Saturday, April 18, 2009

Getaway Package @ Roxy Part 3

After my stay for the Ladies' Special review, I extended my stay another 2 days by redeeming a Getaway Hotel stay with the Hotel that they had graciously extended to us with my previous review. The last Getaway Stay review can be found HERE & HERE.

It was also an excellent opportunity to check out a different type of suite that the Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel had to offer and this Junior suite, I was impressed! Very functional for families and even for entertaining purposes for business.

Our Junior suite, 1642 was an a 2 room suite which had a living area that joined to the bedroom. Apparently there are only one of such room on each living suite floor of the hotel so that means it is limited to only 13 of such rooms available.

Since I had my girls with us, we requested additional single beds for them so that they had a space of our own. And at the same time, since it was a family getaway, we invited my mother in law and my baby nephew to stay the night with us so the children could spend time together.

The hotel graciously provided us a total of 3 additional mattresses for my mom in law and the kids that they placed in the living area after re-arranging the furniture. So technically we had 2 living spaces! And everyone could watch the show they wanted as each room had its own TV.

What impressed us too was that the room also had an adjoining kitchenette which was extremely useful in this instance as there were children with us with F&B needs that could be fulfilled in a functional part of the room.

It was easy for my mom in law to make her coffee & tea. Prepare beverages, lay out food and fruits and snacks in the kitchenette. We really liked this aspect as it made the room fully functional.

And we had an adjoining masterbedroom with a bathroom that was highly spacious and luxurious! Its definitely bigger than the other rooms that we had sampled so far.

I like this shot in the mirror.

And again.. the bathroom where we all had warm bubblebaths during our stay... I found that I couldn't take long periods of hot water steeping... my temperature shot waay over normal, my heart started strong palpitations and instead of feeling comfortable, I was feeling dreadful.

After 5 minutes of soaking myself and wondering when relaxation would come, I stepped out and offered the hot tub to CJ instead.

Strangely, I never felt more relieved. Wahahhaa! I can take hot steam rooms/saunas but .... hot tubs.. I think not.... anymore.

And as with each Getaway Package, it comes with a complimentary goodybag which includes snack treats as seen below and some hot food too! We ate everything and the big bottle of water was a huge reprieve to all the sweet drinks we had during our stay.

The hot food includes hot crispy chicken wings and fruit tarts! The fruit tarts this time was FANTASTIC... I did feel however that the quantity was a little small and that there could be around 2 more hot food options to make the snack for 2 adults + 2 kids more substantial as an excess *which I doubt there would be any* could be kept for later snacking.

Specially considering that usually 2A+2C would usually mean that the kids are somewhat independant and that relates to them usually being older and having a bigger appetite. After the girls had their wings, there was none left! *damn!!* I want more!

We didn't do lunch or dinner during this stay as we were out checking out the other external food establishments during our stay. But we did revel for some hours in and by the hotel pool which was an excellent enjoyable time for the kids.

I've loved all my stays at the Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel and definitely recommend anyone considering a hotel stay to consider this Oasis in the East. Whether for business or pleasure.

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