Sunday, May 31, 2009

How I like my SOYJOY Best - Challenge 2

It is Week 2 of the SOYJOY GI Challenge and this weeks' challenge is a picture challenge to show.. "How I like my SOYJOY best!"... First Week Challenge details can be found HERE.

I want to thank everyone who participated with me in listing your company to recieve FREE SOYJOY bars! Thank you for your support! ... :) Challenge No. 1 is now CLOSED.

Now for this challenge.. I thought about this for quite a while... and in line with my kind of preferences and lifestyle. I found that I would have liked to marry my love of felines thus.. my nickname "Honeymeow" with comfort food and an active lifestyle to represent how I like my SOYJOY best...

Above there... the kitty having a nibble on a SOYJOY bar... no.. SOYJOY IS NOT pet food but pets love it too! I know because I've tried feeding it to the cats I love and they ate it with much gusto! BUT... its NOT pet food okay! And Don't feed Chocolates to Cats! It gives them respiratory distress...

Then I wondered.. how else other than just opening the pack and nibbling on it can I enjoy the bar? Dunked with coffee like a biscotti side treat? Yes.. Dunked in chocolate fudge maybe! Hell yeah!! But it also kinda defeats the purpose of the low GI factor by adding so much sugar to "compliment" it. But those still sound awesome don't they?! I tried these combos too.. not bad!! *slurps*

So I tried it with some low fat Frozen Yogurt and chopped up a chocolate orange SOYJOY bar and used it as toppings and threw on some of my favourite red heart toppings for colour.. Visually, it was pretty enticing. I threw it into the freezer for an after dinner treat and a treat it was indeed! The bar bits dried out just a little bit making it a little crunchier at the ends which gave it excellent texture for people like me who love chunky yogurt/icecream treats!

And it was really satisfying too! I'd definitely use this combo again soon!

And then coming back to my feline loves... I thought it would be highly representative of me to show how I love SOYJOY through these uber cute furries who "help" me show my SOYJOY message of...
(UPDATE! Based on Readers Choice! SOYJOY "Work for Food" Picture WINS the popularity vote!!)

"Much Effort!!" - Will work for food Kitty... (Peddling one pwease?) Hahhaha!!

and a "Little Effort!!" - Act cute for Food Kitty... Awww... Shooo cuute.. I like! *rubs screen* ....

But as it all culminates to a final picture that I would feel that taking a product such as SOYJOY, pulling into factors that it is based on a LOW GI formula *what? what is low GI? - Find out next week! I will be telling you more about this then"!* and that it makes an excellent snack alternative. I feel that an active, healthy lifestyle would best represent how I like my SOYJOY best..

With the company of some of my friends, after a great workout... my own ZumFit dance class nonetheless.. with our bars that helped us sustain a great satiety and energy to last the class through and to provide a non greasy, non sinful, filling treat after... Yep.. thats how I like it... *I'm proud to allow association with my ZumFit program with SOYJOY as they both work towards the promotion of healthier lifestyle choices*

So.. tell me which of these photos you like best? Leave me a comment here! Yeah.. comments will help in this challenge too! I'd love to hear from you! What do you say now? ZumFit!! Oooppss! I mean.. SOYJOY!! Gotta love it.. Hahaha! :)

Oh! And Vote for me at! You can still vote from now till the end of June every 3 hours.. Thank you! So... now.. leave me a message and then GO VOTE!! hahaahaha! Love ya'll.

Do You Know How to Kill a Crab?

I didn't know how and it brought up a hilarious memorable experience for CJ and me some many years back.

We wanted to make our own Chili Crab and went to the market to buy some live crab. When we reached home and threw them into the sink. We cut open the rope that held their claws together. Mistake!

The crabs started crawling about the sink and in the midst of my flapping arms and squealing panic, CJ grabbed a kettle of boiling water and poured it over the crabs and to our horror.... ALL THEIR LEGS DROPPED OFF!!

What the.... *both of us standing there staring in shock...* was that supposed to happen??!

And then seeing that the crabs weren't totally dead yet, CJ took the knife and started stabbing the crabs a couple of times but they were still spasming. Oookay.. we took the tongs and put the bodies and dismembered claws into a plastic bag and did the next thing we could.

We shoved the bag into the freezer to freeze them buggers to death... *facepalm* Such inexperience indeed...

