Saturday, February 14, 2009

Part 2: Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel - The Best Family Getaway EVER!

(Continuation from Part 1: Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel - The Best Family Getaway Ever Post)

After lunch, we head back to our room to relax and took some time to check out the goodie bag which was given to us upon check in. The dry items came in a large paper bag and contained the treats below.

And the hotel scheduled the "hot" treats which was part of the goodie bag, ie cooked food to be delivered to us at 4pm that day so we lounged till our doorbell rang and we were presented with chicken wings and fruit tarts! More food! Oh my Gawd!

They provided a picnic mat so families could walk over to East Coast and have an outdoor picnic if they preferred. Or they could just do it in the comfort of their hotel room which we did!

And the crispy chicken wings were good! And we downed the fruit tarts too!

The girls were uber excited and really quickly got into their swimwear while I lay on the bed too full from lunch.

"Can we go swimming ma! can we? NOW? now? Now?!?" was all they said again and again and again and again...

Shortly after, single side beds arrived for them! Which is available upon request. One single bed is available for a separate child to sleep on in the getaway package but for us, both girls got one each and they were delighted! Their own beds!

CJ and I donned ourselves in bathrobes and just lazed till we managed to gather enough energy which wasn't being drained digesting all that food and head down to the pool!!

It was a lovely day for a swim and there were very little other guests at the pool too!

One average sized graduated depth swimming pool and a small foot pool which kids used to play in too. And oh goodness.. the water was FREEZING!

We frolicked a little in the water while I pretended to be the lochness mommy monster to drag the unsuspecting Eirian into the water...

And when I did catch her, she turned into a Koala and grabbed everywhere including my.... *cough* .... boobs.... just to hang on for dear life...

CJ took over and swished her around the pool on his shoulders.

Another picture together in the water before my teeth nearly chattered out of my head in the cold water and I pulled myself out to bask in the sun instead.

The girls came out shortly after and we wrapped them like poh-piahs on the deck chairs.

And I was one happy bikini clad chicka...

After the swim, it was yet another lazing power nap moment till we awaited dinnertime at 8pm. We surfed all 30 channels available. Snacked on the goodybag treats which we didn't finish earlier and just bonded with the fluffy pillows and soft down comforter blanket. Did I say it was heavenly? Yes it was.... *snores contentedly*

It was just before 7pm and the girls started to get restless and started to bug me to get some food. They were hungry again!! What?!? Didn't we just come back from a HUGE LUNCH BUFFET GIRLS?!?!

And again! Like as if they read our minds.. the doorbell rang and I opened it stunned. What the.... "mam, some pre-dinner treats for you..." I nodded and let them in and they set up a very lovely fresh fruit platter with spoonfuls of dried fruits and nuts and chocolates on a CHILLED display. We were stunned again.

We all sat around the side table which they set up the fruits on and just stared at it for a minute in disbelief and then WACK! ate every SINGLE thing.

The first 2 rows of chocolates are regular chocolates but the gold foiled ones below which to our surprise and relief, was filled with brandy. It burst in full alcohol flavour in CJs' mouth as he popped the whole thing and crunched. His eyes bulged and he spasmed like a fish out of water for a minute while the girls and I stared at him in shock.

When he recovered, he said. "That one. *points to mouth* has alcohol in it." I immediately swiped it from the girls and ate it. Whuauahahaha!

At 8pm, we went down to the poolside to the Roxy bar which a special table space was reserved for us yet again. Praveen who was the Assistant Manager at the bar for the evening introduced himself and took wonderful care of us as he and the staff flitted about us tending to our orders with sheer professional execution.

The Roxy bar by the poolside has a happy hour from 5pm to 8pm where each glass of housepour wines and Tiger Beer goes for $6.50++.

Our drink orders were taken once we sat down. We had carrot juice, tomato juce and two mango juices.

Apetisers were ordered and we had two servings of Cream of Mushroom Soup ($8). It was by far the BEST mushroom soup I've ever had and the girls finished the bowls dry.

And we ordered Fried Battered Cheese stick bites which came more like cubes ($8). Of everything, this was the only thing that disappointed me. I expected to bite into lumps of gooey hot dripping cheddar/mozarella cheese covered in crispy batter but what we got was a tofu like inside that didn't smell cheesy at all with crispy batter. CJ, however happily finished up the rest of this dish while we waited for our main dishes.

