Sunday, May 03, 2009

ZumFit Class Schedules (May-August 09)

With reference to Class Details HERE. We have the Cycle 1 ZumFit Schedule up for all Zumfitters who have already registered and for those who are interested to sign up with the first cycle of dates..

Classes would be a continous class even beyond these dates which will be updated to all as we go along, however use these dates for your planning purposes so that you can block out the necessary evenings for your workout!

Do note that you will need to opt to attend ONCE a week or opt to attend TWICE a week. Those attending have the flexibility to "miss" up to a maximum of 3 classes and replace it with another class of the same day later the subsequent weeks together.

For example:

Students on Friday Only Class - Misses a Class - can take another Friday replacement class (according to ongoing schedule)

Students on Monday Only Class - Misses a Class - can take another Monday replacement class (according to ongoing schedule)

Students on Twice a Week Class - Misses a Class - Max. up to 3 replacement Monday / Friday classes (according to ongoing schedule)

I would appreciate however, if you know that you would be missing a class, to let me know once you're aware of this, so that we won't need to wait and the class can proceed without delay.


Monday 815pm - 915pm Classes:
18th May - 25th May - 1st June - 8th June - 15th June - 22nd June - 29th June - 6th July - 13th July - 20th July - 27th July - 3rd August

Friday 715pm - 815pm Classes:
29th May - 5th June - 19th June - 26th June - 3rd July - 10th July - 17th July - 24th July - 31st July - 7th August - 14th August - 21st August


(I will be away from the 10th to the 14th of June - will only hold a Monday Class this week.)

Everyone Kindly Note Please! If you're interested, EMAIL ME at for a registration form or if you have any further questions.

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