Monday, April 27, 2009

You Know U Should Work Out Regularly, But Do YOU?


Do you? I know several people who just need that extra push to get started or even maintain a regular workout session. Its for your own good whether you're aiming to lose weight or just stay fit! Does this sound LIKE YOU?

Even if you're a regular gym bunny or a person without a gym membership, you can still come join us for some exciting bootyshaking action! *Not limited to females only BTW! Males welcome too! We have guys in the class btw! No need to be shy!*

POINT TO NOTE: You DO NOT NEED to know how to dance to come to this class. If you can dance, you just make it look nicer. If you can't and feel that you have 2 left feet or 2 right feet? GOOD NEWS!! You will be able to complete the class.

Come, let down your hair, leave your inhibitions at the door and HAVE FUN!

Move to the beats with a little salsa, merengue, cha cha, cumbia, bellydance and alot of latin hip hop - reggaetton!

Surely over time, you will be more familiar with the moves but experience and learn in your first few classes with me. You'll get it in no time and will be shaking hundreds of calories away with each session.

For those who have not already been notified or have not placed yourself under my mailing list for my upcoming ZumFit classes. Let me know if you're keen on coming!

For those who have been dancing with me for a while, you know my style. For those who are new to workout sessions with me. Prepare to come and sweat it out with simple but intense moves that would give you a great cardio workout set to the beat of infectious spanish music.

Something to end your work week and start a great weekend with...

715pm - 815pm on Friday evenings

In the meantime, please email me at to indicate your interest and confirm your attendance and I will be sending out registration forms this week. I need your confirmation, ladies and gentlemen... update me.

(UPDATE: Registration Forms are now available - for details)

Sessions will be held from Dance on Us Studios located at No. 8 Claymore Hill, Claymore Point. (5 mins walking distance from behind Pacific Plaza / Shaw Centre). Map to location can be found HERE.

If interested, enquire for trial and package rates through please.

What you need? Fitted workout clothes, towel, track shoes, flats/dance shoes and a bottle of water.

I will also be conducting Aqua Fitness classes update everyone on the mailing list once I have found a pool suitable for longer term use. If interested for Aqua Fitness sessions,

Feel free to invite a friend or family member whom you feel may be interested to join you and come together! Classes start soon! You know you need to work out and you should be working out and I guarantee that you WILL get a workout. *Evil laughter* But...its for your own good! *wink* Total Body Workout Twice a Week.

:) Bootyshakingly Yours, Pamela

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I love watching Dance Acts!

Once in a while, through various talent shows, you get to catch an act that makes you smile and gasp throughout their performance. With each set having you wonder whats next and them BAM! surprises after surprises and you're highly amused. This is one of them... I appplaud their creativity and hope they keep on going with what they do whether apart or together in the future. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Honeymeow's FirstBorn

With reference to THIS POST. 2009 shot of me, 31 years old and my first born Lauren, 9 years old. Captured in time.... children grow so fast... wasn't she just a baby just.. .yesterday?....

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I was at a photoshoot earlier today and took a couple of pictures but only left with 2 complimentary pictures as they wanted to sell me 7 pictures for $488! Thats INSANE! Who pays so much for so little pictures?!

Don't ask me who or where they are. I will not allow a credit to them simply because they absolutely pissed me off with the way they applied their sales tactics. By trying to convince me to sign on to their $3388 Lifetime photography package which I refused, they tried the parental guilt way while I was with Lauren.

When I started to look reluctant, they started with words like "Look Lauren, your pictures so nice hor! Your mommy don't want to get them for you" (And they really were really pretty but they were SO EXPENSIVE), "Don't be Selfish", "If You love her and she enjoyed it, you will get it for her, think of your Daughters, do it for them" - this wasn't even said in plea like tones.. more like statements which absolutely raged me out that I stopped them and chose 2 complimentary pictures and left.

