Monday, February 02, 2009

New Year! New Hair... What will it be?

Ever since I found out the joys of DIY Home colouring of my hair.... I've had it done twice in the comfort of my home. I'm not too pleased with the current colour as it feels a little dead and makes me feel somewhat old.

I'm proposing a lighter colour in the coming weeks, not too much to a blonde... CJ will KEEEL me if I go blonde but perhaps a much lighter chestnut brown.

I mucked about with this online hair discovery program to see how different styles might look on me and have a couple done up with my picture. Do I look scary as a blonde?! *ponder*

Okay.. I do.. will be hitting the pharmacies to check out some new hair colour soon! *Hiao moment...Hhahaha!*


lil princess said...

I would say the hair color for the bottom 2 pics would suit you.

Hahah blonde seems like a change for sure! Good try it for once in one's life... Lol! But not too accepting in Sg, I would say. :p

I dont think I would be able to DIY... Cos how do you actually make sure the hair at the back of ur head is properly dyed? Pls teach me!!! :D

Spank-A-Lot said...

Is in only the colour you considering or the style as well, cause the curls do look kinda good.

The lightest one does give an ahlian chic vibe though.

Xiaoyun said...

You would look hot in the retro-ish curls (the picture in the top right hand corner)

Aka Pamela S. said...

Hey Princess - yea. I'm looking for a lighter brown. And my gf did warn me about not getting the back so what I did is start from the back, moved up to the front then did the sides and then really massaged the cream in all over.

The downside to doing that is that the next day my scalp got literally chemical burned off and dried and PEELED IN CHUNKS which I took an evening to PULL OUT BY THE LARGE LUMPS and 2 days of Anti Dandruff shampoo to clear.

Spanky/ Xiaoyun - Colour actually. I'm quite okay with my current style.. just that I may cut it shorter just to remove dry ends. But I am considering those curls if it works for me. Thanks!!

didiez said...

Actually I like the layered one at the bottom, thot it looks good on you