Some years down the road and several chili crabs/butter crabs and pepper crabs dishes later.. I've become quite adept in killing, cleaning and preparing the crabs for cooking. I never fail to get some puncture wounds while in the process of doing so however. Them crabbies are sharp and painful!! *ouccch!!*

Crabs can cost from $5-$15 per piece at the wet market.
Usually they're weighed in according to kilos. I prefer to choose larger hard shelled *greenish/orange/grey coloured* versions as opposed to flower crabs *spotted/light green/flowery patterned* or softer shelled small black/brown crabs.

How to kill a crab is actually quite easy. Ensure the claws are still tied or it will put up a fuss. Flip the crab over, open up its "flap". Take a chopstick or a knife and stab it right in the centre aka "its heart" and leave it there for a couple of minutes. It will die in a few minutes.

Before you decide to snip off the string tying the claws.. ensure its dead first, proceed to slot a knife into its base and pry off its top shell.. you can then break the crab in half.

Clean up the "lungs" and excessive spiky parts. Scrub with a brush and water and use a mortar to crack the shells before proceeding to cook as per which ever recipe you have chosen for your dish. My mother in law cooked tonights' Chili Crab but I'm sure there are many recommended recipes you can google up to try. :) *Slurps*

Oh! And yes, would I consider this something I'd eat to lose weight? YES!! CRAB! = Seafood! = High protein = Low carb = Lose weight? = YES!! Just that I won't be slurping up too much of its gravy and definitely won't be dipping bread into this dish anytime soon. Still good though! Finger lickin' Good!

Friday, May 29, 2009

ZumFit with Me on Friday Nights!


Tonight's ZumFit class was cosy but it was quite an enjoyable 75 minute run. 15 tracks. Today was a special class as I had the flexibility of starting the class 15 minutes earlier so we used all available time!

Notice: Friday ZumFit Classes from now on will be from 715pm - 815pm from next week onwards! All those registered and those interested please note!! :)

For those who want more details on what ZumFit is. Please READ THIS. Dates, Location Map and Class details found in that link.

Email me at for registration forms TODAY! Come work out with me! You know you need to work out ... might as well make it a fun one!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cheesy Salsa Pockets (Low Carb!)

This is my version of a Low Carb alternative to pizza in my house without its bread base. Its EXTREMELY satisfying, wholesome, full of nutrition and best of all LOW IN CARB!

You know what they always say.. choose what you eat.. you are what you eat and I say, you eat this AND LOSE WEIGHT. With a reasonable exercise plan of course!

I love it when people come to realise that low carb food options are not as boring as they think! I've heard many "YOU EAT THAT.. and STILL LOSE WEIGHT?"... with much disbelief...

Yeah!..(Looks at self.. kinda proof in the pudding ain't it?)... no?

So this is one hair raising, eyeball rolling satisfactory lunch or dinner option to have that prepares in 5 minutes, bakes in 15 mins (chicken) + 20 mins(peppers). Yeah.. we actually had goosebumps and sat there chewing in a daze..If my eyeballs could roll to the back of my head and back around... it would have... It was THAT GOOD. Seriously. Please try it!

So whats in this?

A bag of Japanese Seaweed Chicken Nuggets (Baked till crispy)
3 Large Red Capsicums (sweet red bell pepper) - Sliced in half and de-seeded.
6 Slices of Cheese
1 bottle of HOT Salsa Mix (I used Tostitos Salsa which you can find at Cold Storage)
Black/White Pepper & Italian Seasoning to taste.

Hows it done?

Bake nuggets till crispy while you prepare the peppers.

I used 3 very large red bell peppers and lined the insides of each half with a slice of cheese each. When the nuggets were baked, I cut them up into pieces and stuffed the peppers with them. Around 3.5-4 chopped up nuggets can stuff each pepper.

Covered the top layer with a spoonful of Hot Salsa and returned the raw stuffed peppers into the oven to bake for about 20 minutes till the sides started to brown, the pepper was visually softer and the cheese started to bubble.

When serving, I topped it with another spoon of fresh cold salsa as the previous scoop had baked into the crispy chicken and then seasoned to taste.

It was easy to eat as you could either cut it up with a fork or pick it up just like how you would a slice of pizza and sink your teeth into it. It was seriously very yummy and I will definitely do this again soon. Enjoy! Tell me or even better... show me how yours turned out if you make it! *slurps*

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Class 95 - Morning Show Spot

SOYJOY had placed a spot over at Class 95, Morning Show with Glenn Ong and Vernetta Lopez to talk about the SOYJOY Challenge and each blogger. This morning at 750am and another one at 940am, the first release of my feature came out for all of Singapore to listen in to. :) Click to listen in!

