Monday, May 11, 2009

Shooting Star - Happy Slip

I have been following Christine aka Happy Slip for some time now. She's absolutely hilarious and I find it EVEN MORE hilarious because she depicts the little idiosyncracies of what being a filipino or part filipino is that can be totally hilarious.

From the accent, to the characters which I can definitely relate to as being part of my family, with the different topics and issues that she covers.. absolutely top notch and hits the spot exactly! I can never stop sniggering... its just how it is! If you haven't watched her before, go check it out! Very entertaining!

One of many things that everyone knows what filipinos are good for is their.. SINGING and DANCING.. and I've always wondered.. Is it only because I'm half Spanish Filipina that I've gotten only half the talent combo? I can dance but I can't sing? *cough* Very calculative arh!* :( But, I'm thankful for what I'm blessed with. Thank you Lord.

Anyway, Christine composed a song here for a friend who passed on and I think its fantastic and absolutely heartfelt and she has a pretty awesome voice too.. So check it out.. Enjoy!~

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