And because I refused to pay for such an insane price for a photography package that I didn't need or pay for individual sets of 5+2 pictures for $488! - it upset Lauren because she was affected by the sales talk and I had to talk to her after we left to do some RECOVERY in explaining to her why I didn't buy the package and that it didn't mean I love her less. WTF.. seriously.. pressure tactics I understand but NOT when you do it so crudely. I was prepared to spend some money on some REALLY nice pictures but not $488!! Are you quite mad?!

I went from "I really like this - I'm really considering it" to "WTF, you expect me to pay you what with that kind of attitude?" $3388 can buy me SIX YEARS OF GYM MEMBERSHIP. Which would yield me MORE results and esthetical appeal than the supposed "Lifetime membership of Photography services" - who knows when the company will fold with that kind of attitude. More like.. for as long as the company is still alive.

Anyway, with my picture above, I opened it up on the computer and showed it to CJ and he exclaimed. "Nice! But Fwoaaahh laao! Very Mamasan ah? Just need a bottle of VSOP can already"

-.-'' Great. Just. Great.. while I realise that the leopard print slutty bareback dress really didn't help move me away from the mamasan image that I seem to be awarded with since I acted as one in last year's short film. The Red Geisha. It was compounded by the fact that I'm starting to really see my age. And that me being in my 30s is really starting to show. Sigh... getting old... must start to age more gracefully...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

*VERY COOL!* Get a Virtual Haircut!

Before you click to LISTEN to this, Audio Only. Please put on HEADPHONES for the full effect. It would NOT have the same effect if you use speakers to listen to this Audio clip. And ensure that your earphones are in the correct ear. *Left side/Right side* and close your eyes when listening.

And trust me, its worth it bc it just is... you will know what I mean when you have your headphones on. Enjoy!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Zumba Me! Rumba Me! Awesome!

From time to time, I try to remember why I want to be a zumba-inspired kind of instructor and I come across this year's Zumba convention video and I'm refreshed again. I so very much want to go to this convention but I know it would be so darned expensive... hopefully they'll have one in 2010 nearer to South East Asia.. wahahha!

No matter how hard I feel doing song searching, thinking of the choreo, researching choreo, putting them together and rehearsing and cueing till I feel like throwing my mp3 player against the wall bc I've heard the song like almost 30 times already.... I know why I've been working so hard to do this. It's going to be awesome!

My classes will make you sweat. I guarantee it. Interested parties for classes that will start in May can email me.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

You Can Do More w/ Imedeen!

With the lastest Imedeen campaign, You Can Do More... I was at the OneNine57 Beautique last night at an Imedeen event where we went through a skin analysis and a derma scan to check the condition of my skin and the levels of collagen that I have.

And guess what?! I have the LOWEST LEVELS of collagen amongst all who went!

I was assessed for their "Radiant Complexion" range which was suitable for women aged 25-35 year old and was provided with a 3 month supply after which I will be back at their Beautique for another skin assessment.

Each 60 tablet supply is available at a recommended retail price of SGD$98.30. Recommended daily dosage of 2 tablets for an average of 90 days for best results.

I'm really hoping to see a much better result in 3 months time. Upon which, they will replenish a further supply of one more box for continuation purposes.

I'm really looking forward to seeing how Imedeen works for my skin, specially considering the serious sun damage that I've been getting lately and will be getting instructing my Aqua Fitness classes. Not to mention the serious creases on my face, crows feet and stretchmarks from all that weightloss that shows my age even more.

We all know that the signs of aging starts from 25 and that effectively makes me pretty much 6 years late! If I don't start doing something more about my skin other than my daily face wash and moisturiser.. when will I start? The best time is now.

Shelly was my +1 partner for this event and she joined me looking absolutely stunning in a funky red dress and HEELS!. Yes, HEELS while she's about 6 months heavily pregnant. *Faints*... only Shelly can carry something like that off.. even I have issues wearing heels when I'M NOT PREGNANT.... amazing.