Oh and the Flying Dutchman is on leave this week and its HIS BIRTHDAY TODAY TOO! Happy Birthday FD! :)

Listen in HERE.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

"Have you tried a SOYJOY bar yet?"

It begins! Part One of Four Challenges for the SOYJOY GI Challenge 09. "Feed the Office" with Free SOYJOY bars!

SOYJOY is giving away FREE SOYJOY BARS!!

The first challenge is for all 5 bloggers to recruit AS MANY offices / schools / organisations / businesses AS POSSIBLE to receive FREE SOYJOY bars!

We will each be competing to find AS MANY workplaces to list up with us so please send me your emails to join me! Forward it to working friends, family, partners and clients! :)

So please show me your support! Email me with the above details for SOYJOY to arrange to send Free SOYJOY Bar Samples to your work place! Yes, there are reasonable limits of about a max of 40 bars per location and no, it cannot be sent to your home. The lovely SOYJOY peeps will go to your workplace and distribute the bars individually to you and your colleagues to try!

So if you're working in an MNC, I believe the distribution would be limited to those in your department. If you can, break up the registrations to different departments & person registering for that department so that your whole company can enjoy the bars together!

If you're working in an SME and don't have excessive staff counts, update me with your company headcount for me to chart in.

So don't hesitate to email me at TODAY! This challenge will run from the 25th of May 09 to 30th of May 09 ONLY!

If you want the mailer by email, let me know by email! I'll forward it up to you! Alternatively, you can click on the image above, right-click - save and use accordingly in your own email communications.

Show me some looove people.. spread the word. GREATLY GREATLY appreciate it! *Looking into my gmail account and looking forward to seeing many many more emails with your details coming in!*

THANK YOU!! Oh! And leave some comments! Not only would I love to read them but they would help support me in each challenge in terms of reader response. Winner of this challenge gets 10 points.

So if you regularly leave comments, please do. If you were shy before, now would be the time to say Hi! and leave me with something :) Talk to me!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Grilled Teriyaki Chicken, Spicy Roasted Garlic Potatoes, Broccoli w/ Cheese Sauce

Over at the Honeymeow residence, we're running a low carb cycle so much food at home are as low carb as possible. Dinner tonight is Grilled Teriyaki Wings, Spicy Roasted Garlic Potatoes and Broccoli with Cheese Sauce.

No complicated recipe needed. Just 1 bottle thick Kikkoman Teriyaki sauce, white/black pepper, paprika - season 2kg chicken wings (estimated 22 wings) for 2-3 hours & grill till golden.

Boil Broccoli & serve with Queso cheese sauce. Season potatoes, chunks of onion & cloves of garlic with salt, white/black pepper, paprika, italian seasoning and roast till potatoes are soft & crispy.

Some will ask... aren't Potatoes carbs? YES! Of course.. so they're only for my girls tonight. We'll swipe up all the soft roasted garlic though!! *slurps!*

Eating to lose weight. Not difficult yeah?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Video Greetings - Honeymeow

Yeah, I know.. kinda freaky.. bare faced no makeup... really draggy tired.. major major eyebag issues... so yeah.. I know it doesn't compare to the glamour mama in pictures.. theres me.. and then theres... me!

Sitting inside my storehouse waiting for a customer so sitting on cardboard boxes. In need of alot more sleep.. so just watch, this is for you and ... yeah that what I said in the video.. "this is Honeymeow... you should know me by now.. " *snigger*

And yes, I am aware that Nadia & Rayner have thousands of votes way above mine but that doesn't mean u stop voting for me people! Your support is still very important!

There will be 2 winners in this challenge - one with the highest votes which at this rate is one of those 2 number rich fore runners and one that will be selected by the judges based on challenge & effort. This is where you come in... leave me comments! I love reading all of them but they'll also help the challenge along! Really!

By the way... Apart from the magazine coverage, the other bloggers and myself will be mentioned on Class 95's Morning Show throughout next week from 6am - 10am.

My feature day is on Tuesday next week, 26th of May 09 so TUNE IN with the Flying Dutchman, Glenn Ong & Vernetta Lopez as they.. *cough* (Hey Hi guys!!!! Welcome to my blog!!) read my blog to see who I am so they have something to say about me... so LISTEN IN!! I know I will! I definitely want to know what they have to say! *excited*

Simply Her/Shape Mag - June 09 Issue (SOYJOY)

There is a full page on page 89 of Simply Her - June 09 issue and also on page 61 of Shape Magazine which features us with a little highlight! :) How nice... :) Voting is still going on from now till the end of June and can be clocked in once every 3 hours on a daily basis.

