Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lobang: 1 for 1 Muffins!! :)

If you love Muffins.. and yeah, I don't eat them now *CARBS!!* but I'm sure these would be faaabulous.. they're mighty pretty and I'm sure they taste good too.. I trust in Pat's judgement to take on brands and products that have quality.. today we have *MUFFIN MAN*...located at No. 18, Cross Street, #01-07 China Square Central.

You can click on this LINK or the e-voucher above to go direct to their blog to check out some of the various muffins they have on offer.. SO PRETTY LAHH! So sinfully carbful but lovely for those who don't need to watch their waistline too much.. or for those who actually don't really care.. *you know who you are*

My girlfriend, Pat Law has provided me an e-voucher for you, my dear readers, family and friends a 1 for 1 Muffin deal! Just click - save - print out this little e-voucher, present it over at the Muffin Man shop and claim your free muffin in their 1 for 1 deal. Terms as stated on the e-voucher above. :) Happy Muffin-ing!! :) And please go workout after.. hahaahha!

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