Saturday, April 11, 2009

Please Do Not Waste Food..

Time and Time again... and our mothers would tell us at the table.. and if you're a parent now too.. you would hear yourself saying.. "Don't waste your food sweetheart, there are people who don't have any... don't waste"...

And little reminders come to us from time to time like this and it reminds us to be mindful of how lucky we are instead of complaining all the time.

When you complain that you are sick of ironing, that just means you're lucky to have clothes on your back and more..

When you complain that you don't want to mop your floor, that just means you're lucky to have a roof over your head, a bed to sleep in and a place you can call your own.

When you complain that today's meal is too salty/sweet/sour or bitter, give thanks that you even have a choice of an abundance of food.

And when you complain that your internet connection is lousy, and that your favourite blogger isn't updating her blog, be thankful that you have the luxury of having a computer and very likely a mobile phone too.

Give thanks for in many ways, you are blessed.

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