Thursday, August 05, 2010

Allswell TVC - Worldcup Season Airing

Yeah, I know you've seen it.. yeah thats me.. and yeah thats the hubster too.. post for this when we filmed this in January HERE. But for those who just wanna see it again because its such a cringe worthy ad *shudder*, here it is again... if you're trying to remember where you saw it? Probably either GV Cinemas before they screened your movie *OMG - talk about in your face crying....* since early June or on Channel 8 on local TV during the World Cup season..

But... I think its still playing even now? Oh well.. another appearance.. another ad coming up in abit.. but for now... pls enjoy my crying bc I really was crying madly for real... we shoved medicated oil INSIDE my eyes!! And I was so much chubbier then! I was just back from our trip to the Philippines where I packed on 7-8kg! Gah!!! Okay.. now go watch.. okay.. maybe not.. okay.. up to you.. *runs away*

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nadnut said...

Just checked out the TVCs. Hilarious! love them!