So I left with a starter pack compliments from the people at Imedeen and Day 1 starts today. There will be updates in 3 months at my next Derma Skin Assessment. :) That being said..

Honeymeow has skin that is now sponsored by IMEDEEN and "I Swallow" too...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Getaway Package @ Roxy Part 3

After my stay for the Ladies' Special review, I extended my stay another 2 days by redeeming a Getaway Hotel stay with the Hotel that they had graciously extended to us with my previous review. The last Getaway Stay review can be found HERE & HERE.

It was also an excellent opportunity to check out a different type of suite that the Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel had to offer and this Junior suite, I was impressed! Very functional for families and even for entertaining purposes for business.

Our Junior suite, 1642 was an a 2 room suite which had a living area that joined to the bedroom. Apparently there are only one of such room on each living suite floor of the hotel so that means it is limited to only 13 of such rooms available.

Since I had my girls with us, we requested additional single beds for them so that they had a space of our own. And at the same time, since it was a family getaway, we invited my mother in law and my baby nephew to stay the night with us so the children could spend time together.

The hotel graciously provided us a total of 3 additional mattresses for my mom in law and the kids that they placed in the living area after re-arranging the furniture. So technically we had 2 living spaces! And everyone could watch the show they wanted as each room had its own TV.

What impressed us too was that the room also had an adjoining kitchenette which was extremely useful in this instance as there were children with us with F&B needs that could be fulfilled in a functional part of the room.

It was easy for my mom in law to make her coffee & tea. Prepare beverages, lay out food and fruits and snacks in the kitchenette. We really liked this aspect as it made the room fully functional.

And we had an adjoining masterbedroom with a bathroom that was highly spacious and luxurious! Its definitely bigger than the other rooms that we had sampled so far.

I like this shot in the mirror.

And again.. the bathroom where we all had warm bubblebaths during our stay... I found that I couldn't take long periods of hot water steeping... my temperature shot waay over normal, my heart started strong palpitations and instead of feeling comfortable, I was feeling dreadful.

After 5 minutes of soaking myself and wondering when relaxation would come, I stepped out and offered the hot tub to CJ instead.

Strangely, I never felt more relieved. Wahahhaa! I can take hot steam rooms/saunas but .... hot tubs.. I think not.... anymore.

And as with each Getaway Package, it comes with a complimentary goodybag which includes snack treats as seen below and some hot food too! We ate everything and the big bottle of water was a huge reprieve to all the sweet drinks we had during our stay.

The hot food includes hot crispy chicken wings and fruit tarts! The fruit tarts this time was FANTASTIC... I did feel however that the quantity was a little small and that there could be around 2 more hot food options to make the snack for 2 adults + 2 kids more substantial as an excess *which I doubt there would be any* could be kept for later snacking.

Specially considering that usually 2A+2C would usually mean that the kids are somewhat independant and that relates to them usually being older and having a bigger appetite. After the girls had their wings, there was none left! *damn!!* I want more!

We didn't do lunch or dinner during this stay as we were out checking out the other external food establishments during our stay. But we did revel for some hours in and by the hotel pool which was an excellent enjoyable time for the kids.

I've loved all my stays at the Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel and definitely recommend anyone considering a hotel stay to consider this Oasis in the East. Whether for business or pleasure.

Ladies' Special @ Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel

I was thrilled to hear that Grand Mercure Roxy had rolled out another INTERESTING package and had another opportunity to do a review on the new Ladies' Special Package. Click on image above and check out whats offered! Previously, my family and I had the grandest time with their Family Getaway Package. Review for that package can be found HERE and HERE.

Really Long Post Ahead so grab a drink and join me as we explore this brand new getaway for Ladies only... If you are interested to book a stay, quote "LADIES' SPECIAL" upon booking. The number to call is 1800 6345-4922 or email them HERE.