You can vote for me, Honeymeow at ! Thank you for your support! And thank you so far to all those who have clicked a vote for me! :) Greatly appreciated and heartfelt thanks.

Details on this SOYJOY Challenge were introduced HERE. Go check that out and then come back next week to support the challenges too! Leave some comments- it would greatly help! Thank you!!

In the meantime, the full page here for those who don't read Simply Her and just wanna find out more on what the advertorial was about. *Click on image to enlarge* :) SOYJOY!

Weightloss Update: 68kg

Lately, I've been getting the same "your face looks smaller" comment from people that prompted me to check out my latest weigh in to see whats going on and I was pleasantly surprised! Even CJ - the hubster, the one who sees me daily noticed & commented that my face looks particularly smaller over dinner the other night, together with at least 10 other totally unrelated people who said the same thing....*raise eyebrow n pat face... have meh?*

I have been 69kg-70kg for the longest time now. I attribute it to an increase in muscle mass as my clothes are getting smaller (a firm medium as opposed to my previous 5XXXXL clothes) as the months pass but the weight is still the same! So I stepped on the scale today and realised that I finally broke plateau! 68kg!

The last time I charted in for the last weigh in at 69kg was HERE. I'm still 13kg away from my target weight of 55kg but 8kg away from a weight that everyone insists that I should stop - 60kg.

A 32kg difference and a far cry from my previous 100kg self in late 2007...Pictures and posts on the 100kg me can be found HERE. So Yes.... I've come a long way I know.. and yes I'm glad... but theres a little more to go before this journey reaches its destination and then its maintenance all the way from there on end... :)

So for now, I'm still doing it old school by watching my diet... checking carbs... looking into GI levels... hydrating madly and exercising passionately... :)

No secret. Just 3 words. Diet & Exercise. The remaining 13kg.. here I come....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

ZumFit (Monday 18th May 09)

I enjoyed instructing last night's ZumFit class and the ladies who joined last night were so lovely! It was a trial class with the exception of Christina and class proper starts on the Friday, 29th of May 09.

I hope they truely found it enjoyable as that is the best way of exercising. Without realising that I had put them through a full body workout, blasted hundreds of calories and they complete full class safe & sound.

If anyone else is interested to join my ZumFit classes, please email me at and I'll send you details and a registration form.

I still have space for Friday, 815pm classes as I had just bumped my studio up to the larger studio that allows for more space & movement so book your space now. However, space is limited and registration is on a first come first serve basis. :)

A Big Shoutout of Love & Appreciation to the Following people:

Shelly - For her Blog Plug
Alexisthetiny - For her Blog Plug

UglyFatChick - For her ZumFit Class Review

Char Siew Sauce Grilled Wings

Fresh outta the oven at 8am this morning. 18 wings and already half finished... and its only 920am now?

May need to make more later... super easy.. 18 large wings + 1 bottle of Lee Kum Kee Char Siew Sauce and white pepper. Marinade, throw into oven, bake and ... 30 minutes later..

Voila!! Chicken Wings!!! *slurps*

Monday, May 18, 2009

Have U seen me Bootyshake?

What happened during the Zumbathon on Saturday? Whole lotta fitness dancing... alot of sweat... thankfully no blood... and maybe a little tears... *cramp lah!*

The video was very generously burned for me onto a CD by Esther *the lady on the right dancing with me* and her lovely family - her hubby who took the video and daughter who helped her burn the CD. Thank you!! I managed to capture a little via "low tech format" of recording it off my TV screen. Whahahahaah! Anyone who wants to check out the clearer version and can convert the video into little video formats that I can use to upload here is welcome to drop me at mail. Thank you!!

I find it quite annoying that I look so much fatter in low resolution than the original video so it would be great if someone can convert the video for me please!

With...A little salsa.. a little merengue...

A little bootyshaking.. a little travelling... a little combat... and a whole lotta fun...

A little Bollywood... a little Reggaetton... and alot of lost calories... together with friends at the Atrium of Novena Square Mall.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Zumbathon @ Novena with Jackie Chan!

The "other" man in my life. David Velez and me. He's the other man I see more on a weekly basis other than CJ. He's the California Fitness (Singapore) Group X Manager and my rumba dance instructor. Most of those moves in my dance classes? Taught and perfected by him over months and months of practice.

