'm gonna pop by your blog every now and then to get some encouragement. I'm gonna link you so makes it easy for me to drop by.

Aka Pamela S. said...

Hello Fluffy Porche,

I'm glad that you found something useful during your visit here to my space.

Sometimes, you don't need to focus on high impact exercise just to take the effort to lose weight.

Monitor your food choices helps in many ways. And you can do things like using the elliptical machine at the gym as this has low impact against ur knees if that is an issue as your feet don't leave the pedals. Or go swimming or go for long walks. As long you're active throughout the day, its a good thing.

As mentioned, its all about consistency and also getting an accumulated amount of activity in your day that helps.

Good Luck! :)

Spank-A-Lot said...

There are many ways to lose weight, but what matters most is to embark on the healthiest way to losing weight. To many people have ruined their lives and health by crash dieting. You may want to check out "The Abs Diet for Women" it is green colour if I am not wrong. Great book which gives the science of losing weight in a simple to understand way. :)

Aka Pamela S. said...

Thanks Spank A Lot for the recommendation. I already have my methods so I won't be looking into it but perhaps other readers may be keen on checking it out :)

Anyway.. is your recommendation something that you have tried before and it worked successfully for you?