I had the opportunity to invite a girlfriend to join me for this review and I immediately called my dearest long time friend, ex-collegue, and buddy Preetha. Aka Jane Doe from 91.3FM. You will surely hear her over the weekends if you're tuned into that station and I think she's fantastic! Surely come a long way from when we were working together years back to leaving and striking out on our dreams.

It was quite some time since we had gotten together to spend some girl talk time and this was an excellent opportunity. We sorted out a suitable available schedule and booked ourselves down for a stay from the 2nd to the 3rd of April 2009.

The check in package included a BonafĂ­des 1 for 1 hair Service voucher which is really worth going as I had used BonafĂ­des before for their hair service, their colouring and haircutting skills are first class...and with a 1 for 1 deal, its mighty worth it to redeem the voucher with a friend!

Additional vouchers also includes a special coupon for enjoying the Ladies' Set menu at the Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant at only SGD$48 (Usual: SGD$58), redeemable only during your stay plus a coupon for Drinks by the Roxy Bar at Happy Hour prices All Day! Pretty nifty deal if you want to slosh yourself up and really loosen up with a considerable amount of alcohol. Check in documents also includes 2 complimentary drinks by the bar during your stay.

Another coupon was for a 10% discount for an express pedicure/manicure or package at MR Nails during your stay. And a final coupon to enjoy a 60 min. Swedish massage for SGD$49 (Usual: SGD$120) at Body Contours. (Prior Booking required).

More about all these special deals further down this review. Read on!

In addition to all those treats, we were also presented with a voucher pack which included a $100 SooKee Brilliant Rose Voucher, a $30 OTO Bodycare Voucher, a 30% off Crocodile Voucher and a $30 Princess Jewellery Voucher. *Can pass these to your other half after your stay for them to get you something nice! Heh, heh, heh...*

Our room was on the 17th floor. Room 1741. Guests may get a complimentary upgrade to a Deluxe Room (subject to availability) when they book their package. You can check out how a Deluxe room is like at my last Getaway Review. To me actually, all rooms were pretty much equal with the exception of the NEXT one in my next post.

For review purposes, we were provided with the Royal Club Room. The top floor of the hotel and the view was lovely! We were provided with a double bed room and it was perfect for a girlfriend getaway!

Check out our view! We loved that we could see East Coast and the ships so clearly... and we were clearly overlooking Marine Parade Shopping Centre too. How convenient! We did a little shopping there before we checked in too...

I couldn't resist not checking out the bathroom too! I have a thing for hotel bathrooms, other than the 300 threadcount fluffy bedsheet covered beds... *muse*

While I checked out the room, Pree took the opportunity to check out the TV listing to see if we had a good movie to watch that night when we were back from all the activities! After all that.. we headed down to my favourite buffet restaurant downstairs, Feast@East for lunch... restaurant manager, Kelvin met us at the door and showed us to our seats. We were pleased to hear that our favourite manager, Rossi had just become a new father! Congratulations Rossi!

I believe that the theme for lunch was the Lavish Heritage Buffet. There was the cheese platter and various cold dishes.

Senior Citizen - $28 nett per pax for lunch (Mon to Sat), $30 nett per pax for dinner (Mon to Sat), $35 nett per pax for Sunday Brunch

Adults - $36++ per pax for lunch (Mon to Sat), $38++ per pax for dinner (Mon to Thu), $40++ per pax for dinner (Fri to Sun), $42++ per pax for Sunday Brunch

Children - $18++ per pax for lunch (Mon to Sat), $19++ per pax for dinner (Mon to Thu), $20++ per pax for dinner (Fri to Sun), $22++ per pax for Sunday Brunch.

Pork, Cereal Prawns which was Pree's favourite, Battered Fish and Lontong Vegetable Curry.

Roast Beef, Yam Rice, Pork Ribs and Shepherds' Pie... *slurps*

And a Laksa counter... great for Laksa lovers... it was excellent!

Braised Pork, Braised Duck, Sauteed Vegetables and a Chicken dish that I absolutely adored..

