Friday, February 20, 2009

Weightloss Update: Still 69kg

I haven't had a weightloss update for ages! Not since November 08 HERE. I don't blame anyone because I know myself that I have broken carb since then for the festive seasons. Christmas and New Year.. all so much food that saw my weight fluctuate to up from that 67.5kg to up to 72kg depending on how much feasting went on that week.

And my workouts have literally been halved since the end of last year. I could have hit up to 11 classes in a high peak week last year but I now do 5-6 dance classes at most now.

Waaay too many people have taken to thinking that I'm a whole lot smaller than this 69kg that I'm standing at now. How I wish!! While I'm thoroughly flattered, I do bring myself back to reality and note that I AM still 15kg away from my goal of 55kg.

I can attribute an increase in resistance training aka weight training this year to this so I'm looking alot smaller but I'm weighing the same. Yeah I know muscle weighs more than fat but still.. I'm still affected by the scale! I want to see the numbers go down!

This years goal. 55kg. This time, I'll make it a gradual loss througout the year but I will hit December 2009 knowing that I've hit 55kg sometime this year. Watch this space. I will make it happen.


Iris said...

TOtally dun like you're 69kg. Good Luck in achieving your 55kg goal but wont it a lil too underweight. Perhaps 60kg would be just nice:)

Aka Pamela S. said...

Hi Iris,

Well, yeah everyone tells me to stop at 60kg but I'll keep 55kg as a marker.. why not just try?

The good part about it is.. I'll aim for 55kg. I'll hit it and if I look too small or weirdly strange, I can always gain some weight! Now thats the way to go eh?

Anonymous said...

Hi Pam,

55 is just a number. You look great already as it is. Losing anymore will make you look old, trust me.
Keep up the dancing and still eat of course. What is life without the pleasures of food, right? And also, be happy!