We were allowed to order items A-la-Carte aka from the menu but we were also arranged to try out their new promotion which was the Laksa Hotpot! ($20++ & comes with a bottle of Mug Rootbeer).

Two firey boiling mini hotpots
came and were displayed on our tables with separate raw ingredients for our own cooking.

The gravy was good and we love these kind of novel self cooking kind of meals!
Eirian ordered the Fish & Chips ($22) which came in a HUGE portion which we all helped to finish. Lauren ordered the Spaghetti with Italian Sausage ($20) which was absolutely excellent too!

During check-in, we were given a drink coupon which we gave to the bar staff to exchange for a free drink. We chose orange juice as we didn't want any alcoholic beverages and it was delivered to our room via room service much later that evening!

During dinner, we also ordered the 3 meat pizza ($18) which we had delivered up to our room as we couldn't stomach more food at the bar. That was a superbly good pizza! Crust was thin and crispy and fresh and the meat chunky and the cheese.. goooey.. *drools just thinking about it again*

The hotel also specially ordered for us to enjoy two complimentary freshly made Singapore Slings *which was made by the original barista from Raffles hotel!* which were delivered to our room with our juice/pizza order. CJ doesn't usually drink but he drank this one with gusto. And I happily finished mine of course. *hic!*

The day was immensely sinful and we all fell into deep sleep before midnight. The next day saw us up fresh and ready to go again... it was time for food again!! Whoooot!!

The girls had one final swim for the day... and we took a little more pictures...

They loved the pool even though I thought it was waaay too cold for human relaxation.. whaahah!

And they even got to have a little warm bubble bath in the bathtub too! CJ took one too while we were down at the pool!

There were the standard issuance of towels but there were more for us. I called room service to send us more towels and toiletries and I was pleasantly surprised again when they rang our bell 5 minutes later *damn these people are fast!!!*. A handful of WARM fluffy towels and a HUGE BAG of toiletries... Who could resiste hotel toiletries!?! I always take them home.. don't you?

And when I said "bring us more" ... I was expecting maybe 2 sets more..not a whole bag!! Wahahaha! my my my.. aren't they the generous lot... *I'm not complaining*

Lazing with the robes on the bed in a cold cold room is the way to go...

And CJ took one of me too... loving it so much so far... ahhhhhhh, the luxury... but... why is it this picture looks so porn starish? Ie any moment, I'd jump up and rip off the robe to display bare nakedness...NOT! *growls*

And then it was off to Feast @ East again for breakfast!! Oh. Heaven.

From the pastry counter...

To the cereal dispensers which also came with a choice of chilled whole or skimmed milk.

To various juice dispensers.. we had freshly squeezed orange juice delivered to our tables.

White/Wholewheat and homemade bread and an industrial toaster where u throw in your slices on the rotating rack and it pops out freshly toasted a minute later... Whoooot!

and whats breakfast without Eggs! Scrambled no less, some fruits & yogurt maybe?, waffles and baked beans!

And this is Uncle Kwek Sin. The best egg chef in Singapore! Whahha! His omelette is to die for and I had one of everything.. sunny side up, half boiled and omelette! All good!

For those who still want a little more traditional fare, there was hokkien noodles and steamed fish too!

A porridge counter and a miso soup counter complete with seaweed and various condiments. And of course, for the health conscious.. a salad bar.

Ham, baked potatoes, sausages and crispy bacon strips!

And my favourite staff at Feast @ East, supervisor Rossi who provided commendable excellent service during our stay.

A couple more pictures from the stay... ripples on the water of the swimming pool...

CJ took the camera and took some shots of his own and they came out lovely! The view of the hotel upwards from the pool....

And another one from the pool side...
And a little strange phenomena.. a white rose that was in the middle of a bush by the pool.

And just before we checked out, I couldn't resist... one last parting shot for the getaway in the lift. We had a great time... and so would you... book your Getaway package today.. its an incredible experience.

I challenge any other hotel to take up a challenge to beat this experience or come up with a new one that would rival this stay but for now, I'm a fan. Of the Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel. :)

Thank you for everything K. We loved everything and will be back. SOON...


EY said...

What a lonnnnngggg post, are you kidding? This is Singapore? Roxy Hotel? Tot is some other country, you sure know how to blog to make it appeal, if only it is not in marine parade. Hahaha.

Aka Pamela S. said...

:) Thanks for reading the long post! lol! :)