And of course we had to do a special order to check that they were able to deliver.. unfortunately this time, I requested for an Avocado milkshake.. but they didn't have avocados... :(. So Strawberry Milkshake it was then... I still loved it. Preetha had a craving for kiwi and there wasn't any on the fruit counter so she asked for kiwi... and we were so amused that it came very nicely peeled and presented in a lovely star pattern! "I don't want to eat it now.. its soo pretty!" says Preetha... hahaha! *eyes it and....chomp chomp chomp... the Kiwis put up no me! eat me they said...*

Sausages, a Salad Bar, Slabs of raw Tuna and Salmon, cooked Prawns and Mussels.. and a cut fruit bar.

And what was a Heritage Buffet spread without Heritage Old Time sweets!

We very soon hit the dessert counter well before we even finished our mains. We just couldn't resist with Brownies, Bread Pudding and Nonya Kueys...

Little sponge cakes, Mini Pecan Pies, Poppyseed Butter cake and Mini Fruit Tarts! I love fruit tarts!!

And of course, we had to have our hand with making our own chocolate fondue skewers. As before, we were provided with a crystal jug of crushed iced water and we dunked our chocolate covered fondue sticks in them to harden.

Chocolate, Marshmallows & Fruit Fondue sticks cooling in their ice bath... and soon after lunch was done.. next on the itinery.. a 60 minute Swedish Massage! ... But we were soooo FULL! We both rolled our of the restaurant and headed up to the next level to Body Contours with requests.. "please don't press the tummy.. we might throw up.. whahahaa!"

Taking the photo opportunity chance in the couples room that was booked for us... okkay so we're not a couple *duh* but it was nice to be able to talk while we went through the experience together... we talked *a little* but apparently... it was more of *MY SNORING* that got to her during our massage. *snort* I knew it too because my snoring actually WOKE ME UP. -.-''

Aiyah! Just eaten so much and you've got ur face covered with a warm cloth and you're being massaged all over.. how NOT to sleep leh?! *ZZZzzzz... relaxed...*

I had the choice of the same therapist, Yvonne that I had for my last massage at the last review much to my pleasure.... our room was also equipped with a built in shower and bubble tub. I'd imagine actual couples getting hot sweaty quickies after the session in there whahahaa! The room was indeed big enough and its surely possible if you work fast enough. Wahahhaaha!! Okay.. moving on...imagination overrun... After our session, we were given a warm bowl of green bean soup and a hot cup of ginger tea... which was much appreciated. I love Body Contours! We slurped them down and made our way to our next activity on the agenda... Manicure and Pedicure at MR Nails just downstairs at the adjascent shopping mall...

We head into the place after a very warm greeting from Michelle and staff over at MR Nails. We were directed to our uber comfy lounge chairs and were prepped for our session with nail colour palettes to choose our colours for the day.

Preetha opted for a nude base with french tips and me, considering I don't exactly have nails that grow our beyond my skin level.. I chose a neutral shimmery beige for my hands and a brownish shimmer for my toes..

They put our feet into portable footspas to soften our skin.... *anything that vibrates is good... *cough* moving on....* Feet relaxing in the warm water...

My therapist was Sandrina.. and she's real pretty eh! And Preetha's therapist was named Heidi. And I have to say, they were mighty diligent and good at what they do! After a little foot massage, they wrapped our feet in a minty foot mask and proceeded to scrub, clean, dig and cut off excess skin and cuticles...

*rub rub rub* Ooohhh... I like....

My fingers and my toes at the end of all that rubbing, scraping and cutting were so clean and pink! We just HAD to take a photo of them... hahaha!

Thats Preetha with her hands in the nail bath and getting her french tips expertly drawn on.

I had the chance to walk about to check out the cosy place while she had some finishing touches done to her nails. Awww thats my girl... Miss Jane Doe, people! Listen in and catch her every weekend on 91.3FM!