This is part of the Zumbathon team that was selected to lead the 90 minute Zumbathon over at Novena. Why a Zumbathon? Well, it was partly to celebrate Zumba's first year anniversary in Singapore since the launch here in 2008. And California Fitness Novena's 3rd Anniversary which featured Jackie Chan.

Whos in this picture?

In Front - My galpals, Sinyee in red, Elin in black and Me.
At the back (CF Instructors and friends) - Kayla, David, Ruri and Katia.

And of course, da man.. Jackie Chan himself. So he came and did a Zumba set with us before he headed back up to the gym for some PR and Media work.

Before we went in for our 90 minute public stint - some of the girls had cold feet about dancing in public as floor upon floor had onlookers/shoppers watching and video taking the dancing going on but all of us still went on to do it. If you were there and somehow caught me on video - please send a copy to me? I would LOVE to see it. I saw many people flipping their mobile phones and video taking alof of the action so I know some must be floating out there.

My email is Thank you!!! If you feel the video may be too big to send via normal email, use!

I took the chance to take photos with some of my dance pals.. Sinyee and Elin.

Ray and Alvin... :) I love Ray.. she is really like a ray of sunshine each time we meet. I'm going to miss her so much when she leaves in a couple of months as her contract teaching in Singapore had ended.

Marilyn and Esther. :)

And as usual, my usual dance spot. Right smack in the front centre of each and every Zumba session. It was lovely that most of the Zumba instructors today were my friends and I loved them all. And they called out to me during the session. While I was amused, I was thinking "SShhh!! sure!!... tell the WHOLE MALL MY NAME... urgh...sshhhhh!!!"

"Pam! Do it like Pam!" (point point)
"Whos being Lazy? Is it Pam?" (point point)*Snigger Snigger*
"Go Pam!" (point point)

And then the worst thing happened towards the end.. a cramp came creeping up my left calf.. so i lightened my weight on it and used my right leg... 1 dance set later.. another cramp creeped up my right calf.. and I slowed down... praying that I wouldn't aggravate anything before I fall into a screaming ball of fire.

Another half a set later, BOTH slow - not yet fully blown cramp tried creeping to the FRONT of my shin.. Great. Just great.. now both my shins/calves were on the brink of a MAJOR cramp so I slowed down even more.

And just when you think that would be it.. i felt a twitch on my right QUAD- which is my thigh muscle. And I went UH OH!! and stood still and then HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. My left quad decided to twitch too. *horrified*

Immediately, I stepped out of the dance area and squat to ease the thighs to avoid really major castastrophe. My girlfriends offered up all their isotonic drinks which I chugged down in hope that I won't end up writhing and screaming on the ground in agony. And then on stage, we heard...

"That was a great job everyone! We're moving to the cool down now. PAM! COME BACK IN - JOIN THE COOLDOWN - COME - COME ... " and then so many eyes were on me.. and I hobbled back in to complete the class... praying while I did it.. PLEASE.. PLEASE.. PLEASE DON'T CRAMP. Perhaps a cooldown might ease it I thought...

The event ended once that was done and I sat on stage to ease the weight off my legs. 4 locations. Both legs on the brink of a major, major cramp. Twitching as I sat there as I finished off several offered bottles of isotonic drinks and water from various friends waterbottles. *Thank you!*

So here I am now with this entry... with sore sore sore legs... thankful that no part of it went into a full blown cramp if not I would have been quite seriously injured. And I'm teaching on Monday too! *very excited about that and definitely don't want any injuries from making that class any less enjoyable than I planned it to be*

That being said, Esther *pic up there* was there with her family today and her husband took videos of us dancing! So I'll pick that up on Monday and check that out. If it seems okay, I'll put it up here on the blog! :) Alrighty... Goodnight peeps.. Have a lovely lovely Sunday. :) Zumbaaa!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

ZumFit and AquaFit Classes!

Several friends and readers have requested for a combined update for ease of reference of my upcoming classes that I instruct so here it is for those interested.

Read up about what ZumFit classes are about HERE.

ZumFit is a latin inspired cardio fitness dance class set against infectious spanish & international music. Move to the beat with a little cumbia, salsa, merengue, cha cha, bellydance and reggaetton.

Email me at to enquire about class rates, space availability and for registration forms.

There is an upcoming ZumFit trial class this coming Monday 18th of May 09 at 815pm at Dance on Us Studios at No. 8 Claymore Point, Claymore Hill. (Trial class OVER & Completed - Details HERE.)

