Saturday, June 12, 2010

Something Interesting Coming Soon...

There's going to be something interesting coming up in the coming weeks... so watch this space! Let me give you a hint tho... does it involve exercising? Yep.. Would it be informative & interesting? I think it would be fun actually if not why agree to do it, right? Would I need a heck alot of moral support? Hell Yea!!... so... watch my space closely.. something is going to come walking by...

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Cat for Adoption - Limey

Recently, we picked up a cat that we've been seeing from our block downstairs for a couple of weeks. He seemed relatively new to the estate as its also obvious that he's not really a stray. He looks like he's around a year old. Firstly, he isn't sterilised - ear hasn't been snipped - usually a sign that a cat has been sterilised if he's a stray. BUT some friends have mentioned that if he was an abandoned pet cat, his ears would not be snipped so the person who adopts him - please get your vet to check before you decide to open up his balls.

And he's INCREDIBLY docile. He had a little patch of rash on his shoulder when we first picked him up but he's completely healed now, we treated him and he's just a little bald where the rash was but fur is growing back!

We can't keep him and am looking for a loving home to adopt him. He's completely black with a little patch of white on his chest and below his belly. Like my girls say, it looks like a bikini!! Haha! He came to us a little thin but he's now REALLY REALLY round and with a happy belly. His long tail as a small 90 degree kink at the end.

We've named him LIMEY - due to his eyes which looks green from time to time and in different lights and angles looks yellow.

He eats well and loves wet canned food especially seafood platter mixes and eats dried food well too. He takes around 2-3 tablespoons of wet food per meal. Drinks plain water gradually throughout the day. Sleeps alot - he actually naps regularly from around 12 noon to around 3-4pm.

Straight off - he was toilet trained even without us training him! Before we showed him his litter box, he pee-ed and poo-ed in the bathroom right beside the toilet bowl! Once we showed him his box, he went there thereafter without any problems at all. He even calls out to me once he's done with a poo so I can do an immediate scoop up so my kitchen still smells good and clean.

We shower him almost every day with baby shampoo and doesn't mind the shower as long the water is warm and he's got a fluffy towel to dry him up after. He doesn't mind having a cotton bud clean his ears and is open to brushing his teeth too.

He's not really the playful sort, doesn't swipe at all and doesn't snap at anyone. He may nip playfully and lightly when he's a little too happy to see you but immediately settles down and stops once you give him a little smack in the butt.

He loves being carried all ways, like a baby even and sleeps in your arms or on your lap. Can manipulate his arms and legs any way you like and he doesn't protest. You can roll him like dough and he'll just let you do it.

He kills lizards and cockroaches effectively but leaves the carcasses in plain sight for you to clear off and dispose.

He's a typical eat - sleep - manja carry-me kind of quiet domesticated cat. Suitable even for those with kids because he's amazingly docile. He only manjas and bumps his head into you when he's obviously hungry and wants his food.

Its going to be really sad when we have to let him go but we hope someone would be interested to take him home. Please come collect him at Aljunied by the 12th of June 2010. We will pass on the remaining bag of dried food to the home that he goes to. If you know anyone looking to adopt for a lovely tame cat, please email me at