At the end of it all, my shimmery nails with her french tips...

And her french tip toes with my shimmer toes... time taken for that Mani/Pedi experience? 3 hours. It was the longest mani/pedi session I ever had! And it was an excellent opportunity for Preetha and I to catch up with whats been going on and had a hilarious time reminiscing of old times.. I'd really recommend this salon too, good quality work done!

It was 3 hours of bonding girl time and we left feeling relaxed and pretty... we went up to our room where we spend a couple of minutes lazing in the bed before we got dressed for dinner and made our way down again to the Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant to check our the Jia Wei Special Ladies' Set Menu @ $59 per lady. This is open for the public too! But if you took the room stay package, you would have the coupon during check in to enjoy this meal at only SGD$48++ .

When we entered the restaurant, the manager, Jessica approached us and we said Hello. She smiled and said, "You must be the BROCCKER." We all broke out in amused smiles.. yes, yes we nodded...the broccker.... good try... really. She was such a sweetheart though and very prompt and friendly. We followed her to our table where she asked us for our choice of beverage. Jasmine Tea!

With any chinese restaurant, there were always a little appetiser or a dish of nuts to start you off and Jia Wei served candied sesame seed walnuts which we cleared out before our food arrived.

After the heavy lunch and afternoon activities, we were pleased that dinner wasn't too heavy. We started off with the Double boiled Sharks Cartilage Soup with Superior Sharks Fin.

When it arrived, Pree. had a little dilemma before eating it. Sharks die so miserably just for fishermen to harvest their fins. And she, being the Nature Activist she was, had a little hard time before she convinced herself that she would have her soup. No regrets though.. the soup was lovely.

The next on the menu was Steamed Grouper Fillet with Red Cut Chili. It was so refreshing to have a fish option for dinner as we were extremely packed with meat from lunch. We were amused of how much chili was on the fish and Pree leaned over and said with an english accent, "would you like some fish to go with your chili?" and we burst out in hilarious laughter.

The restaurant manager came over and explained that the chili was specially prepared so that it was cooked and sweet instead of searing hot as it looked. And indeed, it was delicious...

Next up was the Sauteed Great Vegetarian Greens. A refreshing combination of various mushrooms and vegetables. We cleared the vegetables off our plate real quick and was shortly after served with Braised Mee Sua with 2 variety scallops and Egg White.

We both feel that the noodles was the best dish of the whole meal. We ate the fresh scallops with gusto and swirled our noodles around the sauce only to realise that the whole base of our saucer actually had a tender layer of egg white which we proceeded to break up and mix with the yellow sauce above it. The separation of egg whites and sauce filled the dish with such incredible texture, we finished it quickly and quietly.. it was too good to talk and all you could hear from our table was.. mmmmm..... mmmmm... *slurp* mmmm.... excellent dish.

Dessert came shortly after. We selected the Chilled Pumpkin Sago with Ice cream and Chilled Aloe Vera with Lime Sorbet. The Lime Sorbet was extremely sour but coupled with the Aloe Vera, made for a very refreshing palate cleansing dessert.

When we finished our ice cream, we proceeded to scrape the sweet flesh off the coconut too... *chomps* and then the waiter graciously helped us take a photo before we head back to our room. We left with as warm a reception as when we arrived and were pleased with what was offered for dinner.

We head back to our room and lounged a little more before we changed into our Bikinis and head down to lounge by the pool. It was past 10pm by that time and the pool was just about closing but we were allowed to float about till we felt that we wanted to get out... so we did... and took some pictures while we were playing with the pool lights...

I like this shot of Preetha in the water... it looks peaceful.. don't you think? She was very sporting knowing that I was armed with my camera and went.. Smile! Pree every couple of minutes.. so she "ran", posed and glided while I took some water shots. Thanks Babe!!