It is a 5 minute walk behind Pacific Plaza/Shaw Centre at Orchard. Map to location can be found HERE.

Official ZumFit sessions start on Friday, 29th of May 09 at 815pm - 915pm. Every Friday from then on. Limited space left. Registration is on a first come first serve basis.

29th May - 5th June - 19th June - 26th June - 3rd July - 10th July - 17th July - 24th July - 31st July - 7th August - 14th August - 21st August

If interested, please email me at
More AquaFit enquiries have been coming in. Thank you for your interests! I currently only conduct corporate classes at the moment. I may have some upcoming private condominium morning classes starting mid June so my schedule is filling out quite nicely.

If your company/organisation/residence has a pool or can book a pool that is suitable for Aqua Fitness use and want to put together a class. Email me and lets talk about it.

I use Aqua Noodles for most of my classes. More information about Aqua Aerobics can be found HERE. Aquatic exercise is a low-impact activity that takes the pressure off your bones, joints and muscles. Water offers natural resistance, which helps strengthen your muscles. You can even do aquatic exercise if you don't know how to swim.

Aqua Fitness is not limited to the old or those in rehabilitation! It can be a very fun low impact class for men, women and children alike! Sometimes we play games, do circuit training and sometimes water therapy which can be really relaxing too!

Enquire about my AquaFit kids program if you have kids who are interested. For kids aged 8-14 years. Minimum class size. 15 kids to start. :)

Aqua Fit Adults program are for teens 15 & up and Adults of all ages.

Email me at for details. I can pool the current enquiries together and if there are sufficient that would agree to one location, we can start that class so if you want to join, drop me a note. Tata!


PLUS!! We also have Karate Classes for Adults & Kids too! Anyone interested in private lessons/tournament training/group training, email me to enquire.

CJ has 21 years Karate training & has been coaching since 1994 with Certified National Coach qualifications. Current coaching references includes West View Primary, Overseas Family School and Singapore Management University.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SOYJOY GI Challenge Website LIVE!!

I mentioned this just a few posts down as a preview to whats to come but its out sooner than I thought! Roar!

The SOYJOY Blogger GI Challenge Website is now LIVE!! Go Check it out, VOTE FOR ME please!! and download a blogger badge in support of Dreaming Reality. Thank you! Thank you! :) If you do download it, do leave me a message, I'd love to see it on your blog! :)

Oh! And did u know, if you "grab" a bar on the badge, U can swirl it about if you hold on to it and knock the other bars about too? *ok... that was a little random & ditzy... but... ok.. moving on....try it!*

Individual Blogger Badge is what you see on my left column! <------- see it? You can click on it to go to the SOYJOY site to vote too! You can click on the "VOTE FOR ME!" Button next to my knees ONCE EVERY 3 HOURS from now till the end of June! :)

You can also join the Facebook group HERE.

Stay tuned as we 5 bloggers go through a series of 4 challenges throughout the month of June. Your support, votes and comments greatly affects the overall outcome of this whole challenge.

I would love it for you to stay tuned, drop me a mail at if you like, and maybe.. spread the news a little too! :)

Love y'all! Let the Challenge Begin! :)

And so the SOYJOY Angels it is then....

A little "Behind the Scenes" Fun during our photoshoot... with Nadia aka Nadnut who is also one of the bloggers in this challenge.. and the rest of the Cool Agency Peeps! We luff u guys!!

I gonna keel u with ma prut bar! Whuuahahahahaha..... are we enemies? Nah... course not! we're just playing with the bars...

And this is what we call the "Feed the Brian" moment where we force fed our Agency Peep, Brian with the bars... with some *neck choking* action (you can't tell through all the sweet smiles huh) just prior to when this picture was taken.. CHEW! Dammnit! CHEW!! Feed the Brian!! Eat it! Hee! Hee! *pat pat*

And a group shot before we go back into some more serious photoshoot work... Say SOYJOY!

Added: As we go along with the flow of how the challenge is turning out, I feel that it would be most fair if I too, have an incentive for my dear readers. :)

However, this gift is available, EVEN IF I don't win to show my appreciation for the effort that you put in support of me.

I have a very special gift holiday getaway for 2 for the person has left me the most comments, placed my blogger badge on their website/blog *and notified me about it* and have done their darnest to vote for me on a daily basis on the website.

So leave me some messages, I would love to read them and also so I can start noting down a potential winner. Thank you everyone! :)

Random Discoveries from the Past...

