Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SOYJOY GI Challenge Website LIVE!!

I mentioned this just a few posts down as a preview to whats to come but its out sooner than I thought! Roar!

The SOYJOY Blogger GI Challenge Website is now LIVE!! Go Check it out, VOTE FOR ME please!! and download a blogger badge in support of Dreaming Reality. Thank you! Thank you! :) If you do download it, do leave me a message, I'd love to see it on your blog! :)

Oh! And did u know, if you "grab" a bar on the badge, U can swirl it about if you hold on to it and knock the other bars about too? *ok... that was a little random & ditzy... but... ok.. moving on....try it!*

Individual Blogger Badge is what you see on my left column! <------- see it? You can click on it to go to the SOYJOY site to vote too! You can click on the "VOTE FOR ME!" Button next to my knees ONCE EVERY 3 HOURS from now till the end of June! :)

You can also join the Facebook group HERE.

Stay tuned as we 5 bloggers go through a series of 4 challenges throughout the month of June. Your support, votes and comments greatly affects the overall outcome of this whole challenge.

I would love it for you to stay tuned, drop me a mail at honeymeow@gmail.com if you like, and maybe.. spread the news a little too! :)

Love y'all! Let the Challenge Begin! :)

And so the SOYJOY Angels it is then....

A little "Behind the Scenes" Fun during our photoshoot... with Nadia aka Nadnut who is also one of the bloggers in this challenge.. and the rest of the Cool Agency Peeps! We luff u guys!!

I gonna keel u with ma prut bar! Whuuahahahahaha..... are we enemies? Nah... course not! we're just playing with the bars...

And this is what we call the "Feed the Brian" moment where we force fed our Agency Peep, Brian with the bars... with some *neck choking* action (you can't tell through all the sweet smiles huh) just prior to when this picture was taken.. CHEW! Dammnit! CHEW!! Feed the Brian!! Eat it! Hee! Hee! *pat pat*

And a group shot before we go back into some more serious photoshoot work... Say SOYJOY!

Added: As we go along with the flow of how the challenge is turning out, I feel that it would be most fair if I too, have an incentive for my dear readers. :)

However, this gift is available, EVEN IF I don't win to show my appreciation for the effort that you put in support of me.

I have a very special gift holiday getaway for 2 for the person has left me the most comments, placed my blogger badge on their website/blog *and notified me about it* and have done their darnest to vote for me on a daily basis on the http://www.gi-joy.com/ website.

So leave me some messages, I would love to read them and also so I can start noting down a potential winner. Thank you everyone! :)


ANdyStorm said...

I didn't realise i can play with the bar!

Aka Pamela S. said...

Yeah! And u can throw the bigger bars on the website around too!