And then she got out and took some of me! And caught one with me under the water looking up at her...*lady in the pool... the new horror movie coming to you at your nearest cinema...* Whahahah! If I ever look into the water of a pool and see someone looking up at me like that, I'm NEVER swimming there.. hahhahah!

And a shot of my hands.....

We spent some time by the poolside with our complimentary glasses of red wine and then ordered 2 triple meat pizzas to be sent to our room via room service and we went up to retreat to our sanctuary for the evening. I love their pizza!

And we had another coupon for 2 more complimentary drinks that were gracefully extended to us for the review so another 2 red wines were sent up together with our supper. * extra coupons not in standard package but you do have 2 drinks complimentary per stay*

Back in our room, we drew a hot bubble bath and Preetha proceeded to float about and relax and guess what?! She fell asleep in the bathtub! Wahahahaha! Must have been too tired from all the activities earlier on! I knocked gently on the bathroom door for around 3-5 minutes before I started to bang on it. "DON'T SLEEP IN THERE! if you don't get up and say something NOW, I'm coming in!!!".... a minute later... I heard "I'm up! I'm up!".... Wahahhahha!!!

We had snacks which we conveniently placed near our beds for easy reach while we watched Hells Kitchen and various other TV programs while snuggled warmly with our terry cloth robes and under our thick comforters...

Stuffed ourselves with Peanut Butter Filled Easter M&Ms.... Pizza, Chips, After 8 chocolates which are my absolute favourites... and the 2 glasses of red wine...

While we lazed, we talked more... and I took one final shot before I put the camera down for the day and talked till we both fell asleep.

And this was our night view from our room. We loved the bright colourful lights and the twinkling lights of the ships over by the sea...

We woke up the next morning, hungry and raring to go down for breakfast. After a short ordeal which was a little crisis from home was settled, we headed down to Feast@ East for breakfast.

I already made up my mind to have one of all the types of egg that Uncle Kwek Sin aka the egg chef could dish up and I did... I ordered an omelette, a sunny side up and a half boiled egg as planned.

It was an american breakfast spread with beans, hashbrowns, french toast and scrambled eggs. We toasted many slices of hot crispy bread and stuffed ourselves silly with thick layers of Lurpak butter... BEST LAH! *slurps*

Bacon, Chipolata Sausages, Beehoon and Fish Slices...

Bananas, Apples and Kiwi *much to Preetha's pleasure* and an assortment of canned fruits, yogurt and meusli.

There were also fresh dragon fruit, watermelon, honeydew and orange slices. Fruits are good for you! And greatly refreshing in the morning too!

A salad bar for those wanting to start the day fulfilling your daily vegetable intake...

And a little Japanese corner for those who wants some hot Miso soup and cold tofu and ramen.

And my favourite part of the buffet... bread and pastry assortment.. Love it! *grab a croissant and nibble while I walk to check out the rest of the food* and pumped with several cups of hot coffee and cold orange juice.. I had to take a final parting shot with my newly favourite Egg chef, Uncle Kwek Sin... till we meet again! I'll be back for sure!!!

We ended our stay with the last 2 hours in bed. Sleeping off breakfast. We didn't even need to say anything, we walked back into our room, got into our robes, snuggled back under our blankets, set the alarm for checkout time and then *snoored* our way blissfully till the phones rang and we pulled our bags together for check out.

It was a VERY very VERY satisfying Ladies Package and I have no qualms in saying that I'd highly recommend it with a close girlfriend or two for a short Ladies only bonding time away from the boyfriend/hubby/kids/family and work... so go.. Book a stay today.. Package available from now till 30th September 2009. Excluding Singapore Formula One Grand Prix period from 25-27 September 2009.

Once again.. quote "LADIES' SPECIAL" upon booking. The number to call is 1800 6345-4922 or email them HERE.

Special Thanks to Marketing Manger, K and all Management and staff at the Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel for the lovely hospitality again during the review. It was indeed a great pleasure meeting everyone. Till we meet again.