I was doing some online trawling this evening and stumbled upon several amusing finds from the past... all of which I had forgotten but apparently still lives on in cyberspace..

First off... everyone knows my husband aka CJ is a Karate Coach. He teaches Adults, Teens and Children and comes with 21 years experience with National Coach qualifications.

This video was taken in 2008 with him in his Sunday Kids class and who else was in the class but our daughters!!

I've always marvelled at his "horse stance" which never seems to waver like he's really sitting on a chair?! And Lauren looks so cute in her little "dogi" aka Karate uniform.

And of course, I have my youngest, Eirian and here she is! *Looks fondly - only one year back and they have grown so much!!*

And then I did some more checking under my name just to see what the net had any surprises in store under my name search and guess what popped out?

Back in 2006 and early 2007, I was working in a Marketing position in Executive Development in a Design School. It so happens that CJ currently lectures there on graphic design software and production methodologies now. Anyway... Marketing Magazine back then held some interviews which brought to highlight some of the programs that I was working to market and together with those, some quotes, mentions and a picture of me in 2007. *gah!*

The details of the screen shot below can be found HERE.

And then another interview about private educational institutions where I had a mention towards my view of Professional Development for young adults. Details of the screenshot can be found HERE.

I don't know about you but I find it quite amusing to read published text of what I said to the media. So have you googled your name lately? What have you found that amused you?

Monday, May 11, 2009

ZumFit Class Schedule (Update!)

Good news! With much persuasion, blood, sweat & tears *chuckle*... Friday classes now commence at a lovely time of 815pm - 915pm. *yay*

For those who want to know what ZumFit is about.. please go to THIS POST.

So for the majority who have mentioned that the previous timing of 715pm is tight for you after Fridays work, I believe this would be perfect for most now.

Friday 815pm - 915pm Classes:
29th May - 5th June - 19th June - 26th June - 3rd July - 10th July - 17th July - 24th July - 31st July - 7th August - 14th August - 21st August

Classes will continue from these dates too but the above are for your planning reference.

Regular Monday Classes are now on a pending commencement as majority of participants are now on trial.

There will be ONE SESSION next week on 18th of May 2009, 815pm for those interested in a trial session, however, participants who sign on with a package after next Monday will be slotted in for Friday 815pm classes for the next 12 weeks commencing 29th May 09.

Should I find that there is a greater demand and registration which would prove it feasible for me to start an alternate evening of the week, I will let everyone know in due time.

In the meantime, SPREAD THE WORD! Come join me to shake your booty with a little salsa, a little cumbia, a little merengue and a whole lot of reggaetton. :)

For now, I have still have space for people who may be interested to come next monday or sign up for Friday classes before we hit class capacity for Friday. Spread the news please!

I can be reached at

Bootyshakingly Yours,

Shooting Star - Happy Slip

I have been following Christine aka Happy Slip for some time now. She's absolutely hilarious and I find it EVEN MORE hilarious because she depicts the little idiosyncracies of what being a filipino or part filipino is that can be totally hilarious.

From the accent, to the characters which I can definitely relate to as being part of my family, with the different topics and issues that she covers.. absolutely top notch and hits the spot exactly! I can never stop sniggering... its just how it is! If you haven't watched her before, go check it out! Very entertaining!

One of many things that everyone knows what filipinos are good for is their.. SINGING and DANCING.. and I've always wondered.. Is it only because I'm half Spanish Filipina that I've gotten only half the talent combo? I can dance but I can't sing? *cough* Very calculative arh!* :( But, I'm thankful for what I'm blessed with. Thank you Lord.

Anyway, Christine composed a song here for a friend who passed on and I think its fantastic and absolutely heartfelt and she has a pretty awesome voice too.. So check it out.. Enjoy!~

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Happy Mothers Day...Love Pam.

Heres wishing my mom, my mom in law, mommy friends, mothers to be and mothers that was, may you have a beautiful Mother's Day.

The journey of Motherhood never ends. If no one told you lately, let me say it now.. you have been a good Mother. May you be tenderly blessed for your contributions, thoughts and love that you have shown your child(ren).

Happy Mothers Day.

Love Pam.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Out of Action.

Down with a NON SWINE flu and tonsilitis. Slept the whole Thursday in. Was up for a max of 2 hours to wash up, drink and take medicine. Am on Antibiotics & other meds. Slight temperature but more a general malaise.

Slept in earlier today, went out for an appointment. Coughing and spitting bloody phelgm. Grumpy. Pissy. Not well. Thank you to those who have smsed your well wishes. *muaks*

Just a little more rest and I should be up and dandy come monday morning. :)

Sunday, May 03, 2009

ZumFit Class Schedules (May-August 09)

With reference to Class Details HERE. We have the Cycle 1 ZumFit Schedule up for all Zumfitters who have already registered and for those who are interested to sign up with the first cycle of dates..

Classes would be a continous class even beyond these dates which will be updated to all as we go along, however use these dates for your planning purposes so that you can block out the necessary evenings for your workout!

Do note that you will need to opt to attend ONCE a week or opt to attend TWICE a week. Those attending have the flexibility to "miss" up to a maximum of 3 classes and replace it with another class of the same day later the subsequent weeks together.

For example:

Students on Friday Only Class - Misses a Class - can take another Friday replacement class (according to ongoing schedule)

Students on Monday Only Class - Misses a Class - can take another Monday replacement class (according to ongoing schedule)

Students on Twice a Week Class - Misses a Class - Max. up to 3 replacement Monday / Friday classes (according to ongoing schedule)

I would appreciate however, if you know that you would be missing a class, to let me know once you're aware of this, so that we won't need to wait and the class can proceed without delay.


Monday 815pm - 915pm Classes:
18th May - 25th May - 1st June - 8th June - 15th June - 22nd June - 29th June - 6th July - 13th July - 20th July - 27th July - 3rd August

Friday 715pm - 815pm Classes:
29th May - 5th June - 19th June - 26th June - 3rd July - 10th July - 17th July - 24th July - 31st July - 7th August - 14th August - 21st August


(I will be away from the 10th to the 14th of June - will only hold a Monday Class this week.)

Everyone Kindly Note Please! If you're interested, EMAIL ME at for a registration form or if you have any further questions.

Cristian Castro & David Bisbal Rocks!!

On this Sunday morning, I was reviewing my tracks that I have set out for my ZumFit classes and those tracks that I listen in on the train when I'm out and thought I'd share them with you.

This track is by Cristian Castro and is my cool down song during my classes. This is called "Despues De Ti".... Enjoy. :)

Ave Maria by David Bisbal is one of my favourite pick up songs. I love the energy of songs like this and it adds the hop to my step when I walk towards the MRT station.

And I love the energy of the people partying in the video too! My kinda party and my kind of dancing too! :) Because of the fast tempo of this track, I will only be doing this track at a much later time during the class sessions where I feel that everyone can keep up to a faster pace.

Azul by Cristian Castro is my warm up track. I totally love this merengue track! You would see me singing this track every day. Another feel good song and I absolutely feel GOOD when I hear it! :)

This is the Karaoke version of Azul where I learn my lyrics because I make it a point to know the lyrics of songs I like and so I can sing along when the song plays.. Enjoy! :)

Friday, May 01, 2009

Perfect Sisters...

My Youngest Sister, Alexandra and me. One 23 and the other 30. One a Spinning Instructor and the other an Group Aerobic & Aqua Instructor. Both called Momma in their own right. She's been "Momma" to all her friends for the longest time. And I'm "Momma" obviously because I am! I have 2 kids!

Its funny that people at the gym see us so often but don't realise we're sisters till we either say we are or we stand together.

It was even funnier today when we met at the American club for dinner. Our lovely relatives organised a dinner tonight to meet to celebrate Mothers Day and the upcoming 50th Birthday of our DAD.

When we first saw each other, we burst out smiling. Why? We were wearing the same black tube top! Hahaha! Just that she had capris on and I had long blue jeans. She had earlier wanted to wear jeans too if not we would have been identical. Absolutely amusing.

The nicest thing I recall as I look at this picture taken tonight was... I don't remember Alex and I having much sibling rivalry growing up. As a matter a fact, none that I recall at all! I don't remember a time where we fought or argued. I remember times where we would both insult, laugh and make fun of eachother but really always just for the fun of it. I really love Alex alot. :) Yeah.. I know you're reading this. *staring at Lex*.. but yeah, I haven't said that in a long time ... I Love u alot. *hug*

See you for Sunday brunch soon!

Singapore Blog Awards Nominee!

Dreaming Reality has been nominated at the Singapore Blog Awards 2009 and has been shortlisted under Best Lifestyle Blog. If you have been reading my blog regularly or is a new reader and like my blog....

Do go HERE. Register and Rally *aka vote* for this blog! Show me some loving people! Y'know I love you